Transcend has been heavily invested in its dashcam and bodycam products, and weíve seen the company contribute to the local police force before. And since weíre on that subject, Transcend lent us the DrivePro Body 60 for review, so why not do that?


Transcendís packaging is typically the same across the board, and for the DrivePro Body 60, itís no different. It still follows the companyís usual compact box design printed with the necessary info perusing customers would need.

Inside the box, thereís the DrivePro Body 60 itself, a wall charger, a holster, and a 3.5mm plug to USB type A for data.


Weíve encountered some of Transcendís DrivePro Body cameras before, and the DrivePro Body 60ís design is not much different from those. It basically features the same fame factor, button placements and design, but this time it has a different camera attachment. The DrivePro Body 60 looks to be designed for public safety professionals because of the camera attachment mount.

As far as build quality is concerned, the DrivePro Body 60 looks and feels rugged. Itís designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions with its IP67 rating for protection against dust and water.


The DrivePro Body 60 is equipped with a Sony Exmorô sensor. Transcend says itís capable of capturing high-resolution images even in low light, and weíll put that one to the test

Photo Sample

A few things to note, however. the DrivePro Body 60 features a camera that would need mounting in order for it to work as you want it to. It can rotate 360į from the mount, but it can only tilt so much. You'll also be heavily relying on the app, which is connected via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi if you want to take full advantage of the device. There's also 64GB of internal storage, and each 3-minute 1080p video will generally use about 166MB of space.


Transcend has been establishing its foothold in the body cam and dashcam market that weíve seen plenty of its offerings in this segment. And with the DrivePro Body 60, itís another welcomed product for those in the public safety department. Its ease of use and durability definitely bring plenty to the table. Now, when it comes to value for money, we canít really say as we canít find it readily available in the market. This might only be available for deployment for those in the public safety department, but if you happen to encounter one by chance and are looking for a bodycam, it may be worth your time, if the price is right of course.