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    Hats Off First Mobilarian Essay Writing Contest. Entries here.

    Voting criteria will be as follows:

    plus 15% for the entry with the highest votes
    plus 10% for the entry with the second highest votes
    plus 5% for entries with at least one vote

    please vote fairly and read the entries before voting.

    very much.
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    Wave Entry # 1

    ENTRY # 1

    2007 has been another year in the lifeline of our dear mother Philippines. Like all others, it’s another year of the good and the bad, wisdom and stupidity, productivity and inefficiency. As goes with any other, “it’s just another year”. 2007 has passed.

    2007 has been another wild party for politicians, controversies, high-tech gadgets, terrorists, hairstyles, celebrities, and of course, scan dals. Presidential scan dals still are pouncing on Malacanang non-stop. Rallyists still parade on Mendiola. Floodwater still rampages along Espana. Same good ol’ Philippines.

    As always, Pinoy politics has been a chaotic variety show where politicians are the comedians and we are the audience. A better analogy would be a puppet show where the puppets are dressed in suits and ties. As the line goes, “When will they ever learn?”

    2007 is the year former president Joseph Estrada was given pardon by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. “A full, free, and absolute pardon,” which gives him instant innocence from the conviction of plunder filed against him. President Macapagal-Arroyo, obviously expecting a flood of incoming criticism for her decision, retorted that she considered Erap’s age and the condition of her mother. It is funny with how Erap was given this “special treatment”, which couldn’t be helped because he was the former president of the Philippines after all. But to let him off the hook that easy--considering that plunder is a grave criminal case and the criminal was convicted guilty--that left me thinking about the criminals awaiting their death sentence in the death row, especially those who were mistakenly accused and sentenced to death. Was it a decision made along with some kind of political and personal gain? I have no idea.

    The Peninsula Hotel siege is another star among the political highlights of 2007. A group of soldiers led by Senator Antonio Trillanes and Army Brig. Gen. Danilo Lim holed up in the Manila Peninsula Hotel in Makati reiterating for the resignation of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo which should pave way for snap elections in sixty days. It was a good thing that the incident did not end up in bloodshed. We should understand that although we have a patriotic heart and we just want to protect our country from those who we think are aggressors of it, we made the law for each and every one of us to abide. As the saying goes, “Huwag nating ilagay sa kamay natin ang batas”. We made the law, we should stick to it wholeheartedly.

    And to talk about the disasters of 2007, the most heard-about was the bombing of Glorietta 2 which killed eleven people and injured a hundred others. This led the public to conclude it as another activity of terrorist groups. But findings have revealed that the explosion was caused by methane gas and other chemical components. Criminal cases of “homicide resulting to reckless imprudence” were filed against the mall’s engineers and to fire prevention inspectors as well. So there was actually no terrorist plot or the like. I found it amusing to go to Glorietta a week after the incident just to find the mall deserted like ghost town.

    Today I am on my 4th year of studying under the Nursing course. 2007 was absolutely the busiest year of my academic life. It was the year of the dreaded Medical-Surgical Nursing, brain-crushing pathophysiology concepts, and of course thesis writing. I remembered getting flat zeroes on quizzes. I never actually study my lessons. Although I had this constant promise of doing so every start of the year as my New Year’s resolution, it never happened. I have this habit of coming to school fifteen minutes prior to taking an exam and cramming my way throughout. When will I ever learn?

    I have completed my thesis together with my partner (who supported our work financially, leecher should I say) entitled “The Degree of Confidence of Nursing Students and the Leadership Styles of their Clinical Instructors in Jose C. Feliciano College”. We have spent only two to three months making the book. That includes studying various concepts related to our study, encoding, editing, printing and all. It was rather an easy task as compared with the others because we only conducted surveys using a questionnaire which was cheap and easy to make. We have spent approximately 2,000 to 2,500 pesos for the study --a fairly ample amount for a thesis. Considering that our school population was quite small, we were actually given the “Best in thesis writing” award among our batch.

    It was also in this year where I almost flunked Microbiology and Parasitology due computation errors made by my professor who fled the school before I can even complain. I missed a quiz and my 83 grade dropped down to 68. I complained and explained this to the Dean and my grade ended up on a 75 mark. I complained that I don’t deserve a 75. “Buti nga pinasa ka pa.”

    2007 was also the year I have successfully quit smoking, which was probably my best accomplishment for that year. Finally, after a whole lot of trying and miserably failing, I have actually lost my nicotine cravings. It just feels good branding yourself as a non-smoker after eight years of incessantly huffing and puffing clouds of harmful gas and smoke which brittle your vulnerable and innocent lungs. I just hope my lungs can still return to their normal, non-smoking state.

    As I look back at 2007, I have seen myself shifting from this childish and playful youngster to a more mature person who has a better outlook and wider perspective in life. That year is the year I have left online gaming for good so I could spend more time with my other priorities. Actually, I was “forced” to leave it for good because 2007 marks the closure of Level Up Games’ Rose Online, with which I got addicted for sometime. Well it still is a nice thing that it closed because I compromised getting a decent sleep just to have more time to play.

    As I evaluate myself for the year that has passed, I see failures as lessons and successes as motivation. Of course, I’m a Filipino. It’s the common Pinoy spirit. It just makes me ponder as well on another year in the lives of the Filipinos.

    2007 has also been a great economic year for the Philippines. The Philippine Peso to Dollar Exchange rate for the year-end closed at P41.28. This is a good sign for 2008 and economists expect the peso to hit P38 to the dollar this year and more optimistic economists say it could go as good as P35 to the dollar. Our economy for the past three years achieved a five percent to six percent growth rate, thanks to the dollar remittances of overseas Filipino workers, to the rapid development of the call center industry, and the recovery in the export sector. The Philippine Peso was even branded as Asia’s top performing currency for 2007.

    I am not that of a tech person. But 2007 was also the year I tried at least to be a wanna-be techie. It was the time I have learned to reformat my own computer and fix any problems without getting formal instruction. 2007 is undoubtedly a good year for technology. It was the year of proliferation of the WiFi and five-megapixel camera phones. Released last June, 2007 was the revolutionary touchscreen and WiFi capable iPhone which caused so much hype among tech people. Although overrated by media and its looks, it still is a sexy and sleek phone to own.

    2007 has been another good year for us. Although we can see that the Philippines can adapt to the rapidly changing world of science and technology through globalization, another big question should be one challenge for us Filipinos to answer. What is in store for us this 2008? Will the average Filipino still be as poor as they were in 2007? Will they still be as hungry this year as they were last year?

