I have closed the door on my past and opened a new one to step through and move forward into the future. I have renewed hope in my heart, a spring in my step and I will make the next chapter of my life one to remember!
Who you are now is hopefully not who you used to be. To make our lives great we have to be willing to let go of the voices inside ourselves that tell us to doubt where we can and should go because of who we used to be.

Instead of looking backwards in life, and shunning yourself for all of the mistakes you used to make, look forward, remembering your mistakes only to learn from them not to dwell in shame because of them.

Life on this earth is limited and tomorrow has never been promised to any man. Make the most of each day by becoming better than you were yesterday, and by climbing new heights whenever possible. Make a vow to take life on from now until the day you die!