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Thread: Last Dance

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    Read Last Dance

    † Last Dance †

    Wiill you spare me a dance?
    Else I'll melt with your every glance.
    The night is young
    And the floor awaits to feel
    The two hearts dance as one.

    Listen to the rhythm of your heart beat
    For once,
    Lose your self in the melodies of This borrowed time.
    Let this last dance be mine

    Don't take your lips away,
    Don't bother to utter,
    I know reality can't be altered.
    Just look at me tonight
    Embrace me so tight.
    Let the wrong, be right.
    Soon I'll be out of your sight.

    For never again will I dance
    To the tune of a heart beat.
    This love will fade
    As the music ends.

    ?for reading?

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    music can be calming at times and i can say thats what we wanted out of the person we love -- the last dance... to just enjoy the moment, let the music play, relax and let your hearts become one

    nicely done, kapanalig

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    Ang galing lang :excellent:

    Ayows po sir MF

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    very deep indeed galing

    just like music is my medicine

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    sa mga commento mga kaibigan.

    Natetemp akong ibigay ang kahulugan ng poem pero that ofcourse can't be done kaya nasasainyo na yan kung anung pakuhulugan nyo sa poem
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    Ang ganda po boss MF
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    thanks astig naman

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    Quote Originally Posted by ehlohemken22 View Post
    thanks astig naman
    sa pagbasa kaibigan..at sa magandang comment

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