    The “masang Pilipino” advocated Erap. His “Erap para sa mahirap” campaign slogan undoubtedly became popular to them. These people who have voted for him anticipated some kind of a major change. They were expecting the Magsaysay-like type of leader who mingled with the poor, making them expect that he was the one who would understand their state of living and stoop down to help them get up.

    What most of us Filipinos never understand is that the President is not a hero. The true hero lies within ourselves, within each one of us. And we have to dig up the roots of the problems of our country and see what is eating up our mentality. It seems as if we are stuck like this for eternity, expecting the government to help us while blaming politics and corruption and all. Each and every one of us has a responsibility. The society expects us to carry out the responsibility that is due to us. Whether you be a simple jeepney driver, or an elite CEO of a big company, do your job honestly, faithfully, and with dignity. If all of us would do our own responsibilities with righteousness and dedication, that would not only benefit you or your family, but your fellow countrymen as well.

    2007 has been one heck of a year. And yes, it is a good year.

    As we look back into 2007, we should not forget that what is more important is to see what we could do not only for ourselves but for our country this 2008. Let the events and happenings of 2007 serve as sketches wherein we get to erase the crooked lines and have them straightened up this year. Let the lines placed beautifully in the right places be a template of how good tomorrow will be. I know 2008 will be.

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    Wave Entry # 2

    ENTRY # 2

    “We should not worry about the past… we cannot go back into the past to undo the things we have done…” this phrase from the book “Why Worry” by Dr. Sri Dhammananda though simple and very common, tells us not to mind the past. Year 2007 is considerably past because obviously we are in 2008. 2007 is done, finished and already what went before but as we like it or not some things happened are with us, it is either stored in our memory, some are written and included in the history to be studied by the next generation in the near future or some are intended to forget. Before we continue to live, let’s ask ourselves first; are we ready to take a step, aim high for the up coming year? Is the experience we gathered from the preceding year is enough to make a difference? Are we improved from what we have undergone whether positive or negative? What would we expect for ourselves? These are the questions which are easy to understand, questions which basically answerable by our own self but will we going to say and accept the truth in our own self? It’s time to move on, but we should reconsider our self, go over the event that had occurred.

    It is 2007 when we first say and greet each other with “Happy New Year”, unknown of what’s going to happen in our self and in the country, but continue to live and conquer life, striving hard to surpass everyday of ones life. With alacrity, we accept that it is a new year to face, our naiveté brought us to be happy and cheerful to face every details and news that we hear. Newspaper and television coax us to be happy, intelligent, over-whelmed and euphoric or even feel dismay and dubious especially in political aspect of the country.

    This past year, 2007, the politics became unpredictable. Filing of case are made left and right, the Department of Justice became busy in responding the politicians whom requesting to grant them to recount the votes. Other filed the case way back 2004-2005, though there has a result and order; they still continue to protest the court order. These politicians are those whom failed to win the 2004 national election and others are in the barangay election. The Commission on Election deteriorates its own dignity; embezzle the country and also its own official group. They are the one whom said to be responsible to what had happened to the election.

    It is memorable and for sure included in the history: the first and only president so far, Joseph Estrada whom was guilty in the case that was filed against him, the plunder case, and was also considered controversial because without further year of suffering into jail, our honorable president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo gave him a presidential pardon which made him free before the year ends. What a coincident that the Department of Justice followed that pardon by giving other prison a parole especially those above 60 years old, this matters most into those whom shouldn’t be in prison.

    Politics is politics. It will never be as clean as what we wanted, unerring and reliable. Ridiculous act of politician proves that it is impossible to have a fair judgment. These may be the reason of the second attempt of coup d etat. This was held while in session at Makati Regional Trial Court that resulted to walk-out until reached the Manila Peninsula Hotel and has that what we known now as “Manila Peninsula Siege”. This was lead by Antonio Trillanes whom one of the current senators.

    The economy was fine, the peso reach his highest state before the year end. It is prodigious for the government because it gives a positive view for the Philippines but how about the OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers) abroad. The money they used to remit into their families here in the country is limited. The only way they want to do is to stay here in the country and if the situation is astonishing, they will just keep the foreign money and change it after the dollar rise again.

    Terrorism was around the country. Terrorist’s diabolic, iniquitous, and fiendish deed makes the country anxious and frantic especially when going out of their house. The excruciating things they did makes the police think that they are the primary suspect in every bombing that happened. One great news that burst out one day like a bomb was that of happened in Glorietta 2. Many people died no one dares to admit what’s the real score in what had happened. It is unequivocal that the incident is peculiar and remains unsolved. The nurture of the occurrence discourages people and brought oppression to many. Different investigations obfuscate everybody especially the government whom anointed to fight terrorism in the country.

    National Calamities are unexpected, unpredictable but if the country possesses a newest technology, can be detected earlier. Typhoons were present at 2007. Many people died, suffer from hunger and others spent in evacuation area. These can also be prevented if destruction of nature is prevented and strictly prohibited. If only bills are past and argument regarding politics is not the primary issues in the house of representative. It’s nice to know that there are companies that really help other people when they are in needs. Schools and evacuation center is an oasis of excellence in the midst of mediocrity.

    There a tagalog belief stating: “mabuti pang manakawan ka ng sampung beses huwag lang masunugan…” these statement maybe true and practically correct. Being robbed by other people is much better when comparing to those whose family losses their houses because of fire. When someone robbed you, you may easily recover because money and simple things are loss not like when fire blown up, the damage are 10 times worst than being rob. Everything you built was lost. One of the most unforgettable fires maybe is at Bulacan, where cigarette which was threw by a negligent person to a box of fire crackers. And another incident is in Baclaran which made a two-storey building collapse and the fire last more than twenty-four hours.

    Unfortunately, fire and robbery together with rape, hold-up, murder, etc. have creative most number of people died. This is because of those rude, wicked and mostly drug-addict person. Secondly, people died because of illness. Dengue is present in most places in the Philippines. Can’t we prevent such illness? Is the government especially the Department of Health doing their job right? Or is it the person them selves are to be blame? No one really knows, only one’s self.

    There are people whom are very familiar in showbiz ness. They are fanatic and have an extreme desire to know and meet their favorite artist. 2007 is very colorful year for many artists. One of the most controversial artists is Angel Locsin which is a home grown talent from GMA7 and now became ABS-CBN artist. GMA management feels disappointed to make her as popular as what she is now. Now, the management is waiting for the result of this what they call “selfish act” of Angel. So much for Angel, 2007 is very controversial and as what other year’s news, filing of annulment case is one of the major issues not only 2007 but also in the years before. Being untainted and health conscious is the only way out on this kind of illness.

