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    Default Christmas Poems Collections here..

    'c0z we are near this coming *Christmas*..i would like to share some Christmas poems here..para agad natin ma feel ang pagsapit ng pasko.. and those who like to share some Christmas poems..merged nlng natin dito guyz.. para enjoy.. so here it comes..

    The Real Meaning of Christmas
    A Christmas Poem by Joseph P. Martino

    Two thousand years ago the King of Kings was born.
    'The Lamb of God' later made to feel the thorn,
    If his words are accepted and not scorned,
    They will make us all reborn.

    Though God's grace, Joseph and Mary presented
    A gift to the world that day, which we can all repay,
    by living the ten commandments each and every day.

    Try to remember and keep in your heart and mind
    Jesus's gospel while here on Earth,
    Redemption not a life lived in constant mirth.
    Peace on Earth, good will toward man
    Everyone should try it, whenever they can.

    The Lord gave us the option and choice of 'free will,'
    Now it's up to us to fit the bill.

    So when you’re Christmas shopping for family and friends,
    and money is tight at both ends,
    Remember that the greatest gift of all,
    Is your love of Jesus in the manger stall.

    'Twas The Night Before Christmas
    A Christmas Poem by Pastor Jim Kamerer

    'Twas the night before Christmas and as I looked round my tent,
    I couldn't believe all the money I'd spent
    For trains and dolls, for trinkets and toys
    Some for the girls and some for the boys.
    I looked round once more to be sure things were right;
    The kids were all in bed for the night.
    I set up the track for the train I bought Ted,
    The train went round twice and the battery went dead.
    I put on my cap, my gloves, and my coat;
    I went to Ames and over to Zayre.
    You guess it my friend, no batteries there!
    As I left the store a thought came to me,
    I had one in the remote of the color TV.
    Well, I placed that remote in my wife's favorite chair
    I was ready for Christmas with hours to spare.
    When out came my wife and punched that remote
    And then said to me, "The TV's broke!"
    So on with the coat, the gloves, and the cap
    Out in the cold about ready to snap.
    I went to K-Mart and stood in that line
    From 8:35 'til a quarter past nine.
    As I came to the checkout, my heart leaped with glee --
    There was that one lonesome battery just waiting for me.
    When from my behind I seen this hand slip
    And grab that battery with a real tight grip.
    I wheeled around and what did I see?
    This giant of a man glaring down at me.
    Well, I remembered an ad I had seen on TV
    Buy a Big Mac, get your batteries free.
    So, I bought me a burger I didn't want...
    They were out of batteries, so on with hunt.
    I finally found one at Servi-Star,
    Paid for my purchase and made for my car.
    When I entered the door of my humble shack,
    My wife said, "What's this battery for I found in a sack?"
    I was out there in the press, the push, and the greed
    To buy me a battery I didn't even need.
    At last I relaxed in my easy chair,
    When this still small voice came out of somewhere.
    "You're ready for Christmas with toys, tinsel, and tree
    You've got it all together, but what about me?"
    I fell on my knees and cried, "God, what have I done?"
    I got caught up in the madness and neglected your Son.
    The best gift of all you've given for free
    Your Son, Jesus Christ, for sinners like me.
    You sent Him to suffer the shame and the loss,
    To shed his life's blood for me on the cross.
    Well friend, I'll never forget ere I rest 'neath the sod,
    The the greatest of gifts if given by God.

    The Christmas Thing
    A Christmas Poem by Jane Merchant

    My grandmother sat
    On Christmas morning
    Mending overalls.
    A tall tree glittered,
    A hen was roasting,
    And the room was merry
    With dolls and balls,
    So why was she mending
    The air is magic
    On Christmas morning
    And it isn't a time
    For doing chores.
    We had given her
    A brooch that glittered
    After anxious searchings
    Of ten cent stores
    So why was she working
    At everyday chores?
    I didn't know then
    But I learned much later
    That Christmas magic
    Goes through and through
    The fabric of living
    Love, threading her needle,
    Made mending
    The Christmas-thing to do.

