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    Default A Tribute to All Parent's Poem Writing Contest Voting Thread

    A Tribute to All Parent's Poem Writing Contest Voting Thread

    Rules of voting:

    1. User/s can only vote for one entry.
    2. Eligible voters are those members who are registered before May 2011
    3. User/s must have a minimum of 50 post before he/she can vote on this thread.
    4. User/s must state here their chosen entry and the reason for voting the entry.
    I vote for entry no. 10 because the needed words are very much applicable and the essence of the theme are well stated.
    5. Voter's that will not state clearly their reason for voting will not be counted.
    I vote for entry no. 20 because it looks good.
    6. Voter's that will not follow the example above will not be counted.

    Deadline of voting:
    June 6, 2011 5:00 pm

    Concern's and other matter must be discuss here : POEM WRITING OF THE MONTH DISCUSSION THREAD

    The Winner will receive:

    Mobilarian Choice for Writing
    and 60 Petot load any network

    Here are the entries:

    Entry No. 1
    One Big Family

    There comes her, preparing macaroni
    With gentle voice of sweet serenity
    A loving one who harnesses my entity
    To whom I owe my very first penny

    There comes him, fixing his necktie
    Who stays beside me whenever I cry
    He never fails to make me stand
    When I need the most a helping hand

    The safest place for me is right next to them
    I feel like nothing but a precious gem
    Who'll be cherished as much as they can
    Together, they'll always be my number one fan

    I love them just the way they are
    I'll sing from my heart with my guitar
    A hug of melody, a kiss of symphony
    Together we'll be a one big family

    Entry no. 2

    reason: disobeying some rules
    Entry No. 3
    Gratitude Towards A Parent's Unfailing Love

    No one else can ever give such a wonderful gift,
    A gift that can be treasured since my childhood began to drift.
    A love of a Mother and a love a father;
    Both love and affection seemingly long unaltered .

    Eternally grateful to every moments we have,
    Discipline and respect you gave me as i breathe your love.
    Its like a Baked Macaroni that was prepared with heart,
    Remembering each endless minute, is as sweet as a tart.

    As the dawn breaks, you're there to wake me up;
    Preparing all things as i go to school and sit on your lap.
    Mesmerizing each moment at school that was clear and bright,
    As I go excited to home, waiting my mama's fairy tale tonight
    And listening to a lullaby dizzying me a sweet goodnight.

    A penny in my pocket reminds me of my youth,
    As my mama gave me a peso for my sweet tooth.
    A necktie perfectly arranged by my father for my College defense;
    Sweetest hug i recieved when i pass the test that brought a mere intense.

    You want me to never resent and fear,
    Because when i fully grow up, you dont want me to fall a tear.
    And now i have my own family you're still here,
    You're here to Guide me all throughout the year;
    Parenting me endlessly without shear.

    Oh Mama and Papa you're the best.
    Ill never forget the time we've passed the test.
    Challenges in life you're both so strong,
    You're always here beside me for so long.
    Im longing to honor you Mama and Papa because youre the best,
    Crowning you the finest Parents just like the rest.
    A kiss from me with a hug so tight,
    Praying you'll perpetually be here by my side.
    Entry No. 4
    Ma and Pa

    To guide me up knowing right from wrong
    To taught me how to read and write,
    To take care of me when I’m sick
    Who gives anything I need

    Mama's macaroni is enough
    Even a Penny Is Too Much
    I want to thank you for the delicious
    Food you always serve

    Papa thanks to the necktie you’ve gave
    The best Dad there ever was.
    You’re my father, my counselor
    And a really good friend.

    I want you to know that I love you both
    More than words can say,
    And I want to thank you for turning me into
    The man I am today.

    Words can never thank you enough
    For all of your hug,kiss and support
    That have shaped me into who I am today
    Over these many years.

    I couldn't have asked for more
    For better parents than you,
    so thank you, Mama and Papa
    For everything you do!
    Entry No. 5
    No Title

    Last night I went down and confessed to Him
    Some childish thought and kneeling in the dim
    I prayed with tears, "Dear God, take care of us
    Especially Mom who's caring and wise."

    Then i slept, i dreamt i was on her bed
    Confessed my sins and said with low bowed head
    "Oh Mom! Sorry for being hard-headed
    I promise that it will stop and end"

    I'm planning to cook macaroni for her, the same thing that she always do for me
    Thankfully, i got enough penny on my piggy
    I looked around and saw her with daddy
    She... fitting the necktie on him, they looked so lovely

    As i go back to what we've been through
    Mother, I can't help but smile when I remember you
    Those times when we close our eyes and pretend we can fly and touch the sky
    You're my wonder Mom, yes I can say

    The one who built me up when i'm so down ang can't look up
    For the tears that I shed in your eyes
    For all the pain I gave to your heart
    I don't know if a hug and kiss would worth your smile

    I'd be willing to cross every ocean
    Climbing the highest mountain, still I can
    Protect you from the enemies you have
    'Cause you're the only one, my endless love

    If for you, my precious life i would give
    Better die than see you cry i believe
    Happy Mother's Day, this are all I can give

    You're the most wonderful gift i had ever received
    And i thank God for you my dearest love
    Because without you, I'd give up.
    Entry No. 6

    Once in the middle of every year,
    A day’s dedicated to mother dear;
    Her magnificent love, tender loving care,
    So pure and unique and also is rare.

    When I was young she would prepare me macaroni,
    And I would feast and fill my empty tummy;
    And later again I would ask for a penny,
    But she’d cuddle me instead and say, “My sweet baby.”

