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    Default Re: Non Stop Boxing [ Usyk Dominates Gassiev 2 Unify WBC, WBA, WBO, IBF Tit

    Ilang years na ba inactive si Ward? Last fight niya yata ung kay Kovalev na controversial din ang result. Nag re match din yata un gaya din ng Canelo vs GGG

    Masyadong malapit ang laban ng mga candidates kaya nga lang ma consider itong si Canelo kasi umaakyat bumababa at parang balak niya sumabak sa Light Heavyweight with catchweight

    Mapanood nga yan pero tingin ko Kovalev

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    Default Re: Non Stop Boxing [ Usyk Dominates Gassiev 2 Unify WBC, WBA, WBO, IBF Tit

    2017 siya nag retire

    kaya lang naging contraversial ang unang kovalev fight ay dahil sa biased at nakakasukang commentary ng HBO. I watched the fight more than 5 times in mute. Sergey got beat convincingly after round 3. Only winning a single round after that.

    yung rematch niya is legit. Sa belt line ang lahat ng suntok ni dre na hinde maintindihan ni paulie. Mas mataas din sa normal ang boxing trunks ni sergey cause he's weak to the body. Pinoint out to ni weeks even before the fight. If that's the case, then nakalocate pala sa puson ni sergey ang balls niya. Defenseless si sergey sa 18 unanswered shots. May mga clueless fans na gusto mag complain na bat hinde daw binigyan ng standing 8 count si sergey when that rule was not implemented in the fight. Kung gusto ni kovalev na bilangan siya ni weeks, he should've just taken a knee.

    matagal ng nadebunk lahat ng attempts na idevalue mga wins ni dre kay sergey.

    si canelo naman, suspect ang decision niya kay lara at sa first ggg fight.

    - - - Updated - - -

    kalokohan yang attempt ni canelo/ Why look at kovalev when he can fight caleb plant and benavidez?

    - - - Updated - - -

    gonna say this again, deontay wilder is a more legit candidate for that award. The mere fact a clown like GGG gets placed over him shows why I stopped taking these awards seriously.

    okay nakuhang interview ni fred sa former opponent ni errol sa 154 na si chris van heerden

    the funny thing is if we base on resumes, the list is legit. I'm not offended or anything. But bud better get his [email protected] outta that top rank contract. Those mofos from espn and top rank don't respect you. Not one bit if you're not a tyson fury, lomachenko or phony monster inoue. They hate black fighters!

    PBC is no longer recognizing top rank and WBO for a good reason.
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    Default Re: Non Stop Boxing [ Usyk Dominates Gassiev 2 Unify WBC, WBA, WBO, IBF Tit

    it's official! canelo gets stripped again of a world title, this time his IBF title.

    however, sources say he's now negotiating for andrade. Oscar and DAZN just f,cked up a mega fight with andrade for the undisputed. canelo wouldn't have suffer that bad look of ducking charlo!

    even espn is agreeing with us that errol is the best welterweight and deontay as the best heavyweight right now! Kung may angal sila crawford at manny, they better unify with errol if he beats shawn! Kung may angal big dossier na si fury, he better stop running from deontay if he beats ortiz.

    I understand Fred and blue's sentiment for crawford. But crawford brought this upon himself when he re-signed with the devil bob arum! He could've been ranked ahead of manny and even errol had he fought and beat the names in pbc! Binigyan niya ng excuse sila shawn, danny, keith at manny for ducking when he stayed in the other side of the street!

    - - - Updated - - -

    who tf is this dude?

    dcafs wanna talk sh,t on deontay fighting breazeaele(his mandatory), shakur stevenson(a late replacement), tank davis(a late replacement and later his mandatory), jermall charlo(a guy who ggg wnated to fight) see the double standard here?

    fanoon calling bullshit at espn lol. The only logical way is for bud to sign on pbc or be a free agent. It's really just that simple!

    oscar dela hoya just backstabbed canelo smh

    fannon and jeff mayweather calls out the stupidity of some pacquiao fanboys. Cut the bullsh.t. See, this is the downside of keith getting his @ss handed. He gave ammunition to the pactard's delusion!
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    Default Re: Non Stop Boxing [ Usyk Dominates Gassiev 2 Unify WBC, WBA, WBO, IBF Tit

    aj vs ruiz 2 location and date is reported to be set in saudi, december 7. They should've set it in Mexico. But AJ's pu$$ #ss can't handle the pressure. AJ is the worst hype job since primo carnera!

    ruiz better knock this phony. We don't need hoes in boxing! Sick of your excuses why you lost. You're beginning to look as bad as manny on making excuses! Ah crap.. they'll probably gonna rob my boy andy if it goes to 12. God damn.. this looks shady asf

    someone already said this but canelo looks worse now than pacquiao when he ducked the drug testing, terence and errol. He's almost as worse as AJ when the latter ducked his mandatory ortiz and wilder.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I agree to some degree what fannon is saying. However. Keep that same energy, teo. You talked all that sh-t and some of us in LDBC actually backed you to some degree for demanding the lomachenko fight.

    let's see if he chickens out lol.

