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    Default Re: Literati Presents. . . Request A Poem Thread


    Medium: english
    Prefered title: Alone for the Happiness
    Theme/content: selfishness
    Details: i'm happy when there's no people that i can see, because when i'm with them, i feel goose bump beneath my knees,.. I think im lose when i see my own kind

    medium: _____________ Tagalog po
    preferred title: ________________ "Pagkain ng gulay ugaliin, araw-araw itong ihain!"
    theme/content: _________________ pang nutrition month po ito

    na post ko n din po sa thead mo. kaso d pa n update. TIA po.
    medium: Tagalog
    preferred title: Hndi ko alam kung anu ang ippamgat ko.
    theme/content: Tula n Ttugma sa birthday ng chatmate ko.
    details: Hndi pa kmi nag-kta peru gusto ko ipaalam s knya n mhalga sya sa akin. Sna mtapus ang request ko ang bgu ang B-day nya sa Agusto 12. Mraming slamat po sa LITERATI.
    Medium: ENGLISH
    Preferred Title: even a stranger can fall inlove with an angel
    Theme/Content: sikretong pagibig
    Details: di po kami close and hindi nya rin po ko kakilala pero i'm falling inlove for her secretly kaya gusto ko syang bigyan ng poem na kahit papano maeexpress ko o maipaparating yung nararamdan ko sa kanya kahit papano ..may bf na po sya pero wala naman akong intensyon na manggulo ..basta makarating lang sa kanya na may mga kamay na nakabukas para sa kanya kung sakaling wala na syang matakbuhang iba .
    ,ichelle grace

    medium: English
    preferred title:
    Till Death Do Us Part
    theme/content: Love
    details: Para po sa asawa ko 2. 2years po kming mg-bf b4 kmi ngpkasal. And 5years n po kming kasal ngaun. Bale, 7 years n po kming mgkasama dis Dec. 12.. S 7years po n un, dmi po nming npgdaanang trials. Tpos mnsan nrn po kming ngkahiwalay dhl s hnd pgkkaintindihan. Pro d po sya sumuko hnggang s bumalik ako s knya. Nais ko lng po syang pasalamatan dhl hnd po sya sumuko skin. S wlang sawang pgmamahal at pg-intindi skn dhl sobrang moody po ako.

    Sna po mgawan nyo po ako ng poem. Salamat po ng marami in advance.

    dito ko na po lalagay mga request.. puno na yung sa first page. hehehe. those in blue colors means they are done. do the red ones.
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    Default Re: Literati Presents. . . Request A Poem Thread

    emzyme, eto na yung rerquest mo. medyo pinalitan ko lang yung title. saka medyo hirap gawing theme yung selfishness, kasi sabi mo naman masaya dpat pag alone. pasensya na sa nakayanan ko:


    Hiding from the crowd
    Free from prying eyes
    Contented and secured
    The darkness, my guard.

    Indeed I am frightened
    By the presence of my kind
    I feel a chilling cold
    And my knees start to fold.

    The hideous face of humanity
    Cripples what starts to bud in me
    The blazing fire in their eyes
    Consumes the life in me.

    But when alone in the dark
    Life starts to spark
    I see the blinding light of beauty
    And I can’t help but to be happy.


    LadyCyber, to na yung request mo:

    Ikaw lang

    Ikaw lang walang iba
    Ang nais kong makasama
    pero pano nga ba mangyayari
    ngayon ay malayo ka

    Gusto kitang makita
    masulyapan lang sa twina
    di ko mawari itong nadarama
    ako'y ba'y malungkot o masaya

    Sayong darating na kaarawan
    sana maging masaya ka
    tanging masasabi ko lang
    Mahalaga ka at wala ng iba

    Wala man ako sa tabi mo
    Basta ito lang tandaan mo
    palagi akong nandito
    Naghihintay lang para sayo.


    to franciskit, eto na yung sayo. di ko alam kung poem ito o prose, either way, it's an expression of emotion

    Falling With an Angel

    Your cute little eyes
    Pass through me,
    It makes me feel invisible –

    But still my eyes see your beauty.

    Your little ears
    Notice not my words,
    I am unheard by you –

    But my ears love to listen to your calming voice.

