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    Celebrate Top 35 Fairytale Castles

    According to Wikipedia, “A castle is a defensive structure seen as one of the main symbols of the Middle Ages. The term has a history of scholarly debate surrounding its exact meaning, but it is usually regarded as being distinct from the general terms fort or fortress in that it describes a building which serves as a residence of a medieaval monarch or noble and commands a specific territory.” Interior condition was not taken into consideration, exterior setting was very important, and any past gory history was ignored.

    1. Baku’s Wedding Palace Azerbaijan

    2. Schloss Anif Austria

    3. Mir Castle Belarus

    4. Gravensteen Belgium

    5. Summer Palace China

    6. Castillo de San Pedro de la Roca Cuba

    7. Hluboka Nad Vltavou Czech Republic

    8. Kronborg Castle Denmark

    9. Leeds Castle England

    10. Warwick Castle England

    11. Fasilides Castle Ethiopia

    12. Olavinlinna Finland

    13. Chateau D’Usse France

    14. Neuschwanstein Castle Germany

    15. Eszterháza Palace Hungary

    16. Khas Mahal India

    17. Falak-ol-aflak Castle Iran

    18. Kilkenny Castle Ireland

    19. Bardi Castle Italy

    20. Himeji Castle Japan

    21. Petra Jordan

    22. Vaduz Castle Lichtenstein

    23. Muiderslot The Netherlands

    24. Malbork Castle Poland

    25. Belem Tower Portugal

    26. Hunedoara Castle Romania

    27. Kazan Kremlin Russia

    28. Eilean Donan Castle Scotland

    29. Alcazar of Segovia Spain

    30. Orebro Castle Sweden

    31. Chillon Castle Switzerland

    32. Krak Des Chevaliers Syria

    33. Rumelihisarı Turkey

    34. Kamianets Ukraine

    35. Boldt Castle United States
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    Default Re: Top 35 Fairytale Castles

    ganda ng mga castles

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    Default Re: Top 35 Fairytale Castles


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    Default Re: Top 35 Fairytale Castles

    astig ung mga castles ahhh..
    nice one...
    meron ba mansions?,..jeje

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    bakit wala dito ung castles nina Jasmin, Ariel, at Mulan???

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