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    Celebrate Mobilarian SOTW #4

    ••• Mobilarian SOTW 4 •••

    Theme: VECTOR

    Dimension limit: 400px x 150px

    File size limit: 100kb

    Required Tag: Mobilarian.com

    Number of Entries: 1

    Number of Edits: 2

    (pm me before you edit your post entry)

    Premade Sig Not Allowed

    No Animation

    PSD File Required (for inspection)

    TIP: RENDER is not required to be transformed to vector. You can crop and manipulate it to fit your need. but all four band members must be present on the siggy.

    REMINDER: vector must be dominant

    NOTICE: follow rules to avoid disqualification.

    BONUS PRIZE : 30 pesos load (winner will be Private Messaged) yan lang kaya ko..

    Due date: March 29, 2008 23:59 +8

    post comments and violent reactions HERE

    Download Required Render to use:

    render also attached below
    Attached Images Attached Images
    Last edited by light; 24th Mar 2008 at 02:43. Reason: added render.. lets get it on

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    Default Re: Mobilarian SOTW #4

    Grabe ang hirap! dito na ata ako pinakanahirapan!

    Hope you like it!

    Last edited by jacajo; 27th Mar 2008 at 18:59.

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    Hats Off Re: Mobilarian SOTW #4

    eto poh ba yung vector?...

    psd will be attach soon...

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    Default Re: Mobilarian SOTW #4

    pa-join din poh....

    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Question Re: Mobilarian SOTW #4

    entry ko po

    PSD file po
    Last edited by celestial_hunter; 26th Mar 2008 at 21:22.

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    Default Re: Mobilarian SOTW #4

    entry ko


    ================================================== ===================

    ang hirap mag vector inabot ako ng siyam siyam
    Attached Images Attached Images
    Last edited by globenet25user; 27th Mar 2008 at 21:55. Reason: 2nd edit

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    kuroro lucifer

    Coffee Re: Mobilarian SOTW #4

    newbie.. damit lang ang vectored..
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    Default Re: Mobilarian SOTW #4

    sali uli..

    Attached Files Attached Files
    Last edited by hOe; 28th Mar 2008 at 04:39.

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    Default Re: Mobilarian SOTW #4

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    Default Re: Mobilarian SOTW #4

    I <3 this band

    visit spongecola.t35.com for more


    Last edited by .rika; 30th Mar 2008 at 23:40.

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