    Negative things are very noticeable. Are there any positive things for the 2007? Of course, it does. SEA games is Thailand is not that so impressive but good enough to show how Filipino athletes fight for the gold. And being unfair in judging is present because it really happened. One Filipino must be proud of Charice Pempengco for a job well done at USA it is because of you tube, and as we all know one Filipino is now a vocalist is a rock band at USA also, because of you tube. Filipino artist can be leveled in American artist, they just lack in publicity. That’s what Filipino is. And that’s what Filipino can do. Just trust ourselves but of course not too much and everything comes next.

    Being aware of everything that’s happening into our country doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be that ill-advised on what’s going on into our life. For me, I would say, I feel stronger now after I have undergone the fact that I cried for the first time because of one woman. I never court a girl and the girl I have at 2007 is the most unforgettable for the fact that she is not worth it for me. When this time happened, I can imagine that I am going to believe in the famous words used when breaking up which is: “go on… I don’t deserve your love…” really, I am convinced that she doesn’t deserve my love. This was the worst thing happened to me at 2007. There is nothing wrong in waiting for the right time. I can’t say I didn’t wait; definitely it’s not my fault. The only thing I done wrong is to believe her that she loves me. I should be clever in the decision that I made to accept her. As what you read, I am the man but I am the person who answers her question: “mahal mo ba ko?”, “tayo na ba?”… I, myself can’t believe when that incident happened and I think majority of man whom was given a chance to be in my position wouldn’t want to answer “no” and make the girl ashamed.

    Being alone, secretly crying, tactful, and being mysterious are some of the traits I posses that I want to show to everybody. I am talkative, easy to be with and react very much in regards to other people but to ask personal questions, it’s for you to find out if I’m not so close to you. I really open-up to those friend but not so much information was given to them. For all I know and I believe, those person are the one whom will bring you down and leave you in the middle of somewhere. These are the things to be avoided, before it’s too late.

    2007 is another year passed by for everyone whether good or bad as long as we learn from it, should be kept. Being haughty, too much confident and being negative are the things we shouldn’t kept in ourselves. Be amiable, wealthy in positive characters to envisage our own self with other people’s companion happy and contented.

    The distinction between 2007 and 2008 is a mystery. Of course, we are just in the beginning of 2008. After the things we remember in 2007, for sure everyone should be ready to face 2008 with their trials and problems at 2007 as their stepping stone. Don’t’ qualm on what you think you can’t do, to a certain extent, try to do what you think is the best. We cannot go back into the past to undo the things we have done. Before it’s too late, face life squarely. Make the most out of every single things or work you’re doing. Be the best of what you can be. Don’t let other people manipulate the things you want and you own. Be not so naiveté that others might abuse the good things you do to them. For all we know, before we knew it 2008 is nearly ending…

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    Wave Entry # 3

    ENTRY # 3

    It has always been a dilemma for any writers on how they will start their literary works. Though the introduction takes up minimal space in the whole composition, it plays a very vital role since it serves as an eye catcher for the reader. It may persuade the readers to pursue on reading the essay or discourage them from continuing. Keeping this in mind, I decided to start my essay with a quote.

    Byron once said that “No hand can make the clock strike for me the hours that are passed.” Indeed. Any events in the past, be it tragic or happy moments, can no longer be experienced physically. The only way to experience it again is through our thoughts. By remembering and reminiscing.

    3 weeks have already passed since the birth of a new year but the events of 2007 are somehow still fresh in my mind. There were explosions, scan dals, defeats, storms, deaths and many other tragedies but amidst all of these, there were also happy, fruitful, and rewarding moments. These events does not only test the persons involved but also the whole nation on whether we can live up to our values which includes patriotism “makabayan” and the selfless act of helping other people to achieve a common goal “bayanihan”.
    Let’s start with one of the major events of 2007. The senatorial and local elections. First of all, the names of the political parties were funny. The TEAM UNITY’s full name is TEAM UNITY, TEAM ARROYO (TUTA). I think the name is quite appropriate for them. I was never a fan of the administration. It was very hard to believe in them especially after all those scan dals. From the hello garci tape to the presidential pardon, it has the words “political power” written all over it. But it’s quite admirable how the administration retain its domination after all the COUP attempts, destabilization plots and impeachment complaints. The administration seems to be indestructible. As for the Genuine Opposition, their full name would be the GRAND ALLIANCE OF THE GENUINE OPPOSITION (GAGO). Needless to say, the opposition is GAGO. Well it doesn’t mean that since I’m not a fan of the administration, I would be an opposition fanatic. What is admirable about them was the way they chose their candidates. Unlike the TUTA, the GAGO chose competent and experienced candidates. Take Escudero and Cayetano as examples. They served as efficient congressmen before they ventured into becoming senators. On the other hand, take Montano on the Senatorial and Pacquiao in the local elections as examples. Clearly, the administration was only choosing those candidates that would benefit their party.

    Like every election, television stations would usually interview the candidates so that the people would know who to vote. I was able to watch an episode where they were interviewing Cayetano, Pangilinan and Singzon. I was speechless when Cayetano and Pangilinan were answering the questions but when it was Singzon’s turn, you can’t help but laugh your ass off. Why? Incompetence.

    As what has been mentioned earlier, the Arroyo administration has been facing a lot of destabilization plots. More than 5 impeachment complaints have been filed and none of them seems to have an adverse effect on the president. It has been greatly emphasized that I don’t like the administration but it would be best if Arroyo retains her position. For the reason that, right now, we don’t have anyone better or more competent than Arroyo that will take her place. Next in line would be VP de Castro which is not as experienced as her. And so far in terms of economic sense, our country is doing pretty well. The peso-dollar exchange has already emerged to P40 rate but for sure the OFW families are not so happy about this. The main problems for this administration would be the massive corruption, the distorted image of the nation in the international eye, the incomparable thirst for power and the lost of trust of the people to the government.

    The administration considers the peso increase as a very big achievement. But the Filipinos thought otherwise. The peso increase was a result of OFW remittances and other factors but then OFW families tend to have less compared before. The Filipinos are still suffering and they didn’t see any significant change in the country even in the prices in the market.

