Top 20 World Tallest Building

Top 20

1 Taipei 101
2 Petronas Tower 1
3 Petronas Tower 2
4 Sears Tower
5 Jin Mao Building
6 Two International Finance Center
7 Citic Plaza
8 Shun Hing Square
9 Empire State Building
10 Central Plaza
11 Bank of China Tower
12 Emirates Tower One
13 The Center
14 T & C Tower
15 Aon Centre
16 John Hancock Center
17 Burj al Arab Hotel
18 Chrysler Building
19 Bank of America Plaza
20 Telekom Malaysia

Since the dawn of history man has been trying to build the 'tallest building', 'tallest tower' or 'tallest structure' in the world. There seems to be much prestige in being home to the worlds tallest. So much in fact that this is a major issue on the political agenda of many countries. Many towers claim the title, and many cities quarrel about who is the winner.