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    Thumbsup NO 3G iPhone? How about a 3G watch?

    If you’ve ever wanted to be overlord of all the geeks at your local D&D club, this thing will sure give you a fighting chance. IMOBILE has packed a 3G-capable GSM phone, audio / video player, Bluetooth capability, and a touchscreen into a wristwatch. That’s right, the little things most people use to tell time can now be used to make calls and make your neighbors snicker behind your back. No word on availability (I know you’re disappointed), but do click on to see all the photos from PhoneDaily’s report. Unless, like most people nowadays, you use your cell phone as a watch. Then, well, you won’t really have a need for this…

    The C1000 is a GSM telephone, a Digital Audio Player and more...it features a touchscreen, 60MB of built in memory, an audio/video player (MP4/MP3), BlueTooth and ... it's pretty nice looking!
    If you want to look like the king of the Geeks, you know what you have to do.

    Here's the site: (chinese or japanese ata)

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    Default Re: NO 3G iPhone? How about a 3G watch?

    Wow, this is interesting!

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    Default Re: NO 3G iPhone? How about a 3G watch?

    hanep tlga japan

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