    Baby's First Christmas
    A Christmas Poem by Alice E. Chase

    You have to hold him up to see
    The angel on the Christmas tree.
    And even though he's still too small
    To know the meaning of it all
    You watch his eyes reflect the glow
    Of colored lights that come and go
    And feel him quiver with delight
    At every new and wondrous sight.
    There's Santa with his jolly face
    Beaming from the fireplace.
    And from the stocking hanging there
    Peeks a cuddly teddy bear.
    Bright ornaments and candy canes --
    Musical toy and wooden trains --
    There's just no end to the delights
    Spread out for him this night of nights!
    He points and grins from ear to ear
    And then he yawns - his bedtime's near!
    Dad gives him a kiss and you tuck him away
    To rest up for the fun of his first Christmas Day!
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    Default Re: Christmas Poems Collections here..

    Christmas Trees
    A Christmas Poem by James M. Bilbrey

    Sweet spring showers bring a fragrant bouquet
    A soft wind blows and meadowlarks play
    The pine covered hillside wild creatures reside
    A season of growth as you reach for the sky.

    Through long summer days you sit parched and brown
    Your needles fall softly and cover the ground
    The struggle so mighty the rewards seem so few
    But from such despair a strong pine tree grew.

    Now the days they grow short thereís a chill in the air
    Changes are coming a fate we all share
    The birds now seek cover in your boughs lush and green
    Autumn winds are upon you itís now time to dream.

    You wear a white mantle as snow covers the ground
    The song of the saw and soon you fall down
    Was the struggle in vain for a seedling to grow
    Youíll soon bask in splendor your purpose to know.

    To be lifted once more in a glorious light
    The spirit of Christmas you embody tonight
    Decked out in splendor your time has now come
    To herald the birth of Godís loving son.

    Cherish His Christmas
    Roger J. Robicheau

    Christmas brings such a time of love
    Each tender heart holds so much of

    Unselfishness thrives, trust is strong
    The purpose to give, send love along

    A time of pleasantries, patience too
    Good wishes to all, all feelings true

    Thankfulness follows each fine deed
    Gifts from our God, never from greed

    Great the rewards that joy does bring
    Like the beauty in hearing angels sing

    We pray for our loved, each so dear
    Especially those who canít be near

    Many leave home to bravely serve
    All freedoms we have, they preserve

    Do pray for our troops, as we should
    And their families too, if you would

    Give thanks to our Lord, His only Son
    And cherish His Christmas, everyone.

    Christmas Past
    A Christmas Poem by Carice Williams

    Each Christmas I remember
    The ones of long ago;
    I see our mantelpiece adorned
    With stockings in a row.

    Each Christmas finds me dreaming
    Of days that used to be,
    When we hid presents here and there,
    For all the family.

    Each Christmas I remember
    The fragrance in the air,
    Of roasting turkey and mince pies
    And cookies everywhere.

    Each Christmas finds me longing
    For Christmases now past,
    And I am back in childhood
    As long as memories last.

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    Default Re: Christmas Poems Collections here..

    Christmas Long Ago
    A Christmas Poem by Jo Geis

    Frosty days and ice-still nights,
    Fir trees trimmed with tiny lights,
    Sound of sleigh bells in the snow,
    That was Christmas long ago.

    Tykes on sleds and shouts of glee,
    Icy-window filigree,
    Sugarplums and candle glow,
    Part of Christmas long ago.

    Footsteps stealthy on the stair,
    Sweet-voiced carols in the air,
    Stocking hanging in a row,
    Tell of Christmas long ago.

    Starry nights so still and blue,
    Good friends calling out to you,
    Life, so fact, will always slow...
    For dreams of Christmas long ago.

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    Default Re: Christmas Poems Collections here..

    nice Merry x'mas na din sa lahat tol!

    Parang maagang pamasko to ni santa ha

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    Default Re: Christmas Poems Collections here..


    Over the desert,
    Led by the Star,
    Traveled three holy
    Kings from afar.

    Weary and long the
    Way was for them,
    Yet, with God's help, they
    Reached Bethlehem.

    There they found Jesus,
    Lovely God-Child,
    Mary and Joseph
    Saintly and kind.

    Here the three wise men
    Humbly adored
    Their heavenly King,
    Savior and Lord.

    Then their most precious
    Gifts they unfold:
    Myrrh and frankincense,
    Purest of gold.

    Offering all to
    Jesus, whose love
    Brought Him to earth from
    Heaven above.


