For some time, i am really amaze on what darkness can do. Though often regarded as the bad side by society, still there are fascinating things that it can provide. There are also some good things it can bring though very little. i was very curious as to what is in store for me in it so i delve in and try to discover it myself. Without any proper knowledge and preparation i walk deeper and deeper. Who would have thought that there will be many things i will encounter and learn as i progress but little did i know that there are things lurking in it that wants me to stay. Ignoring such presence, i continue and learn as much as i could until suddenly it became stiffer. Little by little i notice i became engulf of something.

I crave for knowledge but in return i became corrupted. Knowledge became a poison that i can't stop drinking. I didn't see anything wrong until one day, i hurt someone. I try everything i learned from the darkness but instead of mending it, all it do is hurt them more and all i can do is stare at them and agonize on how invaluable my knowledge had become. I became desperate as time goes by and i don't know what to do next so i decided to go in exclusion from anyone. Days and days goes by my exclusion, and i became more and more strong in mind to take control of myself from the darkness.

Little by little i retrieve myself and contain the darkness inside me. Continuing my exclusion to properly control it. Tap in it when necessary and not depend on it. I develop a technique to do so but still insufficient enough to quench my thirst on it's knowledge. Days gone, year, centuries still i'm dealing with it and still fighting unto this day and i don't know when this thirst will be quenched or how can i suppress it properly so that i can go to the world and impart a warning to never tap to that darkness and maybe they can prevent themselves from becoming like me and never unleash something that would hurt somebody close to them.

i dare you not to, i beg of you. due to my own misjudgment that i end up like this, i hope you don't make the same mistake....