    Your cute nose
    Smells nothing of my simple fragrance,
    It makes me feel unnoticed –

    Still, I love smelling your scent.

    Your throbbing heart
    Beats only for someone,
    It makes me feel unloved --

    Nonetheless, my heart only speaks for you.

    You may have not known me
    I may be afar
    I may be a stranger
    But a stranger may fall in love with an angel.
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    Default Re: Literati Presents. . . Request A Poem Thread

    help po, need po ng analysis
    nitong poem
    Coming to Grief
    Mother's coming to grief
    Is a blach shroud flung Over vast spaces of the day.
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    It does not discriminate what
    Corners to pall it over.
    The entire house is a tomb. .
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . All passages of escape have
    Blocked, all because this
    Mother chooses to rehearse
    her grief In a role she and she can only
    play. .
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    Until she says, here ye,
    It is over, we are ourselves
    In death's deepest grip As her grief spills over. .
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    And until she stirs from her
    Own grim grave of grief
    We are ourselves immobilized
    Till she herself comes to. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    sana matulungan niu po ako..
    salamat ng marami

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    Default Re: Literati Presents. . . Request A Poem Thread

    to michelle grace, here's your poem:

    Thank you

    You are my knight
    Constantly giving a fight
    Always swaying his sword
    Like a warlord.

    You do not easily bend
    From enemies you fend
    No matter how gray the day
    Even if there’s not a pin light ray.

    Thank you my love, my dear
    Thank you for the cheer
    For pushing my fears
    For wiping my tears.

    Thank you for not giving up on me
    No matter how I appear to be
    Thank you for taking me into your hands
    Thank you my loving husband.

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    Default Re: Literati Presents. . . Request A Poem Thread

    mga requests:


    Medium: english
    Prefered title: Kayo na po bahala
    Theme/content: Friendship
    Details: This is about the friend that i've loss becuase of a sin and mistake i've should not done. nag-uusap pa din kami pero nawala na yung dati. yung meron kami dat, yung masayang biruan, kulitani. I really regret losing her. i want to ask for appology to all i've done and hoping someday na mababalik yung nawala kung kaibigan. It really hurts me inside. lalo na ang makita ang reality na parang di ko na mababalik yung pagkakaibigan namin. She's one of the important person in my life. thank you po sa magawa.


    medium: taglish kung anu sa tingin niyo po na maganda (eto yung lenguahe)preferred title: kayo na po bahala (may gusto kabang title na gustong gamitin)
    theme/content: tungk0 po sa pag-ibig (tungkol bato sa pag-ibig, galit,nature, salawahan napartner, pag-hihiganti, relihyon, etc)
    details: matagal ko na po to nililigawan eh,hinahatid po pa nga pag nagkakahiwalay na ang barkada pero ewan ko parang wala lang,d ko maintindihan kasi minsa sweet sa tapos minsan sungit, kaya sana maigawaan niyo po ako ng poem na napakar0mantic. name niya po pala eh CZARINA KATE (ibigay po lahat ngdetalye na pwedengibigay. explanationkung kinakailangan)

    medium: English
    preferred title: kayo nalang po mag lagay kung ok lang
    theme/content: pag-ibig poh
    details: yung kahit na dalawa kami ng kaibigan ko boyfriend nya ngayon mamahalin ko parin sya ng buong puso at umaasang mahalin nya narin ng tulad ng pagmamahal ko sakanya

    sana may makagawa para sakin salamat in advance po

    Parequest po sana ts. Para sa birthday ng gf ko sa sept. 29.
    Medium: tagalog po sana
    Preferred title:anything na akma po sa tema
    Content: kahit 4 stanza lang po na nagpapahiwatig ng pagbati ng kaarawan at pagmamahal sa kanya
    Details: 21st birthday nya po,11 mos. Na kami at mahal na mahal ko siya.
    Salamat po.
    red means to do
    blue means done
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    Default Re: Literati Presents. . . Request A Poem Thread

    for onetoothfree

    Ang Regalo

    Hey, you! It's your birthday
    Ilang days na ko nagpupuyat
    Just to think of a gift na will fit.

