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Hello mga kaSymb,

Gawa ako ng thread for Desire users. Nagsearch ako dito and wala akong nakita. Dito tayo magshare ng tips and tricks for our beloved device!


As for me last Saturday ko lang nakuha itong akin. I swapped my iPhone 3GS for HTC Desire in Greenhills. Yes you read that right. I did and totally 100% walang pagsisisi!

So far eto na mga nagawa ko. First Android phone ko din pala ito.
1. Root your HTC Desire using Unrevoked 3.32.
2. S-OFF your HTC Desire using AlphaRev Reflash utility via USB Method
3. Create SD card EXT partition for A2SD enabled ROMs using ClockWorkMod recovery or ROM Manager.

Just follow it step by step sure fire yan. Post kayo dito kung magkaproblema.

Some more useful links I used so far.
1. Remove stock Apps that you don't need and wasting precious Internal storage.
2. Video tutorial for NOOB proof HTC Desire users.
3. Restore default Boot IMAGE on your HTC Desire.
4. Restore default Boot ANIMATION on your HTC Desire.
5. Boot Animation Gallery.
6. Increase HTC Desire battery life.

UPDATES as of 7/13/2011:
Current Market Price:
according to ebay.ph:

according to ragnarok:

About Warranty and Rooting:

For all your ROM downloads and repository, please go to:
FBT Settings for HTC Desire using Magic IP courtesy of ragnarok:

Pakitest na lang po. Kung hindi gumana please look for working IPs in the Network Operators section. This is not a FBT/UBT thread.

ROMs Tested by members:
1. LeeDroid GB with Sense | A2SD+
2. InsertCoin 1.0.8 GB with Sense 2.1 / 3.0 | A2SD+
3. AcesRom7 GB with Sense 2.1 / 3.0
4. LeeDroid 3.3.1 HD Rom GB with with Sense 2.1
5. MIUI.us 1.9.9

Post lang kayo ng questions if you're interested on some facts on these roms and users who have tried will try to answer your queries.

Where to download RUU ROMs (for those wanting to unroot/restore to stock ROMs)

Official HTC Stock GB ROM with Sense2.1 released!! Download here.
- FLASH AT YOUR OWN RISK as reports says that you will not be able to change your bootloader with this update. Meaning No Root, S-OFF yet for this update.

UPDATES as of 8/18/2011:
These are prerequisites before you can install CM7 (Cyanogenmod AOSP custom ROM) on HTC Desire.
First requirement for Cyanogenmod is to change your HBOOT Partition to its own custom partition from Alpharev site.
Below are the steps on how to flash this new partition to your device.

Guides on how to flash your HBOOT Partition:
1. Download CM7r2 image from Alpharev. http://alpharev.nl/bravo_alphaspl-cm7r2.img
2. Download attached FastbootCommander below.
3. Reboot your desire into FastBoot mode. Turn Off your phone. Press Vol Down plus Power at the same time. Once bootloader appears (screen with three androids at the bottom), select FastBoot.
4. Plug your phone into your PC. Your phone should display FASTBOOT USB.
5. Run FastbootCommander. Click on Hboot/spl and select the downloaded .img file from Step 1.
6. Click on Flash SPL. This shouldn't take long (around 1-2 secs only).
7. Verification if successful will only happen once we install CM7. Internal Mem will be 240+ MB.

Perform a Full Wipe (Data/Cache/Dalvik) before installing CM7.
Installation of custom ROM using Recovery (ZIP)
1. Get latest build from Cyanogenmod for HTC Desire. You can choose between Stable, Release candidate and Nightly builds. I am using the Stable version 7.0.3.
Stable version: http://download.cyanogenmod.com/?typ...e&device=bravo
Release Candidate: http://download.cyanogenmod.com/?type=RC&device=bravo
Nightly build: http://download.cyanogenmod.com/?typ...y&device=bravo
2. Download Google Apps update from Cyanogenmod if you would need any Google apps. As for my case, I need it since all my contacts are synced in my Gmail account.
Get the one for Cyanogenmod 7: http://wiki.cyanogenmod.com/index.ph...on/Google_Apps
3. Customize and Enjoy!!

UPDATES as of 11/10/2011:
Useful / Reference links:

more to come...
my Current and recommended ROM

Since MIUI.us GB version has been discontinued, I am now using Runnyrom v6.1.1 with Sense 3.5. Unless ICS 4.0.4 with Sense 4 will be released, this will be my ROM until my Desire's dying days.

Part 1: http://www.mediafire.com/?b4j6mce3kirwk2k
Part 2: http://www.mediafire.com/?2zlg9z01wii62u5

Madami salamat boss...