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Thread: Love kills

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    Smile Love kills

    Poem Stories

    I could feel the tears Rollin dowen your cheeks
    slowly drips an you feelin so weak
    don't wannah speak to nobody this week
    don't they know whut a hart brokin is
    you keep it on the low cuz it's none of they biz
    No one gota know whut it is
    You tellem to butt out your life
    You close the doors cut ur self with the knife
    you thinking maybe it'll take the pain away
    Noo cuz you sinking once again today
    Whutch you thinking the pain will go away
    Cuz The flashbacks replay
    The good times an the bad
    In playback he say
    Do poatry rhymes make u sad
    U fell in love an love is something u nava had
    U thought it was from above Cuz your hart was glad
    An now your all alone
    Raising his kid on your own
    Tryin ta be strong But in this love everythings goin wrong
    It's like a sad song someone knocking on wood
    the feelings of love never felt dis good
    Told him whut ur dreaming of he understood
    Late night phone conversation 4rm the hood
    But now your on your own interpitation
    an if u could
    turn back the hands of time
    I bet u would
    But now it's all gone
    Cuz soon as you yawn
    You look upon your shoulder
    thinking he still there but he withdrawn
    Now it's a new day
    an it's a new tear
    U knew he couldent stay
    An that was your biggest fear
    But now he went his way
    Like away went last year
    So much pain an drama
    Once again you feelin dizzy bot to go into a comma
    You try to stay busy beyond normal
    U wanna run away from the past
    Around the corna
    another flashback comes back it's not over
    Your long lost lover
    You see him in a picture with a smile on his face
    You remember them dayz
    You still remember the place as if it was yesterday
    But yesterday is gone with the wind
    It took your lover an freind
    This gota end
    Cuz It's so sad to see you spend your life like this
    Your shakin 4rom the feeling of hopelessness an lonlyness
    U dien inside but outside you lookin fearless
    Stressing an thinking
    Day an night you reminse in pain
    like the sun don't shine an the clouds Dont rain
    Cuz Love wasent a game
    With out him in your life Love is nava the same
    wake up an smell the roses
    We all have a story but can't choose when it closes
    Life must go on
    Keep your head up
    Move on an be strong
    How long will it take you 2 belive
    That death is a cup we all must receave
    How long will you greaf in pain
    Stuck in depression lookin insain
    he's looking dowen from paradise calling your name
    It's a shame that your sad
    Cuz your happyness was thee only thing he had
    Now it's gone an so is he
    But oneday he will see them love notes
    But still in your hart he's a host
    It's like your talking to a ghost
    I came ta tell yah your almost
    near crazy love your diegnoised
    so step back before you roast
    Your body froze an time stoodstill
    You feelin dizy you feelin ill
    You gettin cold chills
    So whutever happens jus know god does whut he wills
    An Love kills faster then death pills

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    Default Re: Love kills

    mare may problema kaba

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    Smile Re: Love kills

    Quote Originally Posted by ehlohemken22 View Post
    mare may problema kaba
    Wala toll, at hindi ako mare, Pare po ako. Para yan sa mga babae.

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    pra ito sa mga umiibig ; heheheh

    nice ts.. pero sbi nga nila.. youll know the feeling when you cross the bridge.

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    Default Re: Love kills

    Tama ka bro sam wel.

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