    May cards at flowers
    Cute at nakakaakit
    Just like your smile
    Simple pero pamatay.
    Pwede din namang chocolates and cake.
    Sweet like your personality.
    Kahit minsan ako'y naughty
    You never fail to show that you love me.

    I could also give you a dress
    Yung bagay sa aking princess.
    Naisip ko din ang jacket
    Para hindi malamig.
    Parang yung hug mo pag ako'y nanginginig.
    Ang dami-daming choices
    Na stress na ko sa pag guess.

    Then I ako'y nag review
    I remembered God's sweetest gift to me was you.
    Ngayon alam ko na what's the best gift to give.
    To give you the best me that I can be.

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    Default Re: Literati Presents. . . Request A Poem Thread

    For Redbloodcells

    Friends Forevermore

    Walking alone doesn't mean I got no friend,
    But walking lonely really needs to end.
    Encumbrance in my heart I need to confess,
    That I have sinned and created this mess.

    Staring at nowhere doesn't mean I'm alone,
    Something's bothering me in our friend zone,
    Our friendship is at sake but's lost in my mind,
    A mistake that is done and I can't rewind.

    I miss the old times, and your smile, and your jokes,
    The way you react everytime I poke,
    It hurts when reality says, "those were last"
    Knowing that could be a part of my past.

    I'm still looking forward whatever maybe,
    You know how important you are to me,
    Hoping to be friends as we were before,
    Praying we'll be friends forevermore.

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    Default Re: Literati Presents. . . Request A Poem Thread

    for the two people, here are your poems. credited to the poets


    Title: I love you no matter what happens

    Mahal kita yan lang ang laging tatandaan
    di magsasawang maghintay
    kahit dumating ang unos sa ating pag-iibigan
    Kaya ang tanging hangad ko lang
    Ang makasama ngayon at sa dulo ng walang hanggan.
    Ngayon bibitawan ko ang salitang
    Para malaman mo na handa akong maghintay kahit wala itong kasiguraduhan,
    Kaya kahit masakit ang katotohanan
    Tanggap ko ito dahil ang pagmamahal
    ko lang sayo ang tangi kong
    Kahit na taon na ang binibilang
    maghihintay parin ako kahit kelan pa yan.
    At kundiman makamit ang pagmamahal ng pinanghawakan,
    Eto lang ang tantandaan,
    Mamahalin parin kita sa kahit sa dulo ng aking kamatayan.

    TO: kizame

    Girl by the window
    by adiksadownload

    when boredom strikes me, i just think of you
    a woman with the most crystal-clear face i ever knew
    with your pixel perfect smile,i could exclaim yahoo!
    a screen of horizon, full of colors and hue.

    when you flip your hair,your speedy aura strikes
    fast as the wind can conquer hearts worldwide
    as you giggle with cheers, i was so astound
    as i google your name, no search was found.

    my heart was easily attached and connected into you
    maybe its your captivating charm, i'm hooked into you
    inside my memory,your radiant face is installed
    a chance for us to meet,that's a hope i tightly hold.

    beside me, you can sleep in sound and in peace
    i will wrap you within the warmth of my embrace
    ticking, tapping and clicking with my tender loving care
    with love and affection, we will mutually share.

    you're a picture of beauty, a figure of intellect
    many admire you, be wise to choose and select
    be sure to detect, scan and protect
    don't neglect this, so you'll have no regrets.

    i vie for the love of the mysterious girl by the window
    my favorite cyber love, a sweet tune so mellow
    if not this time, maybe it will be tomorrow
    she'll glance back at me, and wave hello.

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    Default Re: Literati Presents. . . Request A Poem Thread

    Hi po mga master.. sana pwed tong request ko.. ito po ung details.. hehe

    medium - taglish (tagalog or english)
    preferred title - kahit wala po
    theme/content - pampasko/gagamitin sa christmas presentation (or parang "fliptop" style na hindi bastos po)
    details - anything basta para po sa christmas party lang =)

    un lang po maraming salamat..

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    Default Re: Literati Presents. . . Request A Poem Thread

    sir req po ako


    kayo n po bhala..about pagsuyo po theme..para mapasagot ko na.

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