There are several applications out there that use GIF and PNG images that upon installation will be displayed in your image gallery. Examples are Tom Tom, older versions of Papyrus, and also QuickContacts.

Hiding these images is extremely simple and can be done with Y-Browser. Just make note of the image names that you want to hide from your gallery.

First open Y-browser and select [options] -> [search files]. Now in the “Filename” field, input a picture title followed by “.*” as pictured below (since you don’t know what format the picture is). Then select [Options] -> [Start search]. You do not need to do this if you know the directory where the images are stored of course.

Once you have found your file in the list of search results, highlight it and select [Options] -> [File] -> [Attributes].

Now you can repeat this process for all of the images you want to be hidden. When you are finished, just exit Y-Browser and restart your phone. It’s that easy!

The applications using these images will still be able to access them as normal but you’ll no longer have these images cluttering up your gallery.