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    Thumbsup [HOT]increase your PC performance

    Error Fix 2.8.4194.500 | 3.5 MB

    ErrorFix offers users a chance to restore to their PCs to optimal performance. The software constitutes the industry's leading registry scanning and repair technology blended with an easy-to-use interface that makes the process of cleaning your Registry both elegant and efficient. Certified to run on every Windows Platform, ErrorFix can detect the corrupt paths, redundant entries, and outdated file shortcuts that can make a computer run slowly or display error messages.

    ErrorFix's Easy-to-Use Cleaning Program Lets you…

    Clean your registry and fix the entries that cause errors.

    Organize and remove startup programs that can make your computer slow to start up.

    Remove detected registry errors manually or automatically.

    Increase your PC's Bootup and shutdown speeds!

    Update Critical Microsoft® Windows™ components as well as popular software such as Java™, javascript™, Adobe®, Internet Explorer™, and others.

    Back up your Registry automatically and securely.

    Clean out junk data, redundant files, invalid shortcuts and outdated help files.

    Rectify Runtime Errors and Windows Startup Errors.

    Excise Corrupted DLL files.

    Eliminate IExplorer Errors.

    Correct File Path Errors and "Item Cannot be Found" Errors.


    sa mga mod paki delete nalang po if repost.

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    Default Re: [HOT]increase your PC performance

    trial version po b ito? my crack po b? or activation key?
    Pinoy kc <---- medyo mahilig sa free.. hehe!

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    Default Re: [HOT]increase your PC performance

    Quote Originally Posted by darkreaper41 View Post
    trial version po b ito? my crack po b? or activation key?
    Pinoy kc <---- medyo mahilig sa free.. hehe!


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    Default Re: [HOT]increase your PC performance

    pde k rin punta sa site na 2 http://www.infotechywiz.com/2012/05/...rformance.html for more info about increasing computer performance

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