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    Upset Help! Format my laptop to Win10

    Pahelp naman po jan sa mga IT expert plss... ayaw po kasing mainstall yung OS sa drive ko.. "Windows detected that the EFI system partition was formated as NTFS. Format the EFI system partition as FAT32 and restart the installation" ..ganyan po sir ung error
    Yan po image. sa baba

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    Please help...
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    Default Re: Help! Format my laptop to Win10

    paps. format mo yung flash drive mo to FAT format. then gawa ka usb bootable na naka UEFI or EFI

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    Default Re: Help! Format my laptop to Win10

    Curios lang ako TS, are you trying to install the OS on a 31.2GB of disk space? Anyways, EFI is a special partition kung saan your boot files will go. It only works if the partition is in FAT32.

    If you're trying to create the partitions manually on your drive kung saan mo iinstall si Windows - don't! Let the installer create the partitions automatically. That way all partitions will be formatted accordingly that includes the EFI partition formatted as FAT32 and the system partition as NTFS. If you create the partitions manually, most likely all partitions, including the EFI partition will be formatted as NTFS. This is again for the hard drive where you're installing Windoze.

    Sa installation media mo naman, I would suggest you use Rufus. That way UEFI / EFI files in your installation media would always be in the right place. Goodluck. Cheers!

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