    if this fight fight happens, I got commey ripping his head off if he doesn't straight his sh-t out.

    fred and cali are right to say that there's something fishy going on here. Ruiz getting lowballed for $9 million flat fee while ggg gets 13 million for fighting garbage opponents? Talamak din PEDs sa saudi and the place is not ideal for a fight of this magnitude.

    scumbag eddie hearn caught lying yet again! These mofo needs to get beat up. We're sick of your bullsh-t, dawg.

    bradley is a coon. Sorry, but the mofo is so damn obsessed with kissing a white man's @ss.
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    Default Re: Non Stop Boxing [ Usyk Dominates Gassiev 2 Unify WBC, WBA, WBO, IBF Tit

    Errol Spence vs Manny Pacquiao


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    Default Re: Non Stop Boxing [ Usyk Dominates Gassiev 2 Unify WBC, WBA, WBO, IBF Tit

    errol needs to get past shawn first. Shawn is training like an animal right now.

    if errol beats shawn impressively, I got errol brutally stopping pacquiao. That's a big if right now cause shawn had a difficult style to deal with and dominate.

    it turns out that errol beat J rock williams in the amateurs. Amazing info by fred right there.

    oh yeaaahhhhhh really hyped for this fight. Keep telling yourself that, shawn. lol

    - - - Updated - - -

    ah crap... mukhang purnada na talaga regie prograis vs josh taylor

    this delusional lomachenko fanboy makes me sick.

    ain't this funny? Tim Bradley is willing to fight pacquiao 3 times but he ducks spence when the wbc orders it. Lmao Get the hell outta here, tim.
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    Default Re: Non Stop Boxing [ Usyk Dominates Gassiev 2 Unify WBC, WBA, WBO, IBF Tit

    Mas malaki pa purse ni AJ kau ruiz haha

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    Default Re: Non Stop Boxing [ Usyk Dominates Gassiev 2 Unify WBC, WBA, WBO, IBF Tit

    hinde pa pumipirma si ruiz. Galing mismo kay manny robles na trainer niya.

    Ang kinakalat lang ni hearn is ang original na content ng supposed rematch clause.

    marami loop hole ang reasoning at argument ni hearn. For example, all it takes is for ruiz to fake an injury. Ang dami rematches na hinde nangyari just because the other party simply walk away from the negotations. Notable example are manny pacquiao walking away from the horn rematch and fury from the klitschiko and wilder rematches. What the f.ck can he do? Sue ruiz? Go ahead. lol. By the time na nangyari na ang rematch, bawas na ang mga belt ni ruiz(most likely the WBO).

    Iba ang case nito kay lennox lewis na nainforce sa court ang rematch kay hasim rahman. Note: ginamit ni lennox ang age niya as argument para ma tie sa rematch si hasim.

    - - - Updated - - -

    don't let this distract any of you of the fact that eddie, whyte and bbofc should be getting sued right now

    - - - Updated - - -

    this might be errol's toughest fight and this is coming from a big spence fan. He better not underestimate shawn. He'll be fighting shawn who's right now willing to give it all in the ring. Alam ni shawn na siya ang underdog.

    - - - Updated - - -

    this [email protected] hypejobchenko fanboy is just regurgitating all the stupidity hearn spread.

    What a f.cking sheep.

    - - - Updated - - -

    oh sh-t mas malala pa pala ang kaso ni whyte, ukad, eddie at bbofc.

    just a reminder, teddy atlas is that same mofo who had an outcry that manny pacquiao used PEDs for the thurman fight. Meanwhile, he gives dillian whyte, a guy who actually tested positive in a drug tested a pass! What the hell dude? Ni mention ng pinalitang gloves before the fight wala!

    and just like that, andy ruiz exposed eddie hearn on their lies.
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    Default Re: Non Stop Boxing [ Usyk Dominates Gassiev 2 Unify WBC, WBA, WBO, IBF Tit

    ang bilis naman decline ni Joshua. pero tingin ko may asim pa siya sadya siguro nag padala sa kasikatan sa UK tuloy wala na

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    Default Re: Non Stop Boxing [ Usyk Dominates Gassiev 2 Unify WBC, WBA, WBO, IBF Tit

    aber, sisihin mo si hearn and his dumb match making and decision skills.

    pwede sanang lumaban si AJ sa isang $100 million plus fight against deontay wilder. It would've been less embarrassing to get his phony @ss get ktfo. Real fight fans respect fighters who're willing to risk taking an L in the ring instead of ducking. For Christ's sake, these fighters are grown @ss men! They don't need the fans to protect them. This is what gets under my skin. Manfans making excuses why a certain fighter don't deserve a shot against another.

    ito nangyayari kapag naoover hype ang isang fighter. They gave AJ all this accolades without him proving that he's worthy. Nandyan din ang nakaksukang negotiating skills ni hearn. He'll tear down other fighters at the hopes of devaluing them in the eyes of media.

    you can say na misrepresent si AJ/ This is my issue with shawn. I don't hate the dude and his style, in fact he reminds me of henry armstrong. But kenny is talking all this sh-t that is turning off the fight fans.

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