last month, we ran out of grains, hmm... so i bought 4 kilos or something..a good quality rice,well-milled,glossy and if cooked ,indeed it is satisfying.. it costs P27/kilo..

2 weeks later.i bought again it changed its price to P28/kilo..

another week had passed..


then i bought yesterday its already P31/kilo..

because our house is accessible to all kinds of necessities..

example: station, memorial/cemetery,wet market.pawnshop, bakery, transportation..

I am very updated..

we don't have a maid..

so i'm helping my mom to budget all our expenses and income..
coz i'm the eldest and maybe it's lucky enough for me if i would think it's a training as a management student and later on if i'll be able to have a family..

i am grateful because we can still afford to buy those stuff..

but if you'll gonna ask yourself..

how about those people whom cannot afford to buy?

then i heard it on news that we're running out of rice...a shortage?

how could it be?

what's the use of our president whose said to be an economist?

I watched all of her SONA's , few were implemented several were ignored..

it is always ZTE scan dals all about politics, wiretapping.etc..

why can't just focus on the real thing?

those people who are in need..

is it beneficial nor efficient to the country's needs if they tackled about scan dals regarding dishonesty,corruption,heinous crime,morbid issues,..

sometimes i wonder..

is there really someone who is honest and brave to conduct and implement things that might be able to help our country..

we are a blessed country..

and i firmly believe and i still have a hope something might change..

if we start it right now..

eradication of these is impossible but a possibility of uplifting ourselves from where we are right now may serve as an inspiration to everyone..

an urge..

a tenacity is needed for us to survive..

im still hoping..

i wanted to help because i myself don't want to experience poverty..thou i've been there? especially if i know that i can do something or we can do something?

come to think of it..

we are blessed..