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Thread: SE x10 themes

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    Thumbsup SE x10 themes

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    Read Re: SE x10 themes

    Tool for applying themes

    xRecovery by Mikevhl from here

    HOW to use?

    1. Download the update.zip file: UPDATE.ZIP

    2. Do not extract it, copy the update.zip file to the sdcard

    3. Reboot your device into Recovery Mode

    4. Go to install custom zip option

    5. Click, Yes - Install /sdcard/update.zip, wait a little

    6. Reboot your device and Enjoy

    UPDATE.ZIPs + screenshots [to follow]
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    Default Re: SE x10 themes

    SE x10 Mini Pro Themes

    pwede po bang mag inport ng mga ganto from other forums? share ko lng, bka may mga mag kainterest gmwa... =]

    Theme List

    Gingerbread Theme by Manny-


    DeanoSoft Green Android by deano309


    Gingerbread Nexus S Edition(2.3 icons) by shivenjuneja


    Black HTC Theme by draco_ag

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    Default Re: SE x10 themes

    try ko to

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    wow phiippines

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    Default Re: SE x10 themes


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