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    Lol My Pathetic Love Song To Mr. C


    Just to be near, just to be near
    And see and hear you by my side
    And see your eyes and hear your voice
    Speak about this world
    And hear the truth and hear the lies
    And understand
    But not so near; for if I put
    Myself into your dreams,
    You have to turn away.

    Just to be close, just to be close
    And feel your breathe across my face
    And feel the warmth and hear your heart
    Beats a core-deep song
    And feel the care and feel the pain
    And understand
    But not so close; for when she comes
    And takes you by her arms,
    I have to turn away.

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    Default Re: My Pathetic Love Song To Mr. C

    uu nga pathetic ka nga

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