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    Default Re: Mechanical Engineering Thread

    I am currently a 2nd year Civil Engineering and Planning to change course next year to BS mechanical engineering, .. I want to ask whether Mechanical engineering has more job opportunities, travel opportunities, more salary?, and I want to know firsthand to the graduates of Mechanical Engineers what are the work/job can a mechanical Engineer do? after he graduates and has a license.

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    Default Re: Mechanical Engineering Thread

    For me, ME has a broad aspects as far as Engineering in concern. Sa industry indi mawawala mga ME's lalo na sa manufacturing firms o industries. Marami ding positions like sa designs, cadets, production, maintenance and even in managerial. Important is you have the guts as Mechanical Engineer. Lalo na pag Licensed or Registered Mechanical Engineer ka.

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    Default Re: Mechanical Engineering Thread

    What are the subjects in ME board exam? Yeah, I think have the guts, my friend in Civil Engineering told me that Mechanical Engineering is harder and more difficult, but I dont really care, I mean I'm Up to the challenge, its just that, I love Math and Physics, that's why I entered civil Engineering knowing that, it is the only engineering course that fully utilizes Math and Physics, but I'm Wrong, Mechanical Engineering Applies more Physics than CIvil engineering, is that right? and I thought the mechanical Engineer is only car mechanics, so without knowing mechanical Engineering, I entered BSCE, But by observing the higher years BSCE students, I found that what they are doing is a bit boring.. I mean they just sit in the chair and table and keeps on drawing... I want to create new things.. so what I am saying is Mechanical Engineering might be the right career to me..

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    Thumbsup Re: Mechanical Engineering Thread

    ,,mer0n 3 exams s board ng me..
    1. mathematics, engineering econ0mics and basic engineering sciences
    2. Machine design, materials and shop practice
    3. Industrial and power plant engineering.
    .. Hehe 5thyr m.e. Student p lang aq.. Astig maging m.e.

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    Default Re: Mechanical Engineering Thread

    If want challenging...better proceed ME.
    Good Luck in advance sa board exam.

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    Default Re: Mechanical Engineering Thread

    heres an advice mga kaibigan.... alamin nyo muna kung ano ang gusto nyo....kc kahit sabihin natin na marami opportunities ang ME or civil vice versa..kung hindi mo namn hilig at trip... pre cnasabi ko sau dika mageenjoy... dun po tayo lumugar kung anu ang gusto natin.. kc kung hilig at gusto natin... mag eexel po tau... yun ay opinyon ko lng ha....

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    Default Re: Mechanical Engineering Thread

    mechanical engineer din ako licensed since 2004.. good luck sa mga future mech. engrs

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    Default Re: Mechanical Engineering Thread

    Tama ka jan sir aliester... congrats sa mga bagong at future engineers natin

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    Default Re: Mechanical Engineering Thread

    mga tol dagdag reference oh... galing ebook section ni ma'am kerstinne25 .. na number 73


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    Default Re: Mechanical Engineering Thread

    taman-tama mai mga e-books...

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