    The most controversial destabilization plot of 2007 was the alleged Peninsula COUP attempt led by Senator Trillanes after the Makati Hearing. It was controversial since there were a lot of issues attached to it which includes the violations of media freedom, obstruction of justice by the media men, and the appropriate actions which were to be taken against the Magdalo group especially to the Senator on whether he will be retained or be asked to resign as a public official, and many others. Clearly, rights were violated and rules were broke. It was a very confusing scenario. The media showcased video evidences that prove that they were maltreated. It was without a doubt a violation of their rights as media personalities and as human beings. The police actions were not justifiable. Personally, for me it wasn’t a COUP attempt at all. The police was just trying to make a big fuss out of it. DOJ secretary Gonzales sided with the police and said that it was all the media’s fault. The actions done by Senator Trillanes were obviously jeopardy to his career. With this, Senator Santiago insisted that Trillanes should be dethroned from his position. Until now it hasn’t been settled.

    Two of the most annoying personalities of 2007 are the above mentioned, Senator Santiago and Secretary Gonzales. Gonzales was caught up in a lot of situations for 2007. The most major one was when he gave a comment regarding the American who was abused here in the country. The said comment was not taken lightly by the US gov’t and it added up to the barrier between our country and our ally, the US. Another comment that almost ended the country’s relation with China was given by Senator Santiago regarding a certain contract deal. Good thing though, both were resolved immediately.

    This was not the only comment that could have cemented the barrier between the United States and the Philippines. Mid last year, a popular American television series named “Desperate Housewives” made a comment regarding “some medical schools” in the Philippines. The said statements were “Let me see your diploma just to make sure that you’re not from some med schools in the Philippines”. The lines only lasted about 10 seconds but the reactions especially from the Filipinos lasted forever. The Filipino community in the states was even asking for a public apology from the writers of the show. What good will it bring to the Filipinos if the writers would apologize? It was definitely an overreaction. Let’s face the fact that our reputation when it comes to Health care has already been damaged. From the different malpractices to the leakage in the Nursing board exam, it was already damaged way before the episode was aired. We will look guilty if we insist on the public apology. It’s just a matter of proving to the world that the Philippines doesn’t only produce the best athletes but also the most compassionate and competent professionals in the world. After a week, another hit to the ego of the Filipinos. This time, Former President Aquino was labeled as a slut by the show “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart”. It was not that of a big deal like the first one.

    Another “former president” grieved last year. President Joseph Estrada was convicted of Plunder and was acquitted of all other cases file against him. He was sentenced to reclusion perpetua and was the only one who received a guilty remark in the group. But the grieving wasn’t for long. After a month, the former president was given pardon and was freed after several years of being in jail. Anomalies wrapped around the said decision of the current president.

    Anomalies also wrapped Congress when some of them admitted to receive cash gifts during an assembly. PGMA was accused as the financer but soon the LAKAS party, which is the political party of the president, admitted the act. The cash gifts were allegedly given for the congressmen to support the very weak 3-page impeachment complaint against the president.

    On the lighter side of things, Manny Pacquiao is definitely on the top of his field last year. He was one of the most sought after boxers for 2007. After defeating Solis and Barrera last year, he was more feared in the ring and became Mexico’s enemy number 1. Not only did He bring honor to the country but also millions of pesos. One negative side of Pacquiao is that he’s trying so hard to be a bit of everything. He’s an athlete, an actor, an endorser, a comedian, a producer, a politician, etc. But beyond all the discriminations, he remained as an admirable figure. Beyond the knowledge of the people, he’s associated with charities and every time he has a fight, there is 0 crime rate. Pacquiao was not the only athlete that gave us honor and pride last year. Some of them were Bautista and Peñalosa, both boxers and Batista, a wrestler.

    Speaking of pride and honor, late last year, a 15 year old girl wowed Hollywood after being discovered by Ellen DeGeneres. Charice Pempengco was discovered after she was watched by Ellen in YouTube during a performance in Korea. Charice joined a contest in Korea where she emerged victorious. The Koreans, like Ellen were amazed because despite of her young age, she has become a very good singer. What’s funny about her performance in Korea was that when she was interviewed, people jaw-dropped because she knows how to speak English. By the way, she was not that really good. Ellen paid for her trip to the USA and gave her an iPod touch as a sign of gratitude. She received at least 2 standing ovations during the show. ABS-CBN must have been really disappointed because they ignored a world-class talent. A few years ago, Charice joined the singing contest in ABS-CBN wherein she was beaten by Sam Concepcion and after the show; Charice can hardly be seen on TV. Another TV personality has reached her Hollywood dream when she starred on a Hollywood produced film, “The Echo” or the English version of the film “Sigaw”. Definitely, Iza Calzado has proven that she is world-class after the said movie and the film with Ken Zhou of F4.

    Though ABS-CBN neglected Charice, they didn’t neglect a certain informant from Bacolod City who claimed that GMA has been manipulating ratings by offering groceries and 500 pesos to the households that were randomly selected by AGB-Nielsen. Those households represent the general population for the determination of the ratings on TV. The feud between the two giant companies was fired up because of the anomalies. With this, the ABS-CBN sued both GMA and AGB-Nielsen for the financial damage it has caused the network. GMA insisted that 1) ratings were not manipulated, 2) they were doing legal promotional activities, 3) the statements given by Maya Reforma of AGB were spliced and altered by the ABS-CBN to confirm their guilt and that 4) ABS is doing “trial by publicity”. GMA filed a counter-affidavit and demanded that ABS should stop doing “trial by publicity”. AGB sided GMA on the matter and confirmed that the promotional activities done by GMA were legal and was beyond their control. But AGB later confirmed that their selected households were indeed contacted not only by GMA but also ABS-CBN. Both released very dramatic and puke-stimulating video comments on the situation and it has not been settled until now.

    The feud between the two giant networks was not the only one that “exploded” last year. Glorietta 2, was allegedly bombed, but investigators say that it was an LPG tank explosion and was not a product of a terrorist attack. But bomb experts are claiming that a certain substance present in the site signifies and confirms that it was definitely a bomb attack. It hasn’t been resolved until now. After a few weeks, the entrance of the House of Representatives was bombed killing Congressman Wahab Akbar and injured many others. The case progressed well. Suspects were arrested and leads necessary to solve the case were discovered.

    In contrast, things were not going well for the Philippine tourism since a USA Aviation Company scored a failing mark on the safety of the air transportations here in the Philippines and foreigners were advised to avoid riding Philippine planes. PGMA denied the intrigues that this case was a result of the non-issuance of the Philippine gov’t "license to travel" for a certain airplane company in Hawaii. The agencies concerned here in the Philippines are already taking necessary steps to return the Philippines into a passing mark in the Aviation aspect and hopefully regain the reputation we’ve lost.

    There were certainly thousands of relevant events that happened to the country and to the Filipinos this year. The above mentioned events were the events that I thought made an impact to the Filipinos.

