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    Read User Reputation System

    User Reputation in its simplest form is a ranking of user's benefit to Mobilarian. Its basis comes from the opinions of all of the forum users that are able to take part in it.

    Users gain and lose reputation based on how their posts are scored by other forum participants. Users with the ability to affect reputation, will either give or take away points by approving or disapproving with a post's content.

    User reputation can be a derisive element of the Forum so only the Usergroup Members Mobilarian Staff has the ability to affect others' reputation.

    Here at Mobilarian, we use it as a basis for promoting our users to Contributors.

    Go to UserCP if you wish to view your reputations (if there's any). You'll see all the reputations you've received or given by clicking the View Archive link.

    You may discuss or post your reply here...

    18 June 2008 update:
    Elite Members group is out, Contributors group is in.
    Reputation Archive is removed.

    12 April 2009 update:
    Due to rampant reputation fraud, usergroup members can no longer use the reputation system.
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    Default Re: User Reputation System

    We are now in the process of verifying reputations given. We are removing the reputations which we think are not legit. What are legit reputations? Those reputations given to posts which are useful to most of our users or posts intended for everyone. What are the not legit reputations? Those reputations given to posts which are only useful to the giver or serves only as a thanks. These include but not limited to greetings from a birthday, usergroup promotion, praises, or a simple comment or reply to a post, etc.

    Some of you may experience a drop in reputation level. It may also affect your Elite Member status. If you were demoted from Elite Member, that means that some of the reputations you received were not legit.

    From now on we will not tolerate those illegitimate reputations, if someone continues to give non-legit reputations will receive warning, infraction pts or usergroup demotion. If a post is for you alone and may not be useful or relevant to others, use the thanks system to show your appreciation instead.

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    Exclamation Re: User Reputation System

    We have noticed the alarming increase in the number of non-legit reputations that are being given lately. We believe that there has been a misuse of the reputation power among our members. For now, we are again in the process of verifying those reputations. We will be removing those non-legit reps so please be aware if ever there will be some deductions from your reputation's total points. Demotion from the Contributors User Group is also possible if your reputation level drops below the minimum number of required points.

    Kindly read the above posts for more information. It is our hope that this Forum could and must use the reputation system responsibly and in the manner in which it is intended.
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