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    Celebrate Chat/Discussion of books we've read, Book Recommendations/Suggestions...

    Hi guys,

    We (maysapaw and sticky-feet) just thought that we should have a thread where we discuss/chat about the book we have read and what do we think is good to recommend.

    Feel free to post.

    @mods, I was thinking na kung pwe-pwede dito lang sa fiction thread ilagay itong thread kasi most of the time we readers only visit this section of the forums. And since most of the discussion will be fiction books naman mas mabilisan nilang makita ito. We hope/pray it's okay.....

    Okay to start.

    I would recommend people to read: (IN any order)

    -The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein

    Ang ganda nito sobrang na iyak ako dito. Especially that it's a dog's POV mas nakakaawa yun keysa POV ng tao, IMO. I have to pause everytime there's a heartbreaking scenes. I feel our dog is talking to me thru Enzo's POV.

    I cry so much when they forgot about Enzo and he was left in the house to Starve.

    -Unearthly by Cynthia Hand

    Maganda din ito. If ako din si Clara I would rescue Tucker. But ang sayang din sa pakpak nya now is not as white as before bec of what she did.

    But ang hirap ng decision nya, if she knows she can save the person she loves but she has to ignore it so she can "save" Christian bec it's her destiny...

    But I also think if they (Christian and Clara) had a quality time together during summer she might (might) decide differently.

    -I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore

    I love the story. It's different than what I've used to read before. I love they got powers and it's not so much focus on the love life of a teen. I cried when Henri died. Ang sayang kasi, but I'm glad his dog didn't die.

    -Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma

    I super love this book, it is so well written and though the storyline is taboo. You will root for them bec they act like they are old married couples. And the way the author wrote the book the relationship was not portrayed as sordid.

    I love to read more of her books.

    -Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

    Another 5 stars! This make you go back to your teenage years. Sobrang kilig at nakakaiyak din. I love Étienne St. Clair, so yummilicious.

    -The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson

    This kinda remind me of Anna and the French Kiss. Kukuritin din puso mo and may kilig factor din. Makes you go back in time in your High School days. LOL!

    At nakakaconfuse din sa una kung sino sa dalawang lalaki si Toby (her sister's bf) or si Joe (the new kid).

    -Angel by LA Weatherly

    Maganda, very promising start sa book. Love Alex. The way he is describe is a very good role model for an ideal man. He he

    -Personal Demons by Lisa Desrochers

    I love stories about fallen angels or any angels books. This one is very good to read too. Lucifer and Gabriel, who can choose between two hotties... LOL! If I'm Frannie ma co-confuse din ako. LOL!

    -Catherine Bybee's MacCoinnich Time Travel Trilogy series

    I love time travel stories and this book series are great to read. Enjoyable.

    -Passionate by Sotia M

    Maganda sana but what I don't like about it is everything is happy in the end. She choose to write it, an easy way out. I wanna read how they cope with the conflict and consequences and she shouldn't have killed their significant others just so they will be together. But overall it is a great read. HOT!

    -Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris

    Sookie and Eric *Sigh* What more can I say?

    -Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead

    I love this series though I'm kinda dissapointed sa last book. Parang minamadali yung story. But still maganda pa din basahin.

    -Black Dagger Brotherhood series by JR Ward

    Love this series, especially love Zadist story.

    -Night Huntress series and Night Huntress World series by Jeaniene Frost

    I was surprise with this two series I didn't thought I would love it but I did. Reminds me a lil bit of Sookie Stackhouse series. Just a smidge. Not a whole lot.

    Ito lang muna for now isip pa ako...
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    Default Re: Chat/Discussion of the book we've Read, Book Recommendations...

    Ohh... All Brenda Joyce, Judith McNaught and Jude Deveraux books are highly recommended.

    You guys wont regret reading their books.

