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Thread: Lessons In Love

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    Jar Lessons In Love

    Love is just a friendship on fire. To love, you must learn how to be a friend.

    A friend is someone who accepts and loves you unconditionally- despite your frailties, faults, failures, and flaws. Love is that great spiritual fire between two friends that can keep burning throughout thier lives to bring warmth and security. However, it is a fire that must be tended with great care. Do not let the flame burn out! Consistent attention and caring must be given to it so the fire will keep burning.
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    sis, how to keep the fire burning? how difficult is it?

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    HIYAY! sis wag na tanong kasi pati ako hindeko alam kung how! ikaw wat u think? how? nabasa ko lng yan kanina! pfft!

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    I dont know...
    I think every experience is another lesson in love ....
    Id like to recommend, you read the books of Leo Buscaglia sis...all about Loving Relationship ....

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    Sis gustuhin ko man... how? wala kaya yan d2

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    sis, si fico..ask him ...padala ka books niya

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    hahahah! hays! ok lng! pag balik ko nlng! bili ako nationwide man kaya yan!
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    Default Lessons In Love

    Be loyal to those who love you.

    You are truly blessed when someone loves you. A person has picked you from the masses of people in the world and take care of it as you would a treasure that you have found in life. Some people go through life not knowing the magnificence of love because they failed to see the value to love itself.

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    Nice sis...halata inlove ang thread starter ah

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    Hiyay! inlove ba?

    be thankful to those people na who loved you

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