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    Default NDS Flashcart FAQ

    This will serve as a guide for new DS users on which flashcart you should use... if you got any flashcart related problem, you may post it here. Hope it helps!

    Please dont update your DSi/XL to 1.4.3 (latest) as some flashcarts were blocked by these updates

    What is an "NDS flashcart"?

    Flashcarts are used to play NDS roms and homebrews... think of it as a custom firmware of a psp so that it could play isos/homebrews. The good thing about "most" flashcarts, it doesn't brick the unit as the firmware is on the flashcart, not on the NDS itself.

    List of good flashcarts:

    Supercard DS two
    The Supercard DSTWO, with its beautiful Evolution (EOS) operating system and a powerful on-board processor offers unique and exciting features that you won't find anywhere else. Features such as full GBA emulation, a powerful new GUI, a real-time guide, an integrated auto-patch database, as well as being one of the few flash carts that allows users to upgrade the core firmware. If you're in the market for a sleek and feature-rich flash cart for the Nintendo DS, DS Lite, DSi or DSi XL, the Supercard DSTWO is the one for you.
    My verdict:
    The best flashcart, if you have the money. Lots of emulation to choose from (GBA, SNES, DOS etc). Newest DS roms can be played as it has an auto-patch database, bye bye AP... :P


    The Acekard 2i /AK2i adapter is the latest development in flash cartridge technology made specifically for the Nintendo DSi. The card is also fully backwards compatible and works on the Nintendo DS, Nintendo DS Lite and the Nintendo DSi. If you currently have a Nintendo DS / DS Lite, it may be worth getting the Ak2i card rather than the Ak2 so that you don't have to replace it at a later date if you update to a Nintendo DSi.
    My verdict:
    Cheaper but gets the job well done. It has AAP (Anti-anti-piracy?) so it could play new NDS roms with AP with no problems at all.


    The iEDGE is the long awaited replacement of the legendary EDGE DS, which was the most stable and reliable DS / DS Lite card ever to be released. With new Nintendo DSi / DSi XL / DSi LL support, the iEDGE comes in an incredibly robust casing which makes it incredibly sturdy. The iEDGE is also the only DS / DSi card that comes in a specialty box, a triangular shape. This makes the iEDGE especially attractive, especially as a gift.
    My verdict:
    Great flashcart, last year.... Now, it had trouble on updating its firmware so it only rely on using AP patch/fix. It had delayed firmware updates but it better late than never. A clone of CycloDS.

    R4 DS Revolution (Not to be confused with R4i[insert word here] clone)

    The R4 DS Card is the most popular Nintendo DS card on the market today. It has been available for quite some time now and it is still one of the favourites available today. The R4 DS Card does all our would want to be able to play music and watch videos on our DS. The limitations with this card are that it does not accept memory cards with capacities bigger than 2GB as this device is not SDHC compatible. However 2GB is more than enough space for most people. The other limitation is that this r4 ds card is NOT compatible with the latest Nintendo DSi game console.
    My verdict:
    Last original firmware update was 1.18. It was almost the laughing stock of all flashcart last year or two ago. But then comes the wood R4 firmware update (a firmware clone of acekard) it skyrockets the DS roms compatibility. If you got an R4 like this, get the wood firmware update asap!

    Other good R4 flashcarts were R4iDSN, R4iGold and R4iLS as they are compatible with wood R4 firmware


    The DSTTi is effectively a slightly less efficient but just-as compatible version of the R4 DS. You will notice slightly slower loading times, but compatibility is still good on the card . The DSTTi has a list-format user interface, making it ideal for playing homebrew applications/games only without multitasking. It is also able to take up to 32GB of memory.
    My verdict:
    This cart had the best compatibility on homebrew applications/games but DS roms compatibility sucks.... well as long as you are using retrogamefan's update and fixes, you will be fine. :P

    The R4 Clones

    Too many clones, some of them are worth it... most of them sucks.

    Special Mention:

    Galaxy Eagle i (GEi)

    Clone of R4i Ultra +acekard2i.

    Flashcart compatibility on NDS system:

    For NDS phat and Lite:
    All flashcarts were compatible

    For DSi/XL:
    -Supercard DStwo

    For DSi/XL with 1.4.1 firmware:
    - Acekard 2i > Firmware Update for AK2i for DSi 1.4.1 video tutorial
    -DSTTi > firmware for DSTTi 1.4.1 video tutorial
    -iEdge > Bootstrap V3 for 1.4.1 + OS 2.0 total PACK Video Tutorial
    -Supercard DStwo > Supercard DSTWO Fix for DSi 1.4.1U Video Tutorial
    - Galaxy Eagle > Galaxy Eagle (GEi) Fix for DSi 1.4.1

    Knowing what kind of R4 or DSTT clone is your flashcart:

    if it gives an error=-4 on a certain game, it is an DSTT clone.

    Flashcart Firmware Download Index


    note that they are all the official firmware updates

    By Other members:

    Quote Originally Posted by arjaylight View Post
    Slot 1 comparison from rocksoft pero outdated, atleast it will give idea

    Some infos were taken at Gbatemp and Filetrip...
    Last edited by junalorca; 5th Jul 2011 at 08:25.

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    Default Re: NDS Flashcart FAQ

    salamat dito boss Juna, need ko pa naman to kasi bibili na ako ng DS Lite next week or next2 week...hehe...salamat po

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    Default Re: NDS Flashcart FAQ

    pafs console ko NDS LITE namo ba ang dapat kung bilhin. yung talagang ma aasahan po . may malaki akong budget po.... salamat pafs

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    Default Re: NDS Flashcart FAQ

    Slot 1 comparison from rocksoft pero outdated, atleast it will give idea

    Attached Files Attached Files

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    Default Re: NDS Flashcart FAQ

    thanks pafs. sa rocksoft ka rin ba bumibili?

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    Default Re: NDS Flashcart FAQ

    yup, okay dun mga items, for the win!

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    Default Re: NDS Flashcart FAQ

    bakit puro NO yung sa R4, so mas maganda pa rin ba ang ibang Flash Cart kesa sa R4?..at ung Wood FW, magnda ba talga? lahat ba ng games nalalaro??...tnx po..pati ung RTS saving, malaking Up yun for other Card...sayang naman
    Last edited by geeway619; 19th Mar 2011 at 23:14.

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    Default Re: NDS Flashcart FAQ

    under rated ang R4 dati, kung walang wood, walang kwenta R4 kase di na sya compatible sa mga bagong games. ung original developer kase na behind R4 scene ay wala na ngayon

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    Default Re: NDS Flashcart FAQ

    boss, salamat sa attached files.

    the best flashcart talaga ang supercardDStwo... mahal sya pero its worth it.

    kung walang wood firmware at ysmenu, wala ng gagamit ng R4... :P (R4 user here)

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    Default Re: NDS Flashcart FAQ

    anung flashcarts ba ang compatibe sa 32gb SDHC .. ? compatible kaya to sa R4DS ..??

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