    My wish for the Filipinos this year is that well be stronger and more united, in a nation wherein there’s less criminalities, less discriminations, less corruption, less hatreds and more love for our fellow Filipinos. It’s totally impossible to eradicate all those negative things but it would be possible to lessen it if we all set our minds to it. As the peso increase, I hope that our morale increases with it. The Philippines has already been left out by our ASEAN neighboring countries which was once one of the “tigers in Asia.”

    The ending is as difficult to make as the beginning. After all, the last words are the words that are instilled in the minds of the readers. I started with a quote and ill end it with a quote. A quote by Brooks Atkinson "Drop the last year into the silent limbo of the past. Let it go, for it was imperfect, and thank God that it can go."

    I Rest my Case.

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    Wave Entry # 4

    ENTRY # 4

    2007. The year that, according to that venerable, almost revered guide known as the Chinese Horoscope, would be dominated by "fire pigs", or as I'd like to call it, lechon. A year of patient yet assertive people. A year that, like any other year, promised to wipe out all the mistakes and errors of the previous year. A year that would erase the memory of the "Nicole" rape case and Typhoon Reming from 2006, and even the Hello Garci scan dal, whose vile taste still lingered even after more than a year. Truly, like any new year, a year of hope.

    The year really didn't start off with a bang. At least not literally. With the intensive campaign of the Department of Health and the gory TV news clips, complete with repentant young boys lying in hospital beds with three of their five fingers missing, not everyone was keen to risk their life and limb just for a second or two of loud sound and bright light. This made for a safer, quieter and, some say, more boring New Year.

    The year had barely learned to suck its thumb when tragedy befell Eastern Visayas. Flash floods struck the region, causing thousands upon thousands of families in more than eighty villages to be displaced. A not so auspicious start to the year, to say the least.

    2007 was also election year. With politicians bickering, posturing, and jockeying for position as early as the previous year, it is no wonder that wannabe senators and congressmen always seemed to have something to say whenever GMA7 or ABS-CBN (more on those two media giants later) does so much as point a camera or position a boom microphone at them. All in all, 37 senatoriables slugged it out, among them were erstwhile political opponents Mike "Braces" Arroyo and Francis "hindi ako si Bamboo" Escudero.

    The senatorial candidates joined a one-time debate program of GMA7, where they were given the chance to explain their plans for our country. Many of them faltered and showed their true colors. Mrs. Roco, wife of the late political giant Raul Roco, failed to impress many people with her faltering speech and apparent lack of a plan. She instead talked in a suspiciously canny and scripted manner. Pichay, who was said to have spent more than a hundred million pesos, failed to explain how he would recoup his "investment". As of this writing, the current exchange rate is US$1.00 = PhP 40.6955, so that meant Pichay spent at least US$2,457,274.15, a heady amount even for our more successful OFW's. And that was 2007, when the exchange rate was different. Maybe he has a huge Chinese cabbage farm somewhere.

    I've heard that a senator's salary doesn't exceed PhP50,000 per month, if it reaches that high at all. How, indeed, would a senatoriable regain the money he spent on TV ads and posters and talent fees for the personal appearances of hunky actors and sexy actresses when the wannabe senator, should he or she win, stands to make so little? Did somebody say pork? 2007 was the year of the pig, after all.

    The trend of showbiz personalities vying for a political career didn't stop this election. If anything, there seemed to be more actors who filed their COC's at Comelec. Leading the pack were Cesar Montano and Richard Gomez. Both, and many other actors-slash-politicians, lost. Big time. Many pundits say that that is good news, that the Filipino voter is at last maturing. In fact, the Genuine Opposition won the Senate, a fact that many say is a consensus on President Arroyo's administration. Malacañang countered that their party TEAM UNITY conquered the House.

    Even when the electoral dust has settled the badmouthing continued. Of course, no election in the Philippines would be complete without the standard scan dals and protests. Accusations of cheating flew everywhere. There's Cayetano vs Cayetano (Alan Peter and Joselito Pepito, not related) and Zubiri vs Pimentel. Alan Peter Cayetano claims that the administration fielded the "other" Cayetano just to dilute the Alan Peter Cayetano votes. Pimentel claims that the Maguindanao vote, where Zubiri won heavily, was rigged. These, in addition to the numerous election related violence, bribes, and murders, it was another election in the Philippines.

    And as if to mirror the atmosphere of elections in the Philippines, the one of the Comelec buildings burned down. It can’t get more poetic than that, I say.

    Perhaps most surprising of all the senatoriables was detained military man Antonio Trillanes. Despite being in prison and communicating only through calls and SMS and even Friendster, Trillanes won against supposedly more popular and electable senatoriables like Pichay and Montano and Gomez and even incumbents Roco and Sotto. Like Jalosjos, why he was allowed to run in the first place when he couldn't attend sessions (he's a prisoner after all) is beyond me.

    Trillanes would later make more turbulent waves with the so-called "Manila Pen Mutiny." Showing his penchant for luxury hotels, Trillanes commandeered the Manila Peninsula. The events that transpired, which ate substantial air time on CNN and BBC, are still fresh in people's minds. Long story short, Trillanes and company left the courthouse where they were being held and forcibly entered Manila Peninsula. It took a good part of the day, a tank ramming and breaking the Pen's front entrance, some teargas, and a stand-off between mediamen and the military before everything was finished.

    That stand-off between the media and the military is still being debated today. The pictures of mediamen with handcuffs (of sorts) paint a sobering picture. Did the military overstep their boundaries? Did the media abuse their power? Does this remind you of martial law, or what? Filipino bloggers everywhere were typing furiously, dissecting and analyzing the issue with reckless abandon.

    Speaking of bloggers, who can forget Malu Fernandez, that elitist snob who dared to defile the OFW name? Her disparaging remarks to OFW's united bloggers and forum contributors everywhere in their hatred of this pig, even if it was her year. Who knows, maybe she was what Chinese astrology said to be the fire pig. Many wanted her burned at a fiery stake, myself included, particularly after her insulting first "apology" which further maligned the OFW's. Her second apology was too little too late. The damage has been done, and she will forever be remembered as that bitchy pig who flew economy class and regretted writing about it.

    2007 was a sad year in too many ways. Almario Villegas was shot dead in a hostage confrontation over land. Jun Ducat, another hostage taker, took a bus full of children hostage as the world watched. What was more distasteful (or you may insert whatever adjective you want) was the self-aggrandizing "help" of the then wannabe senator Chavit Singson and incumbent senator Bong Revilla, who clearly violated police protocol during the Ducat drama. Your guess is as good as mine as to Singson’s and Revilla's agendas during that time.

