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Thread: i've learned

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    Default i've learned

    Ive learned dat u cannot make some1
    love u. All u can do is be some1
    who can be love, the rest is up 2
    them. Ive learned dat no mattr how
    much i care, some people just dont
    care back. Ive learned dat it takes
    years 2 build up trust and only
    seconds 2 destroy it. Ive learned dat
    not what u have in ur life but who u
    have in ur life dat counts.
    Ive learned dat u shouldnt compare
    urself 2 the best others can
    do, but 2 the best u can do. Ive
    learned dat its not what happens 2
    people, its what they do about it. Ive
    learned dat u should always leave
    loved once with loving words, it may
    be the last time you'll see them. Ive
    learned dat u can keep going aftr u
    think u cant.
    Ive learned dat heroes r the people
    who do what has 2 be done when
    it needs 2 be done regardless of the
    consequences. Ive learned dat
    there r people who love u dearly but
    just dont know how 2 show it. Ive
    learned dat true fiendship continuous
    2 grow even more over the longest
    distance, same goes for true love. Ive
    learned dat just bcoz some1 doesnt
    love u the way u want them 2 doesnt
    mean they dont love u with all they
    Ive learned how good a friend is,
    they're going 2 hurt u every
    once in a while, and u must forgive
    them for dat. Ive learned dat isnt
    enough 2 be forgiven by others,
    sometyms u have 2 learn 2 forgive
    urself.Ive learned dat no matter how bad ur
    heart is broken, the world doesnt
    stop for ur grief. Ive learned dat our
    background and circumstances may
    have influenced who we are, but we r
    responsible for who we become.
    Ive learned dat u have 2 put the
    individual ahead of their
    actions. Ive learned dat two people
    can look at exact same thing and see
    something totally different. Ive
    learned dat no matter the consequences,
    tho se who r honest with themselves get
    farther in life. Ive learned dat ur
    life can be changed in a matter of
    hours by people who dont even know
    u. Ive learned dat even when u think u
    have no more 2 give, when a
    friend cries out 2 u, u will find the
    strength 2 help.
    Ive learned dat writing as well as
    talking can ease emotional
    pains. Ive learned dat the people u
    care most about in life r taken from u
    too soon. Ive learned dat its hard 2
    determine where 2 draw the line
    between being nice and not hurting
    people's feelings and standing up for
    what u believe. Ive learned to love
    and be loved. Ive learned.......

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    Default Re: i've learned

    not bad...hehehe

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