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    Default Quentin Tarantino Wears Barong at Golden Globe Awards

    producer, actor, writer and director Quentin Tarantino (From Dusk 'Till Dawn 1 2 & 3, Pulp Fiction, Desperado, Natural Born Killers, From Dusk Till Dawn, Little Nicky, Kill Bill 1&2, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation) wears the barong tagalog as he announced the nominees for the next Golden Globe Awards.

    though he was wearing it rather sloppy, it was kinda interesting to see.

    here's an article from Philippine Star today 12/15/07:
    Proud of his Barong Tagalog.

    Yes, and he really shows it!

    Funfare readers Gigi Arevalo of San Francisco, California, and Ellen Gumagay Harsh of Virginia, USA, said they were pleasantly surprised to see filmmaker Quentin Tarantino wearing a Barong Tagalog at Golden Globe nomination held Dec. 13 in Los Angeles.

    This bit of good news was confirmed by Funfare’s Big Apple correspondent Edmund Silvestre (News Editor of The Filipino Reporter). “Yes,” said Edmund in his report, “Tarantino did surprise many Filipinos across the US watching the Today show on NBC last Thursday morning when he helped announce the nominees for the 65th Golden Globe Awards wearing a Barong Tagalog.”

    Edmund quoted Mel Capinpin of the Philippine Center (on Fifth Avenue, Manhattan), “That must be the Barong Tagalog he wore when he visited Malacañang. He must really love the Philippines or he simply loves our Barong Tagalog.”
    Even the Philippine Consul General in New York, Cecille Rebong, and her deputy congen, Millie Sta. Maria-Thomeczeck, expressed amazement seeing the famous director on a podium wearing “our very own.”

    It must be recalled that Tarantino was here last year as special guest of the CineManila International Film Festival. He and CineMalaya organizer Tikoy Aguiluz were on their way to Malacañang for an awarding ceremony presided by Pres. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo when they got caught in a huge traffic jam at the foot of the Nagtahan Bridge, several meters from Malacañang, caused by heavy rains. Not wanting to miss the affair, Tarantino and Tikoy decided to get off their car and take a tricycle to Malacañang, arriving wet but with spirit undampened — yes, with Tarantino in his Barong Tagalog and jogging pants.

    At the Golden Globes event, Quentin announced the nominees in the drama category. Actors Ryan Reynolds and Hayden Panettiere announced the nominees and the other categories.

    Said Edmund, “Although many Filipinos here were both honored and amused by Quentin’s ‘tribute’ to the Filipinos a few months after he visited Manila to receive an award, one popular web critic, known as ‘Defamer Hollywood,’ expressed shock at Quentin’s ‘less-than-tidy appearance’.”
    Aw, shucks! Who would have imagined that our very own Barong would stir a little controversy in Hollywood!

    Edmund sent Funfare excerpts of what the “Defamer Hollywood” wrote:

    We’ve already received some comments expressing shock at Quentin Tarantino’s less-than-tidy appearance at this morning’s Golden Globes announcement ceremony, a distressing combination of uncombed hair and decidedly casual, girth-obscuring shirt that momentarily distracted us from the names of the fine films he showed up to celebrate.

    Was the unkempt Tarantino boldly demonstrating to Hollywood that he’ll participate in their second-tier orgy of self-congratulation, but only on his own terms? Or did he merely fall asleep in the Pussy Wagon waiting for the crack-of-dawn event to begin, awakening mere moments before he was to appear on camera, leaving him no time for some last-second grooming?

    To that, Edmund could only react with a “Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!”, adding, “In a way, it’s hard to blame the ‘defamer’ because Quentin indeed looked a bit disheveled as if he just got up from his hotel bed and rushed to the Los Angeles venue for the announcement of nominees.”
    But for many Filipinos here who got a glimpse of Quentin wearing the Barong at this major Hollywood function, he’s forgiven.

    “Medyo hindi niya nabigyan ng justice ang Barong Tagalog,” is how former Manila fashion designer Bobby Yalong (now an award winning painter in New York) puts it. “But Quentin is known more for his casual or even rugged looks. It’s not really his fault. Of course, iba ang dating ng Barong if it were Christopher de Leon or Piolo Pascual na iba ang tindig at Pinoy na Pinoy.”
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    Default Re: Quentin Tarantino Wears Barong at Golden Globe Awards

    ok ito cool!

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