    I know not how, dear Lady love,
    To offer you my praise,
    I cannot fashion as I wish
    The words that I world raise.
    You stand afar, celestial Queen,
    The stars are in your crown,
    They spangle at each gesture's path
    And dust upon your gown.
    Perhaps I might recall the night
    You knelt beside the crib,
    The night when doors and casements shut

    And left a mountain's rib,
    Alone, exposed, to hoard you close
    Beside the new-born Child
    And seek in Joseph's kindly eyes
    For something worldly-mild.
    To counteract such mundane chill
    I hereby set my heart,
    Dim mirror of an Infant's warmth,
    Its flaming but a part,
    A small, sad part of Endless Love
    That came on Christmas day
    To show a mother wonder-bright
    To guide us on our way.


    When near to her at Bethlehem
    I knelt at Christmastide,
    "There is no pillow for thy Son,
    No pillow, Lady, for thy Son,"
    I said to her, and sighed.

    But when I softly turned away
    Ant tiptoed from His bed,
    The Lady Mary smiled at me,
    The Lady Mary smiled to see
    (I'd tucked it in so carefully)
    My heart beneath His head.

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    Default Re: Christmas Poems Collections here..


    Here in the cloister they who seek discover
    A wandered fragment of the Christmas silence
    That hid itself from the disquieted earth:
    The silence of the Virgin bending over
    The little Uncreated Innocence
    Upon the bed of a most hidden birth,
    The silence that was Joseph's sacrament
    Through years that were a threshold to this hour
    And which was seed and stem to the white flower
    That blossomed on his rod,
    The speechlessness of the unlettered shepherds
    Who stood amazed before the Lamb of God.
    The angels sang at Christmas, but their music
    Was like a stillness to the inner ear,
    And soft as petals from a shaken bough.

    They who go walking in the Christmas silence
    Through any season of the changing year
    Come to a Man with peace upon his brow
    And see the Mother and the Infant near.
    This house, as once the Saint of Alcantara
    Said of Teresa's, is the little hospice
    Of Bethlehem.
    Cloister or cave- its solitudes shall be
    The dwelling of a human trinity
    And they who enter learn a wordless language
    And the Divine Untold addresses them.


    Lacking samite and sable,
    Lacking silver and gold,
    The Prince Jesus in the poor stable
    Slept, and was three hours old.

    As doves by the fair water,
    Mary, not touched of sin,
    Sat by Him,- the King's daughter,
    All glorious within.

    A lily without one stain, a
    Star where no spot hath room-
    Ave, gratia plena,
    Virgo Virginum.

    Clad not in pearl-sewn vesture,
    Clad not in cramoisie,
    She hath hushed, she hath cradled to rest, her
    God the first time on her knee.

    Where is one to adore Him?
    The ox hath dumbly confessed,
    With the ass, meek kneeling before Him,
    "Et homo factus est."

    Not throned on ivory or cedar,
    Not crowned with a Queen's crown,
    At her breast it is Mary shall feed her
    Maker, from Heaven come down.

    The trees in Paradise blossom
    Sudden, and its bells chime-
    She giveth Him, held to her bosom,
    Her immaculate milk the first time.

    The night with wings of angels
    Was alight, and its snow-packed ways
    Sweet made (say the Evangels)
    With the noise of their virelays.

    Quem vidistis, pastores?
    Why go ye feet unshod?
    Wot ye within yon door is
    Mary, the Mother of God?

    No smoke of spice ascending
    There-no roses are piled-
    But, choicer than all balms blending,
    There Mary hath kissed her Child.


    Let the door be open wide
    And no blind be down at all,
    For maybe she'd be walking
    With the child within her shawl;
    And how could we be bearing
    The weight of shame and sin,
    If she'd pass upon the roadway
    With no light to guide her in?

    Let the chair be readied now,
    And the fire kept burning bright;
    For sorely she'll be needing
    The rest and warmth this night.
    The rushes too be spreading
    Upon the earthen floor,
    To make it sweet and wholesome
    Her blessed feet before.

    Full oft I've heard the story
    How once this night were known
    To rest within a shieling
    Three strangers meek and lone;
    But dawn did yield no tidings
    Of man, or maid, or child:
    T'was Joseph's self was in it,
    And Christ, and Mary mild.

    So set the candles burning
    Upon each window high,
    And leave the door wide open
    To guide their footsteps nigh:
    Right warmly they'll be welcome
    To share our hearth-fire bright-
    For Mary's sake in heaven-
    Who walk the wilds this night.

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