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    Default GFX Deathmatch #4 Voting Thread

    GFX Deathmatch Contest # 4

    What is GFX Deathmatch Contest?

    GFX Deathmatch Contest is a showdown between two Graphics Artists which will showcase their graphics techniques against their opponent. This contest's objective is to showcase camaraderie between Graphics Artists here in Mobilarian community.This will also serve as a stepping stone to enhance our graphics techniques and to continue a friendly competition here in Mobilarian.
    • The Contestants must follow the conditions we have set:

    • The main C4D render you must use will be "C4D"
    • Your artwork must be atleast up to 1200x800px or Vice Versa.
    • A required C4D Effect must be used. Follow this link: http://talksik.deviantart.com/art/c4d-effect-58216266

    This week's contest will be between GFXer 1 and GFXer 2

    . . . .

    This is the official voting thread for the GFX Deathmatch Contest # 4. This is the place where we, the Mobilarian members, will decide who will win.

    Here are the voting guidelines for this contest:
    • Only users registered before March 5, 2012 are the ones eligible to vote.
    • Users registered after March 5, 2012 are not allowed to vote.
    • Users must have at least 150 posts to vote to ensure that he/she is aware of all the Mobilarian Forum Guidelines.
    • User must post in this thread, stating the entry number and his/her "reason" for voting for the entry.

    Sample vote:
    I'll vote for entry number 0 kasi sobrang pasok na pasok yung entry niya sa theme at saka gusto ko yung mga stocks na ginamit
    • If the user votes for multiple entries, the first number which will appear in his/her vote will be the one chosen unless he/she clearly indicates which entry he/she is actually voting for.
    • Users who do not follow these guidelines on their vote will have their votes nullified.

    Rules for the Contestants:
    • Contestants are not allowed to vote.
    • The Contestants are not allowed to reveal which entry is from which artist, therefore second rule applies;
    • Campaigning your entries in any form (Private Messaging, Posting, Shoutbox, etc)is not allowed in any manner within Mobilarian.com Premises. Anyone caught will receive a -30 reputation points and will be automatically disqualified.
    • On the other hand, those who will report anyone campaigning their entries will receive a +10 reputation points.


    Ang Magwawagi ay magkakamit ng isang Mobilarians' Choice in Graphics award.

    Additional Prizes:

    Winner will receive the ff:

    • +50 reputation points

    Criteria for Judging:
    • 40% voting thread final result
    • 30% how the artist managed to fully compliment the given conditions set. e.g required font and stock
    • 15% artist style
    • 15% artwork balance

    Duration of the Voting Period:
    Start - will start on May 5, 2012
    End - will End on May 12, 2012 (18:00 +8 GMT)

    - So you need to cast your VOTE on or before May 5, 2012 (18:00 +8 GMT). Any change in schedule will be accordingly stated.
    Without further do, here are the entries.

    Entry #1

    Entry #2

    Discussion Thread:
    Para sa mga katanungan at iba pang information, ito po ang Discussion Thread...
    Last edited by bente20; 5th May 2012 at 14:26.

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    Default Re: GFX Deathmatch #4 Voting Thread

    I vote for Entry #2 ganda ng pagkakagawa tska malupet kasi yung ginawa nya andun yung mga superhero hahah

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    Default Re: GFX Deathmatch #4 Voting Thread

    I vote for entry no. 2. Astig yung pagkakagawa,lalo na yung effects na nagawa nung mga kamay na tila parang ginawang marionette at mina-manipulate yung gigantic na kalaban at ang daming superheroes na nag-to the rescue parang reunion ng Justice League at The Avengers Malinis yung pagkakagawa at naaliw po ako sa graphic concept ng artist na gumawa nito. Mahusay, di man ako masyadong madunong sa graphics (dahil tula/maikling kuwento/soneto) lang alam ko , natuwa talaga ako sa obra mo.

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    Default Re: GFX Deathmatch #4 Voting Thread

    +1 vote for entry #2
    gusto ko yung Concept niya at matalinong pag gamiti ng C4D sakto lang sa mata

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    Default Re: GFX Deathmatch #4 Voting Thread

    +1 po ako sa entry no.2

    Maganda po yung blend ng colors, hindi masakit sa mata tingnan.

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    Default Re: GFX Deathmatch #4 Voting Thread

    +1 for entry number 2

    Pareho sila magagaling kaso magulo yung 1 eh...
    Yung 2 naman, tamang tama lang sa mata at ok ang concept, so my vote goes to # 2

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    Default Re: GFX Deathmatch #4 Voting Thread

    +1 sa #2 para sa kanyang creative mind at anking galing

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    Default Re: GFX Deathmatch #4 Voting Thread

    I vote for entry no. 2

    Maganda yung pagkakagawa nya.. Buo at malinis yung pagkakakiskis ng mga edges...
    Parang normal talagang naroon ang mga imahe...

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    Default Re: GFX Deathmatch #4 Voting Thread

    +1 for Entry no.2

    kasi ang smooth ng graphics.

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    Default Re: GFX Deathmatch #4 Voting Thread

    magaling silang dalawa
    pero ibibigay ko ang boto ko
    sa entry #2

    magaling napahanga ako

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