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    Default question about hybrid earphones

    nauso na ata etong klaseng earphones? has anyone used it?
    i need some input about it. which would you recomend?
    i'm looking for both games ang music(bass?)

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    Default Re: question about hybrid earphones

    ngayon lang kasi nagsilabasan yung mga in-ear monitors na gamit ang balanced armature na mura. hybrid means 2 different drivers ang gamit, 1 dynamic driver for better bass response, at 1 or more balanced armature for mids and highs.

    mostly mga in-ear monitors are neutral or balance ang sound. walang enhance bass or mids or high. ginagamit sya for accuracy ng tunog. mostly sa stage, recording or pang mix kasi nga netural sound sya.

    kung bass ang habol mo, i would never recommend using an iem kasi kahit hybrid sya (with 1 dynamic driver to produce bass), hindi sya enchanced

    kung ang habol mo nman is neutral or flat sound. go for iem

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