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    Post Mobilarian Article Writing Contest

    The same time last year, Mobilarian started conducting major contests. And today we'd like to make it a tradition. In anticipation of our anniversary in December, we will be having contest every "ber" month of the year. The cash donations we've collected for the year will be used to fund these contests. So the more donations we received, the better the prizes are. So to kick-start this year's events, we now bring to you the contest for September 2008...

    Article / Blog Post Writing

    A very simple example of this blog post is this...
    Like i said it is very simple. Its old and no longer updated. We know you can do better than that.

    Winner will receive the following prizes:

    Premium Accounts (can be converted to paypal cash)
    --- 3 months rapidshare.com
    --- 2 months megaupload.com
    P500 worth of cellphone prepaid load (any network)
    Medal of Loyalty
    +200 reputations

    How To Win

    Write an article about Mobilarian and post it to your blog site. The author of the article chosen at the end will win. Winner will be announced within 7 days after the deadline of entries.

    Who can join

    1. You should have an active blog site (multiply, wordpress, blogspot, etc). Active means your blog site is regularly updated and should be at least 3 months old. It doesn't need to be yours. You could ask a fellow Mobilarian who owns a blog site to post your article.
    2. You must be a registered user of the site for more than 3 months already.


    Firstly, if you intend to join, post here the blog site you wish to use in this contest so we can verify if that qualifies for an 'active' blog. Once approved, you may proceed with the rest of the mechanics.

    Compose a blog post about Mobilarian. Tell something good about it. Give your personal views and experiences. What kind of website is it? What are the features and services it offers or what does a non-member expects to get if he/she decides to register? How many members and posts do we have right now? What are the transitions or changes here you've witnessed thus far? Those are only few questions to get you started. Visit our FAQ and Mobilarian Bulletin if you want more ideas.

    Your blog post doesn't have to be flashy. A plain text will do. But having links and images or screenshots of Mobilarian services and features are plus points. After you're done with the draft, post it to your blog site. Then post the link to your blog post in this thread.

    The blog site must be viewable to public. Your post can be in english, tagalog, or combination of both. The following keywords MUST appear in your blog post:
    mobile phone, computer, arcade, symbian, java, uiq, sony ericsson, nokia, samsung, motorola, iphone, pocket pc, psp, ipod, pinoy, filipino, applications, games, themes, wallpapers, mp3, videos, e-books

    Deadline of Entries: 26 September 2008 30 September 2008

    Click the link below and inform our fellow Mobilarians there who owns a blog about this contest and your intention to participate.
    Ask them politely if they could help you post your article on their blog. Not all blogs there are qualified for this contest so look for a blog which is updated or has a blog post every month before contacting the owner of the blog.

    Since we started late, we may extend the deadline if necessary.



    january14n: Mobilarian.com
    eagleman080: Mobilarian at ako
    lee_yah: At Home ka Dito-My Mobilarian Family!
    rbsoriano: Ang Aking Internet Family
    igniz frost: All in a box: Mobilarian Unleashed
    nico_alpha: Mobilarian: The story behind its glorious reputation today
    sairilh31: Wanna be rich by just spending 5-15 minutes of your time?
    Ruanne: Mobilarian: Home is Just a Click Away!
    ryanchanmd: My Life Changing Experience Brought about by a Simple Button
    symphalion: Not just a community,Its simply...Home.
    asher: simply Mobilarian
    PadrePio: Super Mobilarian
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    Default Re: Mobilarian Article Writing Contest

    naku! sayang naman,. kakagawa ko pa lang nung blog ko last month

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    Default Re: Mobilarian Article Writing Contest

    madami naman po ditong may blog
    pwede naman daw pong manghiram o makipost

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    Default Re: Mobilarian Article Writing Contest

    Sige..may magpapahiram ba jan?

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    Default Re: Mobilarian Article Writing Contest

    Diba po pwedeng hindi blog mo ang gamitin. Pano po pag hindi Mobilarian ang owner ng blog. Is it still legal?

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    Default Re: Mobilarian Article Writing Contest

    Sir Lance, wait ko pa rin po response nio to my pm, thanks.

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    Default Re: Mobilarian Article Writing Contest

    Sayang.Wala pa ak0ng bl0g.Pwede bA yung sa friendster?

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    Default Re: Mobilarian Article Writing Contest

    SANA po pwede na lang ang friendster...

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    Default Re: Mobilarian Article Writing Contest

    I can lend a blogsite. Message me at: honeyjeanmalamug@yahoo.com so we can arrange it. I only require a bag of munchers per post (which can be forwarded to tita kimi...joke!).

    No, but seriously, I wanted to enter... then i read the mechanics and i fainted at the presence of words like... UIQ, java, themes, wallpapers... then a bunch of other words with P's... iPod, isP, iPhone, PsP, mP3...then i got really afraid... haaay! there goes my chances...

    So I'll help na lang whoever needs.


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    Default Re: Mobilarian Article Writing Contest

    I can lend a blogsite too. Message me at: Armanbloody@yahoo.com so we can arrange it.

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