    During meal times I would usually be greedy,
    So I’d ask for her viand to give it to me,
    And alas! she’d do it so I may eat plenty,
    And because she knew tha’d make me happy.

    Now she’s old and she easily gets weary,
    Yet my dress and necktie she lovingly prepares for me;
    When I am down she is there to pat me;
    She dries my eyes, too, when they are teary.

    Those gestures make me nostalgic, so I rem’ber,
    In the middle of the nights she’d hear me holler,
    (You know, as a kid I was a dreadful dreamer)
    She’d run to me, hug and kiss me, and whisper, “Baby I’m here.”

    My mother’s unfathomable, incomprehensible,
    Despite getting old she’s there for me giving her all;
    I know she’ll swim oceans when she’ll hear my call
    For I’m her son, and I matter amongst all.

    Entry No.7

    Precious GEM

    As I yawn for waking up so early
    I’ve already heard their voice so softly
    Saying baby “come and let’s eat a macaroni
    “For this day is your Graduation day”.

    It’s been so long since my mother cooked for me
    While my father was preparing a coffee.
    Unexpectedly a drop of tears fall from my eyes
    I don’t know why but I’m feeling high.

    For their love that was so tender
    No dollar or even a penny can level
    So I stand beside them holding my necktie
    And a hug and kiss is what I offer

    And then I realized one thing
    That we most cherished our parents while they’re here.
    Because no one can replace them
    Like a brilliant precious gem

    Entry No. 8
    No Title

    I don't know how to cook macaroni
    I haven't worked for a single penny
    I'm as much a bum as any
    It's something most won't find uncanny

    There's lots of things I want to buy
    But i've let job opportunities fly
    Decent work that requires a necktie
    Is something I would like to try

    Of all the things I cannot do
    And all the things I haven't done
    There is one point proven true
    I am a failure as a son

    A tight hug, a little kiss
    Some things i've begun to miss
    I give to those who gave me bliss
    My most unselfish wish

    To be a person who is better
    Not for me but for my father
    And for my one and only mother
    I never meant to be a bother

    And this is why I write today
    These things I cannot say
    To somehow minutely repay
    In my own silly way

    -end of list-

    Wag nyong sayangin ang boto nyo
    kung hindi nyo kayang i-justify better not to vote
    sayang lang oras mo.
    I clearly stated the requirements for voting.
    Magbasa muna kayo bago kayo bumoto
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    Default Re: A Tribute to All Parent's Poem Writing Contest Voting Thread

    I vote for entry no.8 kasi na touch ako sa kwento.inamin ng bata yung kasalanan nyat nagsisisi sya sa pagkukulang nya bilang isang anak sa magulang nya. Yun pagkakaintindi ko e nyah

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    Default Re: A Tribute to All Parent's Poem Writing Contest Voting Thread

    I vote for entry # 4 (Ma and Pa)

    Very good poem.This poem is touch my heart.The every word of this poem is perfectly matched in my life. And I love the simplicity of your poem.. so pure ..

    god bless the person who wrote this great poem.
    Last edited by akosivintot; 24th May 2011 at 21:00.

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    Default Re: A Tribute to All Parent's Poem Writing Contest Voting Thread

    i vote for entry no. 3 (gratitude towards a parent's unfailing love)
    because the essence of how a son/daughter gratifies much on his/her parents hard-work and unending guidance (with love) from a little child until he/she have his/her own family. Giving a heartfelt gratitude signifies crowning a great tribute for being a parent from the start until the end.

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    Default Re: A Tribute to All Parent's Poem Writing Contest Voting Thread

    i vote entry no. 2

    it shows how wonderful the family he/she has, the concept of the poem is just like he/she is grateful for having such a loving parents...plus it suites the theme very well
    Last edited by rockzrox; 25th May 2011 at 08:53.

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    Default Re: A Tribute to All Parent's Poem Writing Contest Voting Thread

    i vote for entry no 3.

    i just like how the writer started it and end it. The title and the body (the content) itself just fit perfectly for the theme.

    it started about emphasizing an unfathomable gift of a mother and father to his/her children which is love and that is why the children just crowned (honor, an example of a great tribute) their parents the finest parents because of their unending love and care for them. i just like the flow of story where the person started to cherish everything since he was a child, and when he goes to school, and when he goes to college, until he got married and still never forgetting that their parents are still there for them. how sweet.
    Last edited by charice12; 24th May 2011 at 23:40.

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    Default Re: A Tribute to All Parent's Poem Writing Contest Voting Thread

    Vote ko ang #2 kasi nakaka relate sa Family ko

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    Default Re: A Tribute to All Parent's Poem Writing Contest Voting Thread

    I vote for entry # 2 (LEGACY OF LOVE), nakakatouch kasi.

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    Default Re: A Tribute to All Parent's Poem Writing Contest Voting Thread

    i vote for entry #2 kasi na relate ko sa kabataan kong panahon

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    Default Re: A Tribute to All Parent's Poem Writing Contest Voting Thread

    i vote for entry no. 3

    the author knows how to create a masterpiece. he created a perfect flow of story line for the theme and he also used appropriate punctuation marks like . ; , : which are very commendable that i havent seen from the rest of the poems. the rhymes are so commendable and proper use of words and grammar are great.

    each stanza emphasizes a story of great love and gratitude towards the so called unfailing love brought by the parents to their children in which in return the children honor their parents and cherishes everything. hence it fully showcases the whole meaning of the theme.
    Last edited by Jerjohn; 25th May 2011 at 10:42.

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