    Intense typhoons also ran amok. Chedeng, Dodong, Egay, and Hanna, among others, pounded the country, leaving behind a destructive trail that one sees every year. What makes these tragedies so sad is that each and every year they come and we see them, so whether we like to or not, we are more desensitized every time.

    Another tragedy in the form of a bomb struck the House of Representatives, which killed four people, including a congressman. Security concerns at one of the bulwarks of Philippine democracy were raised after the bomb. Another explosion rocked Glorietta, killing eleven and injuring more. The Ayala group, who commissioned foreign forensic experts, declared that the explosion was caused by a bomb, and thus absolving Ayala of any responsibility. The police, on the other hand, insist that the cause was not a bomb but something else, therefore absolving the police of not doing their job of preventing terrorist from terrorizing the city. What really happened?

    Who can forget Cris Anthony Mendez, the alleged hazing victim who died? He was a student of the University of the Philippines, supposedly a haven for intellectuals who should know, above all others, what they are doing. Yet he died. Was the cause hazing, or did he die of some other way? Only time will tell. Meanwhile his Friendster account is still flooded with comments from loved ones and friends.

    Ironically, the Year of the Pig wasn't all that good for the pig itself. The Department of Agriculture declared a hog cholera outbreak in Pampanga and Bulacan. Come to think of it, a pig with hog cholera has symptoms of fever. And a pig with fever is hot, as if it's on fire. Once again, the fire pig, ladies and gentlemen.

    2007 wasn't too shabby for the most popular Filipino. Of course I'm talking about Manny Pacquiao: boxer extraordinaire, sub par TV host and actor, and all around Filipino celebrity. Aficionados everywhere lamented that Pacquiao, dubbed the Mexican Killer and undoubtedly one of the best boxers Philippines has ever produced (and we produce only the best boxers), was felled by the dainty Darlene Custodio. And his "supporters" allegedly channeled his campaign funds (much of it was his own money anyway) into their own pockets.

    The election was to be Pacquiao's only loss of the year. He downed Jorge Solis in eight rounds, and defeated Marco Antonio Barrera in a convincing unanimous decision. Like an angry bull seeing nothing but red flags everywhere he mercilessly beat his opponents.

    His foray into show business started with the seemingly obligatory San Miguel Beer commercials, and only late 2007 he starred in his own movie "Anak ng Kumander", an entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival. Sadly the movie earned a "mere" PhP 2.5 million. A pittance, considering how much he makes for his commercial appearances and fights and pay-per-view shares.

    There were some interesting showbiz news during the Year of the Pig. Angel Locsin, who was synonymous to GMA7, moved to ABS-CBN. Diehard Kapuso's said "good riddance", while Avid Kapamilya's cried "welcome home".

    That wasn't to be the only Kapuso-Kapamilya fued. A Wowowee segment, Willyonaryo, showed Willie Revillame pulling two numbers from a single container. Joey de Leon of Eat Bulaga pounced on this and fanned the flames that would become almost legendary. Wowowee vs Eat Bulaga. Willie vs Joey. Youtube videos. Enough said.

    The GMA7 vs ABS-CBN fight would escalate even further with allegations of cheating thrown everywhere. The story is still so thick that it has yet to be unraveled to this day. Who really cheated? Did both ABS-CBN and GMA7 target the metered homes intentionally, or did they just happen to hit the metered homes accidentally in a blanket marketing campaign? To all this I say: good thing there’s cable.

    There is so much more about the 2007 (Enchanted Kingdom ride, Erap pardoned, Rod Strunk suicide, etc) but I'm tired, and I have to find more good stuff at Mobilarian. Besides, I already reached the 1500 word limit. So here's to a better 2008!

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    Wave Entry # 5

    ENTRY # 5

    Many of us are thinking about the future often than the past… but we are unaware that the past has something to do with our future. Now is year 2008 more people are expecting a great year ahead than last year… hmm… let’s take a final peek on what had happened in the year which is so much remembered specially by our countrymen here in the Philippines. No wonder every single layman that you would ask would say bad things about the year 2007 but there are also good things that makes us proud to be a Filipino.

    Before we tackle every single event whether good or bad in the past year, 2007, let’s take a closer look at what 2007 is all about. Year 2007 is the year of the pig/boar. People born under this year or pig type are usually an honest, straightforward and patient person. It is said that the year 2007 will be a great year according to other fung sui experts but also bring bad luck to others. Now let’s see if these premonitions would reflect in the year 2007.

    As a start in the year 2007, the most overwhelming event that spread in every media articles, news, paraphernalia, newspapers, etc. is politics. Politics, politics, politics… unstoppable yet a very interesting issue for every politician out there seeking their way up and are renowned by their constituents. No wonder politics is a very prominent event or issue in this year because national election is held in this year specifically in the month of May, 2007. As the start of this year, politicians are all geared up, throwing trash on every opponent who is blocking their way. However the election in this year is generally peaceful compared to other years except for other hot spots in provinces mostly in Mindanao where-in a great spread of unclean voting and massive killings and threads occurred. Of course as always the lose ones are throwing their accusations of unfair elections to the one whom won... accusations thrown … here and there but nothing had happened. That’s how election in the Philippines is held the result will be a winner and a not accepted to be a loser candidate who keeps in throwing accusations infinitely. The pulse of people is heard and the winners have been announced. Mostly coming from the oppositions which reflects that people in our country has less trust to the one who is now on her seat of leadership in our beloved land.

    But politics doesn’t end there… the most funny thing about it… after the recent election they are now talking about the next presidential candidate in year 2010 elections which is so far ahead. Three years from now!!! They should be talking and discussing about their constituents and our economy which is deteriorating and decaying because of corruption and massive inflation in prices other than themselves and the election in 2010.

    Democracy in our country is very well practised in this year 2007 but some had abused it. Like the recent coup ‘de tat which happened in this year 2007. This was headed by a military turned into Senator, Antonio Trillanes IV, with General Nicanor Faeldon and other military personnel and supporters. They marched from the Makati trial court to the Manila peninsula Hotel. But their attempted destabilization plot was prevented by the authority and responsible people behind this plot is captured and detained to prison. After this plot it created a war versus the government authority by the media which is as said broke their rights in the said scene. Throwing of accusations are made by both sides until they make and settled it to the court for further analysis of the events that happened and whom to have the right to be given.

    War of Channels is also prominent in this year specifically two largest media networks which as always throwing every stones they got from each other. ABS CBN and GMA are the two said broadcasting networks. The issue of “wilyonaryo” segment in wowowee of Mr. Willie Revillame is much put on every newspaper and other media source until the issue went to the authority for actions to be done. But the war doesn’t end there, lately before 2008 comes, there was an accusation made by ABS CBN that GMA7 have made, according to ABS CBN, fraud in the surveys of AGB Nielsen through the AGB panels of homes in Bacolod City. The issue went on end on the endless war of this two stations is one of the highlights this year.