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    Default Re: Chat/Discussion of the book we've Read, Book Recommendations...

    thanks diokdin

    ayan, matutulog na sana ako but for the last hirit...sige recommendations muna

    first stop, one of my favorite author, Sandra Brown, if you want to start anything of her it would be best to start with:

    - Envy - contemporary, 2000
    - Slow Heat in Heaven - contemporary, 90's
    - Another Dawn (although this is the 2nd book after Sunset Embrace), historical, 1800's US
    - Best Kept Secrets - contemporary, 90's

    her books are mainly love stories with a little side of danger/suspense/thrill. i think, the best way i can describe her writing is intense.

    her texas trilogy is also quite good especially Texas Lucky. yung Rainwater nya nasa TBR ko pa rin.

    and now that i'm reading Linda Howard, they are kind of the same, kaya lang LH tends to be funny with the interaction between her H/h...and i think at the same time more realisitic with less drama (in a sense).

    i just finished reading Linda Howard's books as follows:

    - After the Night - amazon rating 4.5+ /5 stars. my rate, probly just 3.5 stars. there's something about the love story that i don't like and probly don't appreciate, lol.
    - Dream Man - this one is more of suspense (serial killer on the loose) than romance, but still a good read.
    - Mr. Perfect - well, i love it its funny with a little bit of suspense although kinda magi-guess mo naman kung sino yung killer.
    - To Die For - quite good as well. Lame yung reason ng gustong pumatay sa bidang girl, lol, but an okay read naman.

    will check out next Son of the Morning (LH marathon yata ako ngayon eh).

    siempre staple na for recommendation sina Garwood, Mcnaught, Kleypas, some of Deveraux books.

    just want to add lang - when i read Lisa Kleypas Blue Eyed Devil i cried a lot. i don't know why considering ala naman akong kilalang battered wife...battered husbands marami

    chick lit - well my 2 favs are Julie James (yey, may March 1, 2011 release sya!) and Jennifer Crusie.

    YA - Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles...cute.

    Paranormal - Kresley Cole, JR Ward (hanggang 5th book lang ako), Nalini Singh (especially the Guild Hunter...intense!)

    sige yan lang muna.

    ...ps. pagkatapos nitong LH try ko nga yang Night Huntress na yan habang iniintay ko ang bagong book ni Kresley Cole.

    ...pps. kaya pala naisip ko rin na magkaroon ng thread na ganito kasi minsan dl lang tayo ng dl ng books pero nakakalimutan natin ng basahin dahil sa dami ng ebooks na available....too much of anything is mahirap din talaga
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    Default Re: Chat/Discussion of the book we've Read, Book Recommendations...

    ^You're welcome sis.

    Ang hirap nga dl lang tayo ng dl, sa sobrang dami di ako maka decide kung anong babasahin ko/anong unang babasahin ko.

    But with this thread we can read what other recos and see which one ang maganda babasahin.

    Bec of your recos i'll be reading Linda Howard.

    Also bec of your reco, I've read Lorraine Heath's Texas Trilogy. Ang ganda. I love the brothers.

    And yeah I second the reco on Nalini Singh but yung Psy-Changeling series pa nababasa ko sa kanya. I'll add her Guild Hunter series on my TBR list.
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    Default Re: Chat/Discussion of the book we've Read, Book Recommendations/Suggestions...

    Night Huntress series -Jeaniene Frost

    Blood Coven series - Mari Mancusi

    Georgina Kincaid Series - Richelle Mead

    Passionate Bid - Tierney O'Malley

    Argeneau Family series - Lynsay Sands

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    Default Re: Chat/Discussion of the book we've Read, Book Recommendations/Suggestions...

    mukhang maganda nga ata ang Night Huntress series na yan ah. 2 na kayo na nagrecommend, and actually in amazon taas din ng rating nya. (mailagay nga mamaya sa ereader ko at masimulan mayang gabi...la pa namang pasok bukas...sarap )

    i've read some of Nalini Singh's Psy-Changeling series pero di ko nababasa ng buo i read till 2/3-3/4 of the book then skim the ending. pero itong Guild Hunter series...well gaya nga ng sabi sa isang forum, Raphael is the alpha male of all alpha male

    btw....siempre iba-iba impact sa atin ng book, so just in case anyone says..."maganda? di naman maganda yung book ah!" ayan nagbigay na ako ng reason hehe.

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    Default Re: Chat/Discussion of the book we've Read, Book Recommendations/Suggestions...

    The art of racing in the rain, a real tear-jerker and also a fun read. I'm not a fan of races though i loved Enzo's analogies.

