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    Default [HELP] Conversations Tab Missing after flashing via A2uploader

    mga boss, nawala yung conversations tab ko sa messages nung finlash ko yung phone ko via A2uploader...

    Phone: J105i Naite
    present FW: J105_R1HA035_MAIN_GENERIC_LV_RED53, J105_R1HA035_FS_C-ASIA_RED53
    present Customization: R6A_J105_CDF_1227_8442__FS__Customized_ID

    ano kaya ang pwede kong gawin para maibalik ko yung conversations tab ko..? kapag kasi sa SEUS ko inupdate, branded FW yung binibigay nila.

    *****SOLVED. just used SEUS after editing CDA number and CDA Revision number.*****
    Last edited by nehpetsmp; 29th Dec 2010 at 17:05.

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