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    Arrow September Poem Writing Contest Voting Thread

    Fire and Ice
    Poem Writing Contest Voting Thread

    Rules for Voting
    1. User/s can only vote for one entry.
    2. Eligible user/s are those member who are registered before August 1, 2011.
    3. User/s must have a minimum of 50 post before he/she can vote on this thread
    4. Proper way of voting as quoted below:
      I vote for entry no. 7 because the topic for this month is well stated.
    5. Voter/s who will not follow the stated example above will not be counted.
    6. Campaigning thru PERSONAL MESSAGE is very much prohibited.
    7. To all participants don't give your thanks to the voters, might as well save it for the last day of voting.

    Criteria for judging:
    Form: 20%
    -includes literariness of the poem..literay device rhyme..and coherence to the form if the poetry is with form

    Style and originality:20%
    -the style of writing ang interpretation of the theme and the uniqueness of the poem

    -adherence to the topic

    -the ideas,philosopy and ideology the author relays through his poem

    -how the author built up his poem and how he was able to present his ideas that makes the poem whole.

    Deadline for voting
    September 30, 2011 5:00 pm Mobilarian time.

    Comments, Suggestion, Critics, Violent Reaction Please post it here
    Mobilarian Poem Writing Contest Discussion Thread

    Prices for the winner:
    1. Mobilarian Choice in Writing

    2. 60 pesos worth of load in any network

    Here are the Entries

    Entry No. 1

    Warm Like Ice

    Fiction, make-believe
    Monsters of modern folklore –
    Mortal’s amusement.

    You’re the one I love –
    You’re the one I should not love
    And yet we collide.

    Adrift by nature
    The lightness of this dispute –
    Affection begins.

    Lying next to you
    Here in the world of darkness
    My arms felt no warmth.

    Fire and ice maybe
    My flame goes like a meteor
    Unto your coldness.

    Cold-hands take the heat
    Your grey eyes suddenly changed –
    Watching it go green.

    In a ring of whiff –
    The scent of the cold-blooded
    They’re here, they’re closer.

    As the tension flood
    These lightened candles around –
    They suddently died.

    Hell against heaven
    We are expecting no hope
    Destiny’s cruel.

    And then it struck me
    For the first time I felt cold
    It’s my fate, don’t cry.
    Entry No. 2

    Message of Error

    When two hearts collide,
    the Antarctic will subside-
    to bring paradise.

    Lightness will arise,
    clearing all the fainted hearts-
    that once knew what's love.

    Absence of true love-
    definitely brings darkness-
    into our whole life.

    But a meteor can-
    bring warmth to us through its light.
    Its warmth is freezing.

    Flood of emotions-
    is a sanctuary of life.
    Please take down the knife.

    Hope colors our faith.
    Giving forever in life.
    Let be Him our God!

    Entry No. 3

    A Reason for Existence

    the fire and ice
    two elements of science
    never can collide

    like lightness of sun
    that sheds the earth by daytime
    turns darkness by night

    like meteor fall
    gone in just blink of an eye
    true rare to witness

    like flood overflows
    people can't just stop some things
    and overcome change

    like the lonesome seeds
    some can't grow to be a tree
    but as plants instead

    learn to accept facts
    things got different value
    different meanings

    god didn't make things
    to be non-sense nor useless
    yet interesting

    we can all just hope
    things go the way they should be
    just like our god's will

    -end of list-

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    Default Re: September Poem Writing Contest Voting Thread

    pwede na ba bumoto? boto na ko ha, sa 3 po ang boto ko, sa unang linya pa lang may gusto na syang sabihin. gusto ko yung umpisang part tugma sa huli, ganda,

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    Default Re: September Poem Writing Contest Voting Thread

    paboto po sa 3rd Entry.

    maganda kasi yung pagka gamit sa Key Words na binigay, at hindi nawala sa naging topic yung tula ..

    tama rin 3 Syllables ang Meteor, sa Fire 2

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    Default Re: September Poem Writing Contest Voting Thread

    Entry #3 plus 1 , maayos ang pagdadala niya ng tula, related siya sa buhay ko.
    Last edited by X-Gold [DSX]; 26th Sep 2011 at 08:54.

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    Default Re: September Poem Writing Contest Voting Thread

    Pavote na rin. #3 po! Un lang. Dapat kapital ung "G" sa God. un lang naman napancin ko. Ayos!

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    Default Re: September Poem Writing Contest Voting Thread

    i'l vote for entry #2 very nice poem well delivered.

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    Default Re: September Poem Writing Contest Voting Thread

    i vote for entry no. 3
    nice poem

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    Default Re: September Poem Writing Contest Voting Thread

    I vote for entry no. 2 because it's very simple

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    Default Re: September Poem Writing Contest Voting Thread

    poem no. 1.......maiba lang...joke!!...

    ...i like deep poems...one that will leave you thinking..."what the heck is that?"

    ...so #1 for me...

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    Default Re: September Poem Writing Contest Voting Thread

    my vote goes to entry #3..

    there IS a reason for our existence, tsaka totoong lahat tayo ay binigyan ng Diyos ng buhay para magkaroon ng dahilan para mabuhay.. ang gulo, haha

    basta maganda ang pagkakagawa, sa nagsulat nito, suddenly nagkaroon ng unbeknownst scintilla deep inside me.. xD

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