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    Default E-book Readers and Converters

    REPLIGO (.rgo)

    RepliGo represents a breakthrough in document conversion technology and mobility. In a matter of seconds, virtually any document you have on your desktop PC can be converted to your phone while maintaining the document’s original look and feel. RepliGo also provides a reflowed text view for easy reading.

    This includes Microsoft® Office documents, Adobe® PDF files, Web pages and hundreds of other formats. Once on your phone, documents can easily be viewed and shared with others using the supplied RepliGo Viewer. You can transfer the document using Bluetooth, infrared or email.

    You no longer need multiple programs installed on your phone to view different types of documents. RepliGo is one application that handles any document that can be printed and is specially tuned and integrated into the conversion of Microsoft® Office documents and web pages viewed in Internet Explorer 5.5 or greater. Special conversion technology has also been developed specifically for PDF documents.

    Click the link to download RepliGo

    For Windows PC:
    Install the TRIAL version and register with this serial number:

    Documents you want to convert must be in Word or Excel or PDF formats. These are the recommended formats for easier conversion to the Repligo format. If you want to do some editing in the document, make sure you do it before converting to Repligo. Once the document is converted, you cannot do any editing on it anymore.

    For Phones:
    Choose the phone model you're using in the above link;
    Download the .sis file to your PC;
    Transfer to phone thru bluetooth or cable (PC suite) or infrared or card reader;
    Open the .sis file for installation (just keep clicking yes);
    Then you're ready to use repligo!

    Books uploaded in this site are mostly .rgo format, which are readable thru repligo software/application;
    Thus if you want to read the ebooks thru your phone,
    just transfer the ebooks to your phone (again, either thru bluetooth, cable, infrared or card reader);
    then use file manager (ie. fexplorer) to transfer the ebooks from inbox to E:\Documents.



    ABC Amber LIT Converter is an advanced utility which converts your LIT (Microsoft Reader) files to any format you wish (PDF, HTML, CHM, RTF, HLP, DOC, and many more) easily and quickly.
    The software supports a batch conversion, a run from command line, more than 50 languages. Batch conversion ability allows you to convert a unlimited number of LIT files at a time.

    Download Amber Lit Now!!!
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    Default ReadM ebook reader

    ReadM is a reader for electronic books, which supports a variety of popular text and audio formats, including Aportis DOC, TCR, and MP3. Plain text files inside GZIP (not ZIP) archives are also supported. You can download books via infrared, Bluetooth, or Internet connection.

    The books you download could also be shared with other mobile devices and beamed through infrared or Bluetooth, or send with e-mail or MMS. ReadM can be used as an embedded viewer for compatible formats in e-mail attachments, MMS, or WAP pages. You can also playback any MP3 music files with ReadM (MPEG Audio Layer 3 versions 1, 2 and 2.5 are supported.)

    ReadM major features:

    bookmarks, highlights, annotations, and text corrections

    portrait and landscape text orientation

    text autoscrolling

    language support including hyphenation

    backlight timeout control for text view

    global and per book settings.


    here is an ebook titled the picture of dorian gray
    files that you create in notepad, is readable in this reader also

    alternative icon for readm

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    Default Re: E-book Readers and Converters

    MobiPocket Mobi Reader 5.2 Build 550

    Welcome to the most user friendly, versatile, and customizable eBook Reader. Whatever your mobile device, there is a Mobi Reader for it : PalmOs, Windows Mobile, Symbian (Series 60, Series 80, 90, UIQ) and even Blackberry. And if you have a Symbian smartphone, there is a good chance that Mobipocket Reader is already preinstalled!
    One Reader, ANY Device : Freedom of Choice

    Whatever the choice of your hardware is, you will always find a Mobi Reader for it. Whatever its size or type : your old 90's Palm, the latest and coolest Symbian smartphone, your ultra thin laptop, your old desktop PC and even your Blackberry handhled. And with its generous DRM rights, you won't have to make a choice : you can read your eBooks on up to 4 devices at the same time. For example : your Desktop PC (great for dictionary lookup and annotations), your laptop for your flight travel, your wife's stylish new Palm (for romance eBooks) and your latest Smartphone (for a Star Trek novel)!

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    Default Re: E-book Readers and Converters

    Readers for various book formats.

    .PDF files

    Foxit Reader
    .DJVU files *this is an IE plugin

    DjVu for Mac. These are plug-ins for Safari.
    *stand-alone reader

    .LIT files

    .PDB files

    .PRC files

    CBR and CBZ files
    .PS (PostScript Documents)

    Use GSview to view documents of this type. GSview is a graphical interface for Ghostscript. Ghostscript is an interpreter for the PostScript page description language used by laser printers. For documents following the Adobe PostScript Document Structuring Conventions, GSview allows selected pages to be viewed or printed. GSview requires Ghostscript. GSview is available for Windows, OS/2 and Linux.

    Home/Download Page:
    .ZNO Format Reader:

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    Default Re: E-book Readers and Converters

    Just a bit of info regarding CBR and CBZ files, and CDisplay, for those unfamiliar to them.

    CBR is actually a RAR file containing images that have a filename structure that makes them viewable in the right order.
    CBZ is the same principle except they are ZIP files.

    These filetypes are generally Comix and CDisplay is generally known as a Comic Reader.

    Arming yourself with this you can actually make your own readable book. For example, have you ever downloaded a RAR with what you thought would have a PDF etc in it only to find it is a massive amount of JPGs or PNGs. Well, if you renamed the RAR to CBR it would then be readable in CDisplay.

    Or another way is if you download a CBR or CBZ and would prefer to view it as a slideshow or whatever, say with a program like IrfanView, then you can send the CBR or CBZ to WinRAR and extract the images to a folder (some actually have a folder structure in them already) and then set about setting up your SlideShow. You could even use IrfanView to save the SlideShow as a stand-alone EXE (very portable) or even as a ScreenSaver if you wished.

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    Default Re: E-book Readers and Converters

    sir di ko po ma download yung repligo... may error po.. ano pa po ba ang puedeng ROR reader sa S60?

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    Default Re: E-book Readers and Converters

    ROR? Tama ba spelling anong format ba yon?
    Anyway, gumagana naman yung repligo download links sa 'ken. And be specific, daming links dun eh, alin ba hindi gumagana sayo?

    Nway, yung 154Kb i-download at i-install mo kung para sa S60.

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    Default Re: E-book Readers and Converters

    Sir LANCE Rgo pala.. nag mix sa akin ang RAR at RGO.. hehe.. um, gumana na po yung link.. kasi yung error kanina sa site is parang may error=60 ba yun.. parang ganun...

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    Smile Re: E-book Readers and Converters

    ano pong reader ang pde sa symbian 40 na phone gya ng nokia 6233? tnx po

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    Question Re: E-book Readers and Converters

    Just want to ask po, meron ba dito from other format like .rar file pwede i-convert to lit microsoft reader kasi nasa pocket pc .lit file kailangan. I can save more books sa PPC kasi pag ganun konti lang pag nakahtml format o doc format...not sure kasi if meron na mention above.... thanks.

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