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    Default ★ ★ ★ [GUIDE]Installing Themes On Your BlackBerry ★ ★ ★

    Installing Themes On Your BlackBerry..

    1. Make sure the theme you are downloading is compatible with your BlackBerry (Bold, Storm, Curve, 8800, Pearl, etc.) and the Operating System version you are running (4.2, 4.5, 4.6, 4.7, 5.0, 6.0 etc.)
    2. Download the desired theme to your PC. Note that it may be zipped so you will need to unzip the file.
    3. Connect your Blackberry to your computer using the USB cable. Start the BB Desktop Manager > Application Loader > Add.
    4. Look for the file called “file-name.alx” and select “OK”.
    5. After the installation finishes, you now have to change the theme. Settings > Options > Themes > Select the new theme.
    6. Some themes may be available as an OTA (Over The Air) download, which allows you to download the necessary files directly to your device. These will provide specific directions on what to do. Generally you will either select a link from the device or a link will be sent to you via email or an SMS. You MUST pay close attention that you are downloading the proper theme for your specific device and Operating System as in step #1, above. After downloading the desired theme OTA, pick up at step #5 to select the new theme.

    If you make a mistake and download an try to install the wrong theme for your device or OS, some bad things can happen:
    • With the newer devices the theme won't be recognized. For example, you installed the theme but it doesn't show up on your Themes list. Poor performance may also result causing unstable operation, slowness, etc. Generally just uninstalling the incorrect theme and performing a Battery Pull will correct the problem.
    • Installing a theme designed for a newer OS onto a BB with an older OS can lead to a fried BlackBerry, meaning the BlackBerry reboots continuously and you see the “White Screen of Death” with a continuous hourglass that won’t go away. If that happens, it is not the end of the world or your BB, but you will have to reload your BlackBerry Operating System to restore the device and start over.


    The below are the simple installation are below.
    1. download theme/.zip file to pc
    2. extract .alx and .cod file
    3. plug in blackberry to usb cable
    4. launch desktop manager
    5. double click application loader
    6. wait for initialization
    7. click add, go find where you saved .alx and choose
    8. click next and run thru wizard
    9. bb will reboot after install

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    Default Re: Installing Themes On Your BlackBerry..

    Why isn't an installed theme in my themes list?
    There are several reasons why an installed theme, which is visible in Options->Advanced Options->Applications, will not show up in Options->Themes:

    ♦ Dimension Themes are not installed: In order to install custom themes, the Dimension theme of that style must be on the device (ie, Today themes require Dimension Today, Zen themes require Dimension Zen, etc). These themes are on all devices by default, however some memory guides recommend removing them to save space.
    ♦ Theme was not build for your device/software version: The theme must have been build for your device series (ie 83xx, 88xx, 81xx) and your current, or an earlier software version (ie a 4.2.2 theme will work in 4.3.0 and 4.5.0, but not 4.2.1).
    ♦ Battery was not pulled after installation: For themes on devices running software before 4.2.2, the battery must be pulled to complete installation.
    ♦ IT Policy restriction: If you are on a Corporate BES which restricts installation of third party applications, you will not be able to use custom themes.
    ♦ Not enough Free Memory: In rare cases, to little memory can prevent a large theme from being activated.

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    Default Re: [GUIDE]Installing Themes On Your BlackBerry..

    why is it there is no list in my themes.my OS is 7.1 bundle.so i cant change my theme to my BB 9200 curve

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    Wave Re: [GUIDE]Installing Themes On Your BlackBerry..

    it helps me a lot thanks

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    Default Re: ★ ★ ★ [GUIDE]Installing Themes On Your BlackBerry ★ ★ ★


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