Before the poem, pasensya kakasulat ko lang ulit. Hindi na ko marunong. Hehe. XD

I missed writing poems and stories.
I missed reading stories with sad endings.
I missed holding a pen and a paper to create drafts.
I can't create a poem right now, DAMN it sucks.

That's life, it's about moving on.
From the past life we've been carrying on.
Time passes us by, we're getting old.
I'm stucked on the story that was meant to be told.

I'll try writing again from time to time
And we'll see who will rise upon the sky.
Flying high, moving freely
Together with angels that will proves us that it's a real story.

Believe in God he will save you.
From your darkest life to a new you
Feels like rejuvenated, Do you feel it too?
Have faith in God, he will guide us through
On a pathway, that we will cherish too.

Thanks Papa Jesus Christ. AMEN.