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    Read User Infraction System

    User Infraction system

    The User Infraction system is designed to automate the management of misbehaving users.
    Here are some infraction levels that we have right now (may vary in the future)...

    Title                                     Points         Expires
    Repeated Flooding, Multi-posting, or Spamming                1            1 Month
    Repeated Avatar/Signature/Profile Picture Rule Violation    1            1 Month
    Advertisement, Promotion, or Linking to a Site                 1            1 Month
         Similar to Mobilarian
    Insults or Inappropriate Language/Behavior                      2            1 Month
    Posting Child Porn, Bestiality, or Malicious Softwares           2            1 Month
    Each infraction level has an expiration period. When the infraction expires, the associated points are removed from the user's point total and the user's infraction groups are recalculated. If user is knowingly and deliberately violates our Forum Guidelines the Moderator may extend the infraction point to up to 4 points and expiration period to up to 12 months.

    Infraction levels can also be allowed to be given as warnings. A warning does not add any infraction point to the user's point total. Warnings serve as a method to remind user's of our forum's rules and encourage them to be followed without awarding infraction points. Giving whether an infraction or a warning solely depends on Moderator's discretion. Usually warnings are for new members or lighter offense and infractions are for old members or heavier offense.

    Accumulating 5 infraction points automatically suspends a user's account.


    You may post your comments here...
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    Default Re: [FYI] User Infraction System

    A Mobilarian Moderator may reverse or reissue the infraction at any given time as he or she sees fit. Warning or infraction given to user is unappealable. Only infraction that causes the user's account to be inactive or permanently banned can be appealed. Register a new account and make the appeal.

    From now on all posts that we create in relation to infraction that we received will be deleted and all existing threads will be closed.

    There's always a reason specified on the infraction PM that we receive. If the reason is not clear to us, we can post at RE: Forum Guidelines thread and ask for clarification there. Like for example, we can inquire there about the meaning of Flooding or Multi-posting or Off-topic or Spamming or Phishing Site or Flaming or Trolling or whatever reason we received.

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