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Thread: Chess Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nhataniel View Post
    ANyone na mkaka recommend ng okay na book for Chess opening?

    The more na mas makapal the better haha.
    Need ko lang ng mga popular-queenside-kingside-gambits-unorthodox openings

    para mas madali ako makapag adapt sa midgame and endgame.
    The more na mas swabe yung opening game natin, the more na mas magiging pabor satin yung end game. Like pawn advantage, piece advantage, positional advantage. etc.

    Hirap din kasi magsuggest kung hindi mo alam ang level ng player. May official elo rating kaba or ano rating mo sa lichess or chess.com?

    For general opening books sa king's and queen's opening okay iyung books ni Watson


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    sino nakasali sa tour nuong march 30 sa meralco?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rybka View Post
    sino nakasali sa tour nuong march 30 sa meralco?
    Nakasali ka ba? Matagal na ako hindi nakakasali sa mga OTB chess tournaments.

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    may i-share po ako dito na mga chess tactics, strategy and apk. nasa laptop ko po, medyo busy pa po. sa chess.com ay nasa 1794(amandojrsabile) rating ko, bumaba from 1856 haha wala ng practice

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    Eto tips to lessen blunders.

    1. Always look at the whole board
    2. Always study your opponent's last move
    3. Before you make a move, check if there is a tactical drawback
    4. Solve tactics puzzles.
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    Halimbawa alam mo na iyung basic ng tactics like pin and fork and you also solve puzzles and knows the general opening principles, kung naghahanap ka ng easy to understand and play opening for white, try the London System. May mga masters that recommend this opening for starting up player. Even world chess champion Carlsen uses London System.

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