    The name of the wind -Patrick rothfuss. enjoyed it immensely. Smooth flowing fantasy adventure.i'm excited for the sequel.

    Ranger's apprentice- john flanagan. vivid action i can really understand.

    Garth nix's Old kingdom.7th tower's in my tbr.

    Vampire academy. reading last sacrifice

    Guild hunter -real good
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    Default Re: Chat/Discussion of the book we've Read, Book Recommendations/Suggestions...

    makisali lang po..

    mas okay po yung may ganito kasi sa dami ng nakapost na books, hindi ko na din maintindihan kung alin uunahin ko. currently reading po: All Around the Town by Mary Higgins Clark

    meron po ako neto paperback and now reading the ebook version. Maganda po sha, luma na nga lang. partly siguro gawa nung multiple personality disorder nung isang character, e medyo fascinated kasi ko sa ganun. hehehe..

    kakatapos ko lang nung Forbidden. naintriga kasi ko sa feedbacks nya sa kabilang thread. maganda yung pagkakakwento ng author, kaso prang hindi ko maintindihan kung anung feelings ko after. pero maganda nga sha promise. lalo na yung last few chapters. kinarir ko nga po yun, hindi na ko natulog matapos ko lang.

    thumbs up po sa nakaisip sa thread na to

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    Lightbulb Re: Chat/Discussion of the book we've Read, Book Recommendations/Suggestions...

    Yey for the recommendations! So many books to read, so little time.

    My recommendations (aka Books That Are Buy-Worthy If I Have Enough Ka-Ching!):


    - Sweep series by Cate Tiernan

    Grabe ang pagmamahal ko sa series na to I guess it was partly because I read this one during HS and it saved my sanity, one way to drown out inane chatter hehe.

    Loved the heroine, Morgan, I guess I can relate to her at that time (mousy hair, flat chest ), and the character interactions (Cal? Hunter? *drool*). Made me very interested in Wicca as well. Thank gulay for uploading the complete series dahil ang mahal ng complete set sa Powerbooks

    - Jessica Darling series by Megan McCafferty

    I only recommend the first two books of the series (Sloppy Firsts and Second Helpings). Sana nga diyan na lang nag-end yung series e. Hindi ko nagustuhan yung promiscuity ni Jessica when she got older , and medyo out of character at some parts. Still binasa ko pa din 'til the very bitter end. But I like pretending na nag-end sa book 2.

    - The Wardstone Chronicles / The Last Apprentice series by Joseph Delaney

    Fan kami ng cousin ko ng series na 'to, to the point na nagpapabili kami sa Tita ko sa UK ng copy and ipapa-ship dito sa Pinas as soon as it becomes available sa Amazon, hehe.

    I like the ambiance of the book, yung descriptions nararamdaman ko yung lamig nung lugar . And am very fond of the Spook (he reminds me of Dumbledore e, although mas madungis and albeit darker Dumby). I like the main characters as well, esp. Alice (nakikita ko si Anna Sophia Robb <3 sa kanya, hee).

    - Elizabeth Scott books

    I read Perfect You, loved it, and may mga parts na nakuha nung main character yung sympathy ko.

    - Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist by Rachel Cohn & David Levithan

    Am a music junkie kasi, and I loved how the authors described everything, and it's very believable even though it happened in less than 24 hours.


    - Of course auto-buy/download na si Julie James (hay, naisip ko lang kinikilig pa din ako sa Just The Sexiest Man Alive Rinding-rindi na nga yung Mare ko whenever I insist that she read it NOW! )

    @ maysapaw: Thanks for the heads-up on her new realease date! Heck of a birthday present!

    - Please don't throw tomatoes at me, but I've only ever read, uhm, 2 Jennifer Crusie's *ducks* (and medyo hindi pa kilalang books niya ata yun). BUUUT I loved those 2 books, (na nabili ko for 70Php each sa Booksale!):

    Strange Bedpersons: I have a thing for heroines' who lived in a commune / feminists / activists kasi e, but the book has funny interactions. May sinaulo nga akong line dito, although ultimate hippie era motto.
    Charlie All Night: a DJ hero? <3 'Nuff said.

