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Thread: Ms. U

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    Arrow Ms. U

    I'm counting all night
    I'm sleeping all day
    I miss you badly, dear
    I want to draw you near

    Kiss me my sweetie,
    I'm sleeping in sorrow
    All alone in my room
    I want to see you tomorrow

    My heart penetrates deeply
    Days go by so slowly
    Wish you were here, my love
    Here beside with me

    'Cause I miss your face
    The way you hold my waist.
    And I miss your call
    I miss your voice and all

    I miss when we break dawn
    I miss you now and on

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    namiss ko tuloy siya, hehe, napangiti ako tS!.,

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    I miss you too.

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    i miss them este her pala

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    nakarelate ako dito sa poem na to
    nice poem

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    inlababo ang inspirasyon ni reccipot

    as usual very smooth lines and rhymes

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