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Thread: Formula = Love

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    there should be a pythagorean theorem in your heart,
    whenever you feel in love just multiply it the
    quadratic equation and you will find the value of x,
    just always raise your emotion to the exponent of positive y,
    don't ever forget to equate what you had passed,
    when misunderstanding approaches you,
    try to multiply it with megative 1
    and the answer will be happiness,
    the polynomial of love will not become monomial anymore if you will evaluate your solution,
    never square what you have done wrong,
    extract the root of your anger
    and double the product of the first and the last term,
    the arithmetic progression should always be placed to both of you so that you will comprehend the law of exponent,
    the percentile will enable you to study
    the law of variation of feelings,
    and never forget to simplify your answer
    towards each other...

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    kahit di ako masyado magaling sa math...at least ito nasundan ko...

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    talagang nakakahilo yung math nyan

    pero nice poem ha

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    hahaha.. Pytha pa ha.. Anu yan Socahtoa= Love! hehehe

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    thanks po sa lahat ng nagreply...

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    ako dun ah... anyway equallity lang po ang formula ng love

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