    Any Crusie recommendation is very welcome.

    - My first Erin McCarthy is Smart Mouth (what a sassy heroine!!! I loved the main characters here, and the sex scenes, wow the book sizzles, another well-spent 70Php ). Am not very interested in car racing, but man, her Fast Track series had me researching about it. The 4th book, The Chase will be out on April 5 .

    - You never forget your first. My first ever foray into contemporary romance begins with Carly Phillips' Chandler Brothers <3.

    - HelenKay Dimon's Impulsive has great writing AND dialogues as well, which is what I look for in a great contemporary book.

    - Also loved Shannon McKelden's The Kiss Test (friends-turned-lovers road trip plot, don't you just love those?)

    - I only loved one Harlequin Blaze, so far: Ms Match by Jo Leigh [I like heroine's who are plain, intelligent (meaning: do not make TSTL choices) and extremely likeable]

    Since we're here at the HARLEQUIN stop, might as well give out a few recommendations:

    - Sarah Morgan (my auto-dl Harlequin author), she writes satisfying plots and likeable H/h
    - Recently discovered Karina Bliss
    - Michelle Reid
    - Kasey Michaels (Second Chance Bridal Series)
    - Liz Fielding's Mistletoe and the Lost Stiletto (read this one during the holidays)
    - Sarah Mayberry's Best Laid Plans

    PARANORMAL: (I rarely read this genre, and usually read this due to great recommendations as well)

    - PC Cast's Goddess of Summoning series
    - Nalini Singh's Psy-Changeling series
    - Zoe Archer's Blades of the Rose
    - Jill Myles' Succubus Diaries


    - McNaught of course (although I didn't like Tender Triumph that much, I had to check the cover to see if it really was a McNaught; and uhm, please don't thump me with a hardbound copy of this book, but I really wanted to strangle Clayton Westmoreland for being such a jerk, and Whitney for putting up with him)

    - I've only read Julia Quinn's Bridgerton series and I did like them as well

    - I've also read one book by this author which had me bawling my eyes out - Catherine Anderson's Simply Love

    - Caroline Linden's Reece Family series has great dialogue and plot as well

    - Sarah MacLean is another auto-buy for me. Her Eleven scan dals... will be released on April 26.

    - Let's not forget Loretta Chase ! (Mr. Impossible? Lord of Scoundrels? <3)

    - What a Scoundrel Wants, great book by Carrie Lofty featuring Will Scarlet with a special appearance by Robin Hood!

    - The Spymaster's Lady by Joanna Bourne, I cannot believe how great her writing skills are. The prose is amazing.


    - The First Time by Joy Fielding

    You would not believe the amount of tears I cried over this book. I, uhm, bought 2 copies just in case I lost the one I already have (I had a hard time looking for a copy of this book so I bought one from eBay and the other from Booksale). So if you find a copy of this one, DON'T LET GO UNTIL YOU REACH THE CASH REGISTER.

    Thank goodness I bought 2 copies, 'cause I lent my first copy to a great friend of mine, and we usually don't return books that easily to one another because of the premise that "It's not like we're not gonna see each other again right?"

    - Perfume: Story of a Murderer by Patrick Süskind

    This is not a romance book, amazing description and prose by the author. How can you beautifully describe what you smell and still keep the reader's attention? I spent a day at Powerbooks (the brand new copy I saw was around 700-800Php) trying to finish this one until I finally found and bought a used copy from eBay.

    The movie based on this book is equally great as well, it starred Alan Rickman (the reason I found out about this book was when I happened across the middle of this movie)

    - Einstein's Dreams by Alan Lightman

    Non-romance, fictional Einstein who dreams about different concepts of time. Amazing, really amazing book.

    Wow, this was longer than I intended . That's all for now, am also eager to read any of your recommendation And thank you again to the uploaders who tirelessly share their love of the written language.
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    Default Re: Chat/Discussion of the book we've Read, Book Recommendations/Suggestions...

    subscribing to this thread.

    thanks for all the suggestions. haven't done any reading in a while cuz work always seems to get in the way. pfft.

    i'll try to add my own two cents soon. keep on reading, boys and girls!

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