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    Default Gameboy Micro Faceplate/Cover

    Mga tol alam nyo ba san ako makakabili ng Gameboy Micro faceplate/Cover? Naghanap na kc ako kung saan saan wala talaga eh.

    (Kung meron man sa inyo ang meron nito bbilhin ko kahit anong design basta scratchless.)

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    Default Re: Gameboy Micro Faceplate/Cover

    ...i doubt u can get one, only some third party accesory manufacturers have those and nintendo hasn't produced those but only online [email protected] NoA can do acc. to a nintendo power mag..

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    Default Re: Gameboy Micro Faceplate/Cover

    Pero meron kasi sa states e nagcheck ako sa ebay.com meron cla. Sa Philippines kaya meron rin?

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