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    Celebrate July Poem Writing Contest Voting Thread

    I came from Adan and Eve Poem Writing Contest Voting Thread

    Rules for Voting
    1. User/s can only vote for one entry.
    2. Eligible user/s are those member who are registered before July 1, 2011.
    3. User/s must have a minimum of 50 post before he/she can vote on this thread
    4. Proper way of voting as quoted below:
      I vote for entry no. 7 because the topic for this month is well stated.
    5. Voter/s who will not follow the stated example above will not be counted.
    6. Campaigning thru PERSONAL MESSAGE is very much prohibited.
    7. To all participants don't give your thanks to the voters, might as well save it for the last day of voting.

    Criteria for judging:
    Form: 20%
    -includes literariness of the poem..literay device rhyme..and coherence to the form if the poetry is with form

    Style and originality:20%
    -the style of writing ang interpretation of the theme and the uniqueness of the poem

    -adherence to the topic

    -the ideas,philosopy and ideology the author relays through his poem

    -how the author built up his poem and how he was able to present his ideas that makes the poem whole.

    Deadline for voting
    July 26, 2011 5:00 pm Mobilarian time.

    Comments, Suggestion, Critics, Violent Reaction Please post it here
    Mobilarian Poem Writing Contest Discussion Thread

    Prices for the winner:
    1. Mobilarian Choice in Writing

    2. 60 pesos worth of load in any network

    Here are the Entries

    Entry no. 1

    Green apple of sin
    Decieved the first King and Queen-
    Banished from Eden

    Angel starts to cry
    Murmuring snake from the depths-
    Cast the evil plan

    God release the pain
    Men grasp all the sufferings-
    Deaths and agony

    Men did'nt give up
    They all wished for forgiveness-
    Trust is what they have

    People starts to pray
    And hoping for that one day-
    Salvation of men

    Myth becomes legend
    And the light pierce through the mist-
    Darkness is over
    Entry no. 2
    With Roots Above and Branches Below

    So called them the roots
    We came to them us branches
    Name adam and eve

    Apple was the fruit
    Which term as "forbidden fruit"
    Bearer of all sins

    Tempted them to eat
    Lead to suffer the God's rage
    In their home eden

    Casted from above
    They are messengers of God
    An Angel to guide

    Ruled by the serpent
    Deceiving whispers of snake
    Was root of evil

    We were came from them
    Why we suffer the same fate
    and have sinned like them

    To save us from sins
    with eternal salvation
    Of His Son Jesus

    How lucky all man
    For they receive the God's Love
    Holds the light of life

    Us branches below
    Spread the good news from his words
    Pray for his guidance
    Entry no. 3
    I came from Adam and Eve

    Barren Soil it was
    Seeds of first came into land
    Apple it was named

    More Seeds Came above
    To form a great place called Eden
    A Paradise of Gods

    Angels Roam this Land
    There Power won’t be enough
    Suffering takes place

    From the depths of Earth
    This Creature was born of fire
    Deception it tries

    Magnificent Disguise
    Snake made self Butterfly
    Tinged Apple at hand

    Deception made it
    A crunch from that apple heard
    A beauty ate it

    A source of pure evil
    Rushed to her untainted Vein
    Never to be washed

    Shine from the body
    Came into a halt forever
    A light source faded

    A sin introduced
    In a body so fragile
    A burden forever

    Generations comes
    Carrying this old lineage
    Illusion of past
    Entry no. 4


    Accidental sin
    sharing an apple with Eve
    Adam fall to deep

    expulsion from home
    was God's ultimate sanction
    Men are on their own

    Eden was before
    Now only pain and sorrow
    we all need pardon

    angel in disguise
    fooled a man he could get wise
    if he'll take a bite

    having no clothes on
    came self-realization
    alas the snake won

    rule violated
    sin was deeply embedded
    evil succeeded

    back into the light
    all we need is repentance
    and follow Thy God.
    end of list
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    Default Re: July Poem Writing Contest Voting Thread

    I vote poem number #1 the simple wordings are not too deep,easy to understand.
    pero para sa akin..
    Para sakin ha,mukhang may kulang lang para makuha nya yong theme na nanggaling tayo kay adam and eve. Pero ayos lang maganda. Maganda din po ibang entries, para sakin panalo kayo lahat hehe goodluck sa inyo

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    Default Re: July Poem Writing Contest Voting Thread

    i vote for entry no.4,kasi maayos naman siya di ko, masarap basahin at nakukuha ng konti ang tema, maayos din naman yung iba napapalayo lang ng kontin...

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    Default Re: July Poem Writing Contest Voting Thread

    my vote goes to number 4.
    direct. maikli at nagkakasunod sunod or may connect yung previous stanza sa mga susunod.
    pwede mo isa-isahin bawat haiku tapos may maiintindihan ka pa rin.

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    Default Re: July Poem Writing Contest Voting Thread

    I vote for entry no. 1,haiku form kuhang kuha nya,pag binasa mo captured images sya..medyo bitin lang ng konti pero sa wordings ok sya madali lang intindihin..sapul din ang tema..kahit hindi nya nabanggit na nanggaling sya kila adam and eve in general,na explain nya kung pano nanatili ang mga tao na tapat kahit ganun ang ginawa ng unang ama at ina.,para sa akin ha,kung i-interpret mo ng maige maiintindihan mo ung haiku nya

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    Default Re: July Poem Writing Contest Voting Thread

    boboto nako

    i will cast my vote for entry no. 4 "Peccancy"

    bakit number 4?

    maganda lahat ng entries pero kailngan magvote

    pag theme kasi ang pinag-usapan para sakin parehas lahat yung apat na di masyadong tumbok sa theme..kaya ruled out ko na to..

    lahat naman sila haiku..

    pero nagustuhan ko yung number 4 dahil hindi pilit yung pagka lagay ng mga lines..smooth basahin at malinaw pagka construct
    hindi pinilit na magkasya sa 5 at 7 syllables.

    congrats sa lahat ng nagpasa

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    Default Re: July Poem Writing Contest Voting Thread

    Ako rin I vote no. 4

    Dahil sabi ni nga ni Mind_Freak...

    dahil hindi pilit yung pagka lagay ng mga lines..smooth basahin at malinaw pagka construct
    hindi pinilit na magkasya sa 5 at 7 syllables.

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    Default Re: July Poem Writing Contest Voting Thread

    I vote for number.
    kasi kung babasahin mo, parang normal na poem pero kakaibang kakaiba.
    dahil siguro sa, oo nasunod niya yung haiku format, pero yung words niya maiintindihan mo agad yung gusto sabihin. mga familiar words na swak na swak lang. parang 3 in 1.

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    Default Re: July Poem Writing Contest Voting Thread

    I vote for entry no. 4 because of the fact na, na express nya yung gusto nyang sabihin sa mga simple ngunit malulupit na mga salita at pasok na pasok naman sa banga ng theme ang kanyang nagawa....

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    Default Re: July Poem Writing Contest Voting Thread

    i vote for entry #4 Peccancy.. (kahit di ko alam ang meaning ng title)

    uhm..kasi maganda ang flow at pagkadeliver ng sulatin..
    kahit ulit-ulitin ko di ako nabored magbasa..smooth kumbaga..
    Last edited by breaker004; 21st Jul 2011 at 09:54. Reason: reason

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