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Thread: Ellen Adarna

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    Wave Ellen Adarna

    Who is Ellen Adarna?

    One of the more frequently searched terms in this site is Ellen Adarna. I have not heard of her, but through some quick googling, I learned she is some sort of "Myspace" queen here.


    Anyway, I got this from Thoughts in Binary :

    Ellen Meriam Go Adarna, who appeared in the July 2005 and June 2006 covers of Candy Mag, is a model, a chinita beauty sometimes resembling Maxene Magalona, and a self-made internet celebrity. Her online celebrity status started from her obsessive posting of self-portraits taken from camphones, sometimes even with a male partner in a bedroom setting. This led to numerous fake social networking accounts that used her photos, and an army of yet-to-reach-puberty perverts posting obsessive and disturbing messages all over the internet.

    She has her own blog, though it has not been updated since 2005.

    She is cute but she looks too...well...innocent. I do agree with the last phrase above though---the target-market seems geared to "yet-to-reach puberty" lads who are probably too young to shave. You be the judge. Her pics can be found here .










    Iíll leave you with links to get you more acquainted.

    A video in YouTube for CandyMag


    A proof of her second cover feature and a rare chance to hear her talk. A self-made video in Photobucket, her plea to disregard fake accounts.


    A 341 picture collection in a .zip file


    And, her official sites:
    which will lead you to
    and a no-longer-exists

    -credits to the original poster..

    (note: sa mga makaka-DL nung picture collection nya paki-upload nmn dito sa ibang hosting site..di kc ko maka-DL sa rapidshare eh..hehe..salamat!tsaka para my mirror link n din..)

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    Wave Re: Ellen Adarna

    here are other photos of her..

    ellen adarna.zip
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    Default Re: Ellen Adarna

    She won in Candymag cover contest then ayun na she's really beautiful that's why maraming posers na Ellen

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    Default Re: Ellen Adarna

    Quote Originally Posted by sweetie_rika View Post
    She won in Candymag cover contest then ayun na she's really beautiful that's why maraming posers na Ellen
    haha..oo nga eh..pero totoo kya n may scan dal sya?balita ko meron eh..tsaka ung ibang photos nya mejo censored..sayang ganda p nmn nya..

    teka tama b tong thread n napag-post-an ko? mejo my censored kc sa mga pix dun eh..

    hindi ba pang-adult dpt to?kc ang pag-kakatanda ko sa adult ko to pi-nost..bakit nndito?waaah..pki-move n lng po kung mali..cnsya n..hehe..
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    Default Re: Ellen Adarna

    yup totoo yata yun kasi super crush siya ng barkada kong girl (TAKE NOTE: girl yun as in girl sya kikay pa nga eh ) naturn-off na siya kay ellen kasi naging rebelde na nga daw. Hmmm.. I saw her bf in her multiply account. Wala lang nagulat lang ako ganda nya kasi parang hindi sila bagay. That was a year ago na.

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    Default Re: Ellen Adarna

    ayos! maganda sxa! I like her also.. marami tlagng mgagandang chika babes! whoooo.. thanks for the post..
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    Default Re: Ellen Adarna

    i love you, ellen adarna...

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    Default Re: Ellen Adarna

    meron sa az section ng mga scan dal pix nya together with her bf

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    Default Re: Ellen Adarna

    Kras ko din toh b0ssing. Hehe. Ganda eh.

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    Default Re: Ellen Adarna

    sana ako na lang mging BF mo..hahahaha

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