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Thread: I Wonder

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    I wonder how huge this universe is
    Everything is such a valuable piece
    Sometimes I thought everything was a lie
    My thoughts are high that they can reach the sky

    We should live to the fullest here on earth
    Let us enjoy the fresh air that we breathe
    Oh nature how gratefully you are made
    God's creation does not easily fade

    Colorful birds that fly above the sky
    An amazing sight when we look up high
    The different kinds of animals here
    The green plants and colorful flowers there

    I wonder why all things are made as such
    Everybody is there to see that much
    Oh God I am very grateful to you
    For all the things that you created true


    poem na ginawa ko last year,,
    assignment namin sa english
    ginamitan ko pa ng iambic pentameter
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    Default Re: I Wonder

    for sharing your poem ts..

    Maganda talagang tulaan ang nature

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