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    Default Apple iGames coming our way?

    Now this doesn’t mean that Apple has any real games in the works, but it does certainly look like Apple at least wants to keep the space open for themselves with regards to games using the Apple name. The folks over at Trademork.com caught wind of a filing made last week by Apple to the USPTO to protect the Apple name as it relates to gaming hardware, including hand-held units, video game machines, toys and battery powered computer games, among others.

    It wouldn’t be surprising to see Apple head this way with some type of iGames, however. In case you hadn’t noticed, they seem to have made quite a hit with handheld media players, the iPod if I remember correctly, and a certain touch-screen mobile phone seemed to also gain quite a bit of attention lately.

    We’d need to see something a little more definitive than this game mock-up and a trademark filing before we get too excited about gaming devices from Apple, but it all has to start somewhere.

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    Default Re: Apple iGames coming our way?

    ....ang panget!!!hehehe parang ipod lng n nlagyan ng joystick...

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    Default Re: Apple iGames coming our way?

    i don't think this is a great gadget..with psp as of tody, it's hard...but they domain with music

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    Default Re: Apple iGames coming our way?

    para nga, parang for compliance nlng to to join with the handheld war, pero malay natin baka umusad din ang apple sa game genre with their known computer processors at baka magdevelop cla ng games with touchscreen games, next time ull know ull be punchin the sreen just to win a boss in a boxing game...

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    Default Re: Apple iGames coming our way?

    hmm...no need for iGames na siguro, andyan na ang PSP from Sony na fully established na sa console gaming (and now sa handheld), what more apple iGame can offer kung mag eexist pa to? dapat higitan nila ang features ng PSP (or PSP2 kung may dadating man in the future ^^)

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