This is it.
He was hit.
Busted lip.
Broken hip.
Cracked bones.
Lights shone.
Twisted neck.
He lost the bet.
Loud shrieks.
He reached his peak.
In a flood.
Of his own blood.
Miles and miles.
Of pure white clouds.
A silent bird.
A voice is heard.
The only pea in the pod.
The voice was God.
A gentle hush.
The softest touch.
A double glance.
A second chance.
Opened eyes.
Paper flys.
Room is white.
Blank to sight.
Walks in a nurse.
With matching purse.
Sits in chair.
Stops and stares.
She walks near.
And a single tear.
Escapes her eyes.
Impossible to say its final goodbyes.
Holding hands.
Wedding bands.
The love was there.
For them to share.