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Thread: "Stunned Again"

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    Default "Stunned Again"

    Akoy Nagbabalik, Inspirado't Sawi...

    "Stunned Again"

    My heart begins to stutter,
    its beat, compelled to rise....
    A quick glance from beneath those lashes,
    flashes me those bright black eyes.

    Words never came out of lips,
    Just stcuked around my head;
    They squeeze out all my sanity,
    makes me hard to hold my stead

    She laughs, and I hear windchimes,
    her smile lights the dark....
    Her beauty makes me lose it,
    in me, she strikes a spark.

    Even with those dizzying traits,
    around her, all my thoughts are spun....
    With that brilliant glow surrounding,
    Forgive me, I give in, I'm again stunned.

    Lagi na lang WTF!

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    Default Re: "Stunned Again"

    gamit ka black kingbar tol pang iwas stun.. just kidding

    nice poem.. keep it up

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    Default Re: "Stunned Again"

    Di ko ma afford black kingbar, para akong naka Doom, suko agad at walang makagawa.

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