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Thread: fantasy

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    Anywhere... that consists of you and me..
    Would be my sweetest fantasy..
    I want our hands to hold and intertwine..
    I wanna lay with you and hug you from behind..
    I'll let you touch me, to places that will make me shiver..
    And i'll kiss you on your lips and anywhere that will trigger..
    The heat, the thrill..
    The excitement that we feel..
    I'll kiss your neck, down to your shoulders, down to your breasts...
    We'll light the fire, and we'll make a mess..
    I'll nibble your nipples, i'll lick them too...
    Nobody could distract me, all i'll do is you..
    I'll caress your thighs, then i'll make them apart..
    Love is an open door, and caressing will start..
    I'll kiss you down to your stomach and straight to your navel...
    Preparing to eat you down there, and i don't even need a table..
    We'll do bad things, but it will feel good..
    This time i will break the rule of not playing with my food..
    Cos i'm gonna play you like a clock, i'll go around...
    Like you're a treasure waiting to be found..
    I'll let you stand, like you're a queen that needed to be saved..
    I'll kneel down, and let me serve you right like i'm your slave..
    I'll let you be at the top, i don't mind being at the bottom..
    We'll try to make babies, without having a dick or a scrotum..
    We'll go slow, we'll go fast, I'm gonna make your body arch..
    I'll dive into your ocean, like i'm a hungry shark..
    You'll scream, you'll moan, but i'll show no compassion..
    I'll stay between your thighs, until you reach orgasm..

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    Default Re: fantasy

    Whahaha angas neto ts

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