    Further problems also occurred in this year including the very fast increase in inflation of prices and commodities. Even the layman bread “pandesal” is now expensive and the size is not as usual unlike the past pandesal in past years. Also in this year the transportation fare was also increased to meet the increase of the oil price in big oil or gas companies in the Philippines. The irony behind these events is the fast and better exchange in peso-dollar which keeps on going up from the 50 pesos level now to 41 to 43 pesos level to a dollar. The stock market in this year is doing well which is the result of the peso-dollar exchange and the investors which is initiatively active. The government is saying that the economy is growing and progressing but why us ordinary Filipino, Juan dela Cruz, is still aching to the massive inflation in our country. They said that this effect will be felt soon, but when it could be???

    2007 is also remembered by terrorism attacks in certain landmarks everywhere here in our country and other parts of the world. The most renowned of all in this year is the Glorietta Blast which is at first said as a terrorism attack but later hand switched into a gas leak explosion. Nonetheless of the reason of the explosion are the family and people who suffered and died in this critical event. Until now the court has not been making decision on who is to be responsible in this scary event. Massive killing of activist and media also occurred in this year and it gets worse as the time past by. Authority behind the investigation has no lead until now to this further killings yet an act also of terrorism. Family of the victims are saying that this is the work of the military but the military according to them is not responsible to this and blame it to the rebels like NPA and Abu Sayyaf.

    In health, there is an increase in patients whom had dengue illness compared last year. Also there is also increase in starvation of below poverty line people and more and more are suffering in malnourishment situation. The government had taken certain actions regarding this matter but cannot contain them all because of the certain inflation hike made by goods and oil industries. The great price hike of the goods and oil is very prominent this year and should be taken note by the government in the years to follow to decrease and much better eliminate this problem in our heavy list of problems occurring in our country.

    Let’s switch to other topics on hand; year 2007 is very fortunate especially to sports to athletes who are giving their 100% of their all for our country. Not even athletes but also other Filipinos which is well known on their respective areas of excellence. On this year Sea Games is held in Thailand wherein our athletes made their way to the medal standings. Although our Philippine Athletes did not defend their over-all gold medal standing last Sea Games they surmounted other opponents with fair play and make us proud as Filipinos. Our athletes also excel in the field of boxing which is headed by Manny Pacquiao, Nonito Donaire and other Filipino boxers which waved again our Philippine flag to foreign audience. We have also singers and artists whom made an international exposure and so many others.

    In this year 2007 there are lots of new things happened especially in the roads and building industries. Thanks to the metro wide operation of the MMDA group in maintaining and cleaning all possible roads in the metro. Although issues have emerged against them, they still have many projects made in this year which brings many advantages and good things to the community. Although one year is not enough to clean the whole metro, they still manage and do the projects enough to make our community at peace and organized.

    As far as it goes 2007 is a great year for me, as a student, lots of winning moments, lots of happy times, not so much problem. I think this is one of my best years because of the triumphs I have made in this year. Thanks to God Almighty for all the blessings that I have achieved in this year 2007. Also in this year 2007 I have been a member of one of the greatest site, a truly one friend for me, Mobilarian.com, without this forum I can never be here writing this essay which on hand enhances and practise my grammar and vocabulary skills.

    Now that I have reflected my final peek in the year 2007 I come to realize the great events and happenings in my environment, society and my country. That remembering the past should be one taken account for because the past experiences of the year 2007 teaches me and us on how can we handle the occurrence that would happen in the next years that will pass through. We should also take a look in our future on hand guided by our past so that we will know what to do when that “future” comes.

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    Wave Entry # 6

    ENTRY # 6

    2007 has been a roller coaster ride not only for the government but for Filipinos in general. Killings left and right, calamities, abductions, accidents, bombings, outbreaks… To start off the year was the flash flood at Eastern Visayas on the fourth of January leaving nine dead.

    Try as we can to not look at it as a bad omen and maintaining a positive outlook throughout the year by not watching depressing news or by being dead to the world by not reading the dailies and not being up to date with the goings on in the country is not a good idea. What with senatorial elections coming up, who wouldn’t want to have a good look at who’s running for which party, right? So media plays a major role come February. Then the kick off for the senatorial campaign and the rising campaign/election-related killings…

    March was one of those memorable months for our law enforcers by gunning down the hostage taker at the Taguig Municipal hall. One would think that this gave Jun Ducat an idea on how to get his message through by taking thirty-two children and two teachers as hostages. Enter politics. How dirty this game is being played by politicians who want to picture themselves as heroes in a tagalog flick. Speaking of heroes…

    April was a good month for PNP since there was a time that for at least one day crime rate went down to zero! Let’s all give credit to Manny Pacquiao for knocking out Jorge Solis in the eighth round. Unfortunately, he can’t do this on a daily basis just to keep the crime rate at its lowest. Maybe we can have him schedule his bouts during elections so at least even for just a couple of hours the Philippine National Police’s statistics on crime rate will plunge for the first time in Philippine history and they will have something to brag about and perhaps have that entered in the Guinness book of world records.

    As scheduled, synchronized national and local elections were held on May fourteen. Either one wins or one was cheated. No one loses, just cheated. So they say. As expected, one teacher declared failure of elections in Maguindanao. As predicted, there will be claims that vote-buying took place and that ballot boxes were snatched, one school was even charred to put a stop to whatever was going on inside the room.

    Then the unending proposal of having to open school in September is still a proposal. Who would want to swim during the rainy season anyway? But then again, who would want to go to school soaking wet? The Department of Education or DepEd still doesn’t have a clear guideline on when to suspend classes and when not to and unfortunately still not coordinated with PAG-ASA. Children still had to wade through murky waters and wait under heavy rains to get a ride home or worse, walk their way home should streets become impassable. We all know why. Then they start missing classes because they’re down with either flu or fever or cough and colds. Children had to be up early, get ready and leave for school only to be sent home ‘cause Deped decided to suspend classes at a much later time.

    August was worse, what with storms and more heavy rains. Witness to this was Hollywood’s acclaimed director Quentin Tarantino who was forced to wade through Manila’s flood waters and use a pedicab just to get to Malacañang Palace to receive an award from President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. Seems like traffic wasn’t enough for the director to withstand. So he arrived at the palace soaking wet, clad in a Barong Tagalog and black pants. He had no choice but to change into a pair of jogging pants! Talk about fashion! Another storm for Philippine politics that made it to CNN was the arrest of Jose Maria Sison in Utrecht, Netherlands. We all know who he is…

    Come September former president Joseph Estrada was convicted by the Sandiganbayan for plunder and sentenced him to reclusion perpetua but was acquitted on other charges. After six long years of being under house arrest Sandiganbayan put an end to this. So the word “finally” was written all over the faces of most Filipinos who had waited this long to see justice served not knowing that they were just given a chance to have a “peek” at justice instead of “seeing” it.

    October was another month for law enforcers to be in high spirits since Manny Pacquiao won against Mexican Marco Antonio Barrera via unanimous decision again making another day a crime-free day. However, on October 19 Glorietta Mall in Makati was allegedly bombed by unknown assailants keeping police officers at the edge of their seats. Results of the investigation showed that it was an LPG tank that exploded and not a bomb that was planted. Plus, convicted former president Joseph Estrada was pardoned and freed from jail a month and fourteen days after being found guilty of plunder. Was he freed on the premise that he’s already 70 years old or was it because he agreed that he will not run for public office anymore? Perhaps one may speculate that this had sparked the very much suppressed emotions of Senator Antonio Trillanes IV.

    Manila Peninsula was seiged by the Armed Forces of the Philippines after soldiers led by Sen. Trillanes IV staged a mutiny on November 29, just sixteen days after the Philippine House of Representatives was bombed and killed four people including Congressman Wahab Akbar. Media again played a major role in the Makati stand off. After the said incident, the attention was focused on the battle between the media and the AFP/PNP claiming that their rights were violated after being handcuffed or “hogtied” like criminals with plastic strips. The debate was whether media should be charged for obstruction of justice or were they just doing their job? And to top it off, the great escape of Marine Capt. Nicanor Faeldon adding insult to injury. Ouch!

    Moving on, spread throughout the year was the price hike and roll back of petroleum/oil rates and fare rates. It’s like a push-pull thing; tug-of-war.

    Of course, adding spice to everything would be the limelight and showbiz personalities washing their dirty laundry in public. Who will ever forget the Kris Aquino-James Yap-Hope love triangle? Did James Yap just confirm what really goes on inside a cubicle in spas? True to life soap slowly unfolds while the entire nation awaits Teta’s next move; whether she’ll forgive James and take him back or to let him go and bid him farewell. Then there’s the Ruffa Gutierrez-Ylmaz Bektas much sensationalized and publicized separation and Annabelle Rama being part of this brouhaha with her waray accent! Classsic! One wonders when should a mother stop meddling with her child/children’s decision-making specially when she turns into a grandmother? Then the not-so-much-awaited-everybody-had-already-guessed revelation of Ogie Alcasid-Regine Velasquez relationship which took a different turn when Ogie’s estranged wife Michelle Van Eimeren called (or was she contacted?) and aired her side for the kapuso fans to hear. The nation was in a state of “culture” shock, I must say. Obviously, they were expecting Michelle to be very much agitated or at the very least express her strong disapproval of the affair. Sad to say, writers were left with less to write about and sensationalize this even further since Michelle just put an end to this intrigue. On the downside, the deaths of some known personalities like Joey Gosiengfiao, Cesar “Kuya Cesar” Nucum, Yoyoy Villame, Pete Roa (late husband of Boots Anson-Roa), Ramon Zamora, and Ace Vergel. May they find peace, wherever they are.

    Closing the year was the stalled Space Shuttle roller coaster ride at Enchanted Kingdom making school children from Bulacan, Batangas, and Laguna an added attraction for the said theme park. Parents from other schools started to question the “educational trips” schools have. It used to be the Planetarium, Science Centrum, Museong Pambata, Fort Santiago, Aguinaldo Shrine, National Museum, Ayala Museum, Jose Rizal’s house in Calamba, Laguna, etc. where children get to learn more of their rich culture and history. Next thing we know we see teachers and students in uniform waving at cameras while participating in either pera o bayong or itaktak mo! We can only shake our heads and sigh…

    So, opening the year and closing it with a roller coaster ride is something memorable for every Filipino. Let’s hope and pray that this year will be a promising year for everybody even if the looming recession in the US of A is posing as a threat to the world economy and employment. Fortune-tellers with tarot cards or crystal balls claim that this year the country will experience more calamities. If this is an omen from the Omnipotent that we better shape up or else then we might as well hold-hands and get our acts together in order to brave whatever storm our country will be facing whether it be a natural phenomenon or otherwise.

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    Default Re: First Mobilarian Essay Writing Contest. Entries here.

    Voting is now officially open.

    PLS DO NOT POST HERE. we have a thread for discussions.
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    Default Re: First Mobilarian Essay Writing Contest. Entries here.

    Official results for the First Mobilarian Essay Writing Contest:

    Entry # 1 scores:

    Judge 1: 10-23-17-20
    Judge 2: 7-15-9-18
    Judge 3: 10-20-18-25

    Average score: 9-19.3-14.67-21
    Plus points: 5

    Total score: 68.97

    Entry # 2

    Judge 1: 13-20-19-20
    Judge 2: 8-5-10-15
    Judge 3: 9-20-15-25

    Average score: 10-15-14.67-20
    Plus points: 5

    Total score: 64.67

    Entry # 3 scores:

    Judge 1: 15-22-20-22
    Judge 2: 15-20-18-17
    Judge 3: 11-21-18-25

    Average score: 13.67-21-18.67-21.33
    Plus points: 5

    Total score: 79.67

    Entry # 4 scores:

    Judge 1: 15-25-20-25
    Judge 2: 12-22-12-22
    Judge 3: 11-22-18-25

    Average score: 12.67-23-16.67-24
    Plus points: 15

    Total score: 91.34

    Entry # 5 scores:

    Judge 1: 7-19-16-23
    Judge 2: 7-16-13-20
    Judge 3: 10-20-15-25

    Average score: 8-18.33-14.67-22.67
    Plus points: 0

    Total score: 63.67

    Entry # 6 scores:

    Judge 1: 15-23-20-25
    Judge 2: 11-19-15-20
    Judge 3: 12-20-18-25

    Average score: 12.67-20.67-17.67-23.33
    Plus points: 10

    Total score: 84.34

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    Default Re: First Mobilarian Essay Writing Contest. Entries here.


    First Prize
    pwetters - entry # 4

    Second Prize
    sultry827 - entry # 6

    To all those who participated and voted,

    and most of all, to our Contest Sponsors,

    roselle & 19vince19

    and judges,

    Battosai, Kerstinne25, & ferofax

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