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    Default Mobilarian SOTW #07

    SOTW #7

    Theme: Stop Fraudulent Activities - Referral, Reputation, Thanks Fraud

    Dimension limit: 400px x 150px

    File size limit: 100kb

    Required Tag: Mobilarian.com also Please DO NOT INSERT YOUR NAME (this is for other members may have the opportunity to use your entry in the future)

    Number of Entries: 1

    Number of Edits: 2 (pls post your edited entry below the original entry...)

    Premade Sig Not Allowed

    Animation is allowed but within the file size limit.

    PSD File Required (for inspection)

    Use any render or stock provided it details or is appropriate on the given theme.

    NOTICE: follow rules to avoid disqualification.

    BONUS PRIZE : 60 pesos load (winner take all and will be Private Messaged)

    Due date: April 26, 2008 23:59

    for inquiries, comments and related discussions, PLEASE CLICK HERE

    the entries will have a chance to be included on the coming Mobilarian predefined signatures. so do your best guys!!! thank you...

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    Default Re: Mobilarian SOTW #07

    1st edit

    my final entry..psd later

    Last edited by .rika; 26th Apr 2008 at 16:10.

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    Default Re: Mobilarian SOTW #07

    pasali na naman .. God bless sa lahat..

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    • File Type: psd 1.psd (949.1 KB, 2 views)
    Last edited by proteus665; 23rd Apr 2008 at 12:45.

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    Default Re: Mobilarian SOTW #07

    heto akin.. wala na kong maisip na da' best dito..

    my final entry?
    could be, could be not....

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    Default Re: Mobilarian SOTW #07

    pasali poh...

    psd file
    Last edited by hzel_; 21st Apr 2008 at 22:21.

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    Default Re: Mobilarian SOTW #07

    pa try ulit hehe...
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    Default Re: Mobilarian SOTW #07

    pasali ulit
    entry ko and its final
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    Last edited by xandercazz; 24th Apr 2008 at 10:12. Reason: wrong spelling of fraudulent lmfao!

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    Default Re: Mobilarian SOTW #07

    makikisiksik lang! 1st time
    baka magbago pa po ako ng entry
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    Last edited by jefferzee; 24th Apr 2008 at 19:07.

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    Default Re: Mobilarian SOTW #07

    hey there

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    Last edited by caiaphas; 25th Apr 2008 at 00:18.

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    Default Re: Mobilarian SOTW #07

    sali-sali lang goodluck everyone
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