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Thread: Jesus & Moses

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    What Jesus & Moses

    Jesus and Moses get together for a little reunion. Moses says" I haven't parted a sea in a long time". So he raises his hands, and a sea parts. He looks a Jesus and says " Damn that was fun".

    So Jesus looks at Moses and says " I haven't walk across water in a long time". Jesus starts to walk on water. He gets out about 10 feet and sinks, so he swims back in.

    "What the hell went went wrong? I'm gonna try again."

    This time he gets out about 20 feet, and he sinks, so he swims back in.

    "I still don't know what happened, I'm gonna try one more time."

    He gets out about 30 feet and sinks, so he swims back in. He looks right at Moses and says.....

    " I know why I can't do it. The last time I tried it I didn't have holes in my feet."

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    Nyahaha.,ang pinakamatandang joke dito.,hehe.,

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    nga naman! hahahaha!

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    Quote Originally Posted by t700_825 View Post
    Nyahaha.,ang pinakamatandang joke dito.,hehe.,
    hahaha agree ako sau.. buti naretrieve mo pa 'to bro...nakashelve